Thursday, December 17, 2015

Personalize Your Wedding Sparklers

Personalize Your Wedding Sparklers

  Purchasing wedding sparklers adds a magical touch to your very special day! Customers have repeatedly expressed how much more extraordinary their memorable day is when guests are intimately involved during the send off, first kiss or first dance with wedding sparklers.  The bride and groom work hard to make their day perfect and to see their guests filled with joy and love is absolutely irreplaceable!  An undeniable way in which bride and groom and their guests can create an opportunity to bond is through the use of wedding sparklers!

  There are many advantages to using wedding sparklers in your wedding.  One of the MOST POPULAR ways to use wedding sparklers is for your grand wedding Exit; at the end of the ceremony, guests form a runway of sparkles for the bride and groom!  Wedding sparklers can also adapt to almost every wedding theme you could think of and depending on the size and quantity, are used indoors (outdoors bears no limitations).
  With over 10 years in the wedding industry, ViP Sparklers understands the importance of personalized products.  Your wedding day is your way of expressing your love to all your guests and sharing with them the experience of a joint destined love.  As such, we know bride and grooms place symbolism in as much detail of their wedding as possible:  the color of the flowers, the location of their ceremony, the wedding favors and much more! ViP Sparklers has a few more ideas that could add to the personalized experience you wish your guests to have!

Painting Your Wedding Sparklers

  How else can we convince you that wedding sparklers are only meant to make your wedding AMAZING?!  Here is one perfect example: paint your wedding sparklers to match your wedding's theme!  Most of our customers are so excited once they know they will have wedding sparklers in their wedding that they often times forget to personalize them!  Using high quality paint, pick the ideal paint color to match your wedding décor! We strongly encourage customers to light one of the painted wedding sparklers to make sure the paint worked well and did not alter the virtually smokeless and ash-less sparkle.  Please keep in mind that the sparkle itself will keep its original color (gold) even though the sparkler may now be a different color.  On the other hand, if you are looking for wedding sparklers with a sparkle besides gold, it will most likely lose its near smokeless and ashless benefit since the burning composition would be altered.
  Hopeful bride and grooms might be tempted to purchase wedding sparklers with wooden cores since one could paint the sparkler one color and the wooden core (handle) another.  Though a fantastic idea that we wish would work, wooden core wedding sparklers are notorious for "a thick smoky" effect.

Ribbons On Wedding Sparklers

  We will continue to build on the already "painted" wedding sparklers for a completely personalized look for your wedding! Just picture a bright royal blue wedding sparkler with a soft sky blue ribbon!  Or match a violet sparkler with a soft pink ribbon for a more conservative look.  Perhaps paint your wedding sparklers with an earth tone and offer a live spark with an array of bright colored ribbons!  The combinations are endless!

Wedding Sparkler Tags and Ribbons!

  A great addition to ribbons are wedding sparkler tags! Just in case you wish to add a reminder for the time of your send off,  many couples add a wedding sparkler tag to each wedding sparkler.  Curious guests who may have missed the send-off announcement earlier can easily remind themselves of the time once they see beautiful bouquets of decorated wedding sparklers throughout your ceremony/ reception.  After all, you planned so carefully to make sure your guests are present for your wedding sparklers exit that it would be unfortunate if your loved ones missed it because of a misunderstanding.  Painted wedding sparklers with well decorated ribbons and wedding sparkler Tags serve as both gorgeous wedding décor and purposeful reminders to help keep your wedding expertly organized.

  Be as CREATIVE as you can be!  Use our wedding sparklers to easily make your wedding day an extension of your love!  We hope our tips for personalizing wedding sparklers will have your guests falling in love with your wedding décor!  We also discussed fun ways to use your wedding sparklers in a blog here!  Enjoy! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Brooklyn Wedding Sparklers

   Wedding Sparklers In Brooklyn, New York

  As the most populous of New York City's five boroughs, Brooklyn offers its residents and tourists much to enjoy.  Whether you are seeking a view of a light show or the New York waterway, Brooklyn is one of America's most popular wedding destinations.  During it's Spring and Summer joy, Brooklyn, New York has beautiful botanical gardens with breathtaking backdrops.  No matter where we look, almost every wedding website suggests wedding in Brooklyn, New York.  ViP Sparklers has proudly been serving wedding sparklers to Brooklyn for many years.  Having a warehouse in Brooklyn New York allows us to get our wedding sparklers quickly to our brides in Brooklyn, New York.  We have seen our wedding sparklers all over Brooklyn and wanted to take some time to offer some amazing wedding venues to use our true wedding sparklers.

Brooklyn Wedding Sparklers

  The Liberty Warehouse is one of those venues that offers everything you want and need.  With its brick exterior near the waterway, its internal rustic outline brings forth the classic beauty behind weddings.  This venue compensates for both an indoor and outdoor space to celebrate the ceremony and reception.  A beautifully decorated rail surrounds the waterway with your guests facing a blooming Wedding arc at the end of your Wedding aisle.  The Statue of Liberty poses as your backdrop.  We are fans of everything this venue offers its bride and grooms and have the perfect guest for your meaningful day;  your wedding can take place during a gentle sunset with the starry appearance of Wedding Sparklers to light your special day!  The Liberty Warehouse is perfect for our most popular wedding sparklers: 36inch wedding sparklers.  Use our virtually smokeless and ashless wedding sparklers for a fantastic grand wedding exit.  With its 3.5 - 4 minute sparkling time, our 36 inch wedding sparklers take amazing pictures that will tell your love story for a lifetime.  Our 36 inch wedding sparklers tend to be our most popular Brooklyn wedding sparklers due to it's length allowing the bride and groom to walk under the sparklers!  The pictures these wedding sparklers produce tend to be the best photo's of the entire wedding! ViP Sparklers offers the quickest shipping on true wedding sparklers and a New York brand you can count on!
  Welcome to the Prospect Park Picnic House!  Another dream-inspired venue with an outdoor landscape for natural beauty and live colors.  Absolutely ready to offer amazing pictures, views, and comfort for your wedding day, take advantage of what Brooklyn, New York has to offer.  Just in case you are in love with the view and mourn the moment you have to continue your special day inside, Prospect Park Picnic House extends its famous views with floor-to-ceiling windows.  Make your Wedding day a sparkling day to remember with our night or day Wedding Sparklers!  If Wedding Sparklers were a last minute item and you're already over your Wedding budget, our 20 inch size Wedding Sparklers are a great option with all the capabilities of our 36 inch size sparklers;  the one difference between these two sizes is the burning time (2.5-3 minutes vs. 3.5-4 minutes, respectively).  This venue can easily transform into both a rustic and modern style location complemented by the sparkles of Wedding Sparklers.  Take breathtaking photographs with your bridesmaids and groomsmen using our virtually smokeless and ashless 20inch Wedding Sparklers.


  VIP Sparklers in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, New York has the beauty your Wedding Day deserves.  Whether you are seeking a water-view location or a more city-driven venue with the Brooklyn Bridge reaching out to Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York offers a floating oasis with sky-piercing giants.  As supporters of perfect weddings, our famous Wedding Sparklers are being used by brides and grooms everywhere!  Venues that once did not allow Wedding Sparklers are welcoming the use of Wedding Sparklers given the huge demand by Wedding parties.  Newlyweds have fallen in love with our Wedding Sparklers!  Give your guests the joy of creating heart-stirring Wedding photographs and revel in the magic of Wedding Sparklers.  ViP Sparklers offers free on shipping on all Brooklyn orders as well!  If you are in New York City and need sparklers quickly, don't look any further than ViP Sparklers! If you ever have any questions in Brooklyn or New York City about our sparklers do not hesitate to call our email our sparkler offices! 

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Fun Uses for Sparklers

Fun Uses for Sparklers


  Our Sparklers have become some of the most in-demand Sparklers for Weddings, and our Bottle Sparklers are used in nightclubs all over the continental United States for major events and bottle service!  We take pride in being able to offer fantastic, high performing products for high profile venues and Weddings.  We also wish to emphasize that our products can and are used in family gatherings, parties, anniversaries, and birthdays.  All of our products have a duality to them, and our customers are taking full advantage to make their parties the bash of the year!

Sparkler Fun

  One particular customer shared an awesome story with us when placing her order;  in fact, she inspired us to write this blog topic!  She was having a beach party with a camp fire and smores;  kids and adults were attending and her vision was to use Sparklers as a bonding activity.  Our customer care team walked her through the appropriate products given the varying ages in the kids attending, and we were able to plan the entire party!  She ordered heart sparklers for a late night couple snuggle;  10inch and 20 inch Sparklers for the kids to enjoy, draw, and take pictures with;  and Sky Lanterns, unexpected yet amazing products that triumph in beach settings!

ViP Sparklers Offers Sparklers For Any Occasion

  Any party can enjoy the presence of our Sparklers.  It hads a special gleam of sparkle that everyone can have fun with.  One of the main attractions of Wedding Sparklers are the amazing pictures anyone can take!  Using your smartphone, have your friends and loved ones pose with our crystal clear sparkles for pictures ready to be shared!  With proper phone apps or cameras, kids and adults can take part in "Sparkler Writing," fantastic special effect shots with unlimited potential.  If dessert is on the menu, our Dessert Sparklers expel starry strings of sparkles for an absolute splendid time!  Place our Dessert Sparklers on top of any dessert and have your camera ready for 35 seconds of volcano-like sparkles!  For an end-of-the-day activity or closing event, our sky lanterns are a growing trend!  With biodegradeable materials,  our sky lanterns are safe to use and offer a mesmorizing scenery.  Anyone seeking to make their gathering or celebration more lively can do so with any of our products!

Ordering Sparklers for Your Event

  Any of our products have the potential to transform your party!  Our handheld sparklers are Wedding-approved and guaranteed to offer bonding memories.  We have several amazing products to cater any event!  Our 10inch, 20inch, or 36inch Sparklers are all options depending on the age of the guest;  give your dessert a sparkling twist with our Dessert Sparklers, and our Sky Lanterns, your very own bright mark on the night sky.  If your event is taking place in at least two weeks, our FREE shipping is the best option.  For any party less than two weeks away, depending on location, our FREE shipping or our Ground shipping are viable options.  We also offer expedited shipping for parties or events taking place as imminent as next day.  We encourage all our customers to include their event date in the customer notes just in case our customer care team recommends a specific shipping option to make sure your order arrives on time.

Meaningful Touches For Your Wedding Day

Meaningful Touches For Your Wedding Day

  Your Wedding Day is already a unique, special day. With so many special moments to capture and share, we always encourage personalized touches.  We understand that Bride and Grooms are always seeking to make their loving day as unique as possible;  it is a day to celebrate your love and what your love has conquered.  It is the moment when your love is recognized by as triumphant and everlasting.  We hope that these meaningful touches for your Wedding Day find their way to your unique love and are beautifully executed on your joyous day.
Letters from unavailable Guests
  As much as you may plan and do the impossible to have every guest on your list attend, some times the timing of it all isn't in sync. Instead of being upset or saddened by the news of a distant close friend or family member not being able to attend your special day, have them attend your Wedding Day in a unique way. Ideally, we would love a family member or friend of the Bride or Groom to take charge of this idea (you'll soon see why).
  Imagine if any guest who is unable to attend would write you a letter from the heart! The great asset of following through with this idea is the surprise factor! Have the Bride and Groom and their guests sit back as a selected few read heartfelt letters from around the world.  Nothing is more special than a heartfelt letter from a loved one who has nothing but the sweetest words for you to hear.  To make sure your attending guests do not feel left out, include these letters for them to sign (of course, use the initials of you and your love one).
Blessings of the Rings For The Newlyweds
  For more intimate ceremonies, a nice new tradition has won the hearts of Bride and Grooms all over.  Nothing makes your special day more special than involving the warm wishes and hopes of your guests.  While most ceremonies typically involve the officiant saying a blessing over the rings before the couple exchanges them, this new twist involves the participation of your guests.
  Place the Wedding Bands in a decorative box or symbolic case of your choosing.  Before the ring ceremony begins or during a moment of reflection, have your symbolic case greet each and every guest for a moment of bonding.  Your guests will cradle your Wedding Bands with warm wishes, support, and fill its case with love.  As your Wedding Bands dance its way back to your hands, immerse yourselves in this special moment and feel the joy of a memory shared between you and your guests.  Want to create an even more cozy ambiance, dim the lights and allow the candles to light the room.
Unity Candles At the Wedding
  We are always seeking for new approaches to make your special day as unique as possible.  One traditional ceremony is the unity candle ceremony - where a representative of each family lights a taper candle that is later used by the Bride and Groom to light the unity candle (large pillar candle).  Oftentimes used to symbolize the joining of the two families, it is a special element we strongly encourage Bride and Grooms to incorporate in their ceremony.
  An amendment we feel is worth the effort involves your guests (best suited for intimate ceremonies).  Make sure all guests have an unlit candle.  Have the Bride and Groom light a single candle together and use it to light the candles of their Bridesmaid and Groomsmen.  Soon after, each Bridesmaid and Groomsman will light each of the guest's candles.  The idea is for each candle to represent the warmth of your guests' wishes as the Bride and Groom dance to the rhythm of love.

Wedding Sparklers At The End Of The Wedding Night

  Including wedding sparklers at the end of your wedding is a sure way to get the wedding party to come together for one last celebration.  Many brides love the idea of getting the entire wedding party to come together for one final send-off.  What better way than to have everyone lineup lighting some magical wedding sparklers as the newlyweds go off in the distance.  Finding true wedding sparklers is easy with such companies as ViP Sparklers & Grand Wedding Exit.  It is imperative to use wedding sparklers that are specifically made for this occasion as they are virtually smokeless and ash-less sparklers.   

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Creative Ways To Use Wedding Sparklers

Creative Ways To Use Wedding Sparklers

  Welcome to inspiring moments!  When describing the effect Wedding Sparklers have on your guests, one depiction comes to mind: loving energy.  It is this contagious energy that has such a ripple effect on everyone.  Wedding Sparklers create a united atmosphere where everyone bonds over being a truly special part of your meaningful day.  Brides and Grooms repeatedly express to us how significant it is to have their guests thank them for filling their day with love!  Nothing is more pleasing when your own love rekindles the passion in others.  Very few items and products can really capture these moments and none better than Wedding Sparklers!  It's important if you are planning to use wedding sparklers that you use a company that offer true wedding sparklers, so they will be virtually smokeless and ash-less.

  With different venues and guest list sizes,  it is extremely helpful to find appropriate ways to use Wedding Sparklers.  Hopefully, ViP Sparklers can offer a few ideas that will flow well with your theme and vision.  If you ever have any questions on how to use wedding sparklers in anyway, please do not hesitate to reach out; we've been privileged to be apart of many weddings with our true wedding sparklers being present!  Here are some suggestions that outline creative ways to use Wedding Sparklers from beginning to end.

Using Wedding Sparklers

BRIDE ENTRANCE:  Welcome the beautiful bride to the altar with blossoming sparkles.  As she walks down the aisle,  guests will add to the significance of this tradition with a glow that enhances the texture of the pedals previously delivered by the flower girl.  Right from the beginning, walk a runway of sparkles singing the new ballad to your wedding entrance!  Once the Wedding Sparklers expire,  use sand filled buckets (labeled with sweet messages) along the aisle to safely dispose of them.
CENTERPIECES:  While waiting for the Wedding Sparklers to be used,  ViP Sparklers recommends using them as centerpieces.  Venues have become increasingly creative with decorative vases including filling them up with ornate rocks as Wedding Sparklers take the place of flowers with burning potential!  Guests will perceive the anticipation early on!
CAKE ENTRANCE:  Just in case you want to be extra careful when using Wedding Sparklers on your wedding cake,  we offer an alternative for its grand entrance.  With a foam surrounding the base of the wedding cake tray,  Wedding Sparklers can be inserted around the cake itself.  Given the ashless and smokeless sparkle,  have your wedding cake live the excitement of its presence!  Guests won't be able to resist tasting the such a presentation.

FIRST DANCE:  First dances are a staple in weddings!  As the Bride and Groom prepare for their FIRST DANCE as a married couple,  gather some of your guests to form a semi-circle around the dance floor (semi-circle so that guests can still see the Bride and Groom).  Every 30 second interval or so, have your guests with burning Wedding Sparklers uniformly rotate as the Mr. and Mrs. continue their musical ode.  The effect of the lit Wedding Sparklers caressing the music and movement of the couple is a show to admire!
PHOTOSHOOT IDEA I:  This photoshoot idea literally grows from the ground.  Use ViP Sparklers' 36 inch Sparklers as an arrangement on an open area.  "Plant" the Wedding Sparklers as a heart silhouette on soft, trimmed grass and center yourself (Bride and Groom) inside the heart.  Have someone light the Wedding Sparklers and let your photographer snap pictures away!  As the heart-shaped frame glitters down to its origin, photographs above eye level completely capture the vision behind this idea.
PHOTOSHOOT IDEA II:  Similar to the aforementioned photoshoot idea,  our second creative way to use Wedding Sparklers is a variation of it.  Instead of a heart-shaped "fence" containing love in it, lie down with Wedding Sparklers by your side.  As you and your love one lie facing each other,  the radiance from the Wedding Sparklers will bring jealousy to any rose out there!
FAREWELL CIRCLE:  As the ceremony comes to an end,  ViP Sparklers believes saying farewell should not be a moment of sadness.  Instead, encourage the Bride and Groom to depart with words of wisdom and support.  Create a circle of close friends and family, each with a Sparkler;  if a couple, have one be on "Wedding Sparkler duty."  As the Bride and Groom temporarily divide across opposite curves of the circle, each guest bids farewell to either the Bride or Groom with a shining "star" above their heads.
GRAND WEDDING EXIT:  This is our most popular use for wedding sparklers with all of our brides.  For ceremonies with an extended guest list,  a grand wedding exit works best so that most guests can participate.  Opposite to the bridal entrance idea from earlier this creative way to use Wedding Sparklers is to bring a closure to your big day!  Conclude a well thought out ceremony with joy and excitement with this grandiose approach.  We often hear back from our brides stating the best photo's from their weddings took place with the grand wedding exit wedding sparklers.  Please check this link for help with doing a wedding sparklers exit.
SHUTTER EFFECT:  Imagine following up with your guests with a Thank You card like no other!  Photographers can use what is known as a "shutter effect" to capture "Words of Light."  Bride, Groom, and/or guests can write messages such as Thank You or the date of the Wedding with Wedding Sparklers!  ViP Sparklers has seen beautiful photographs of Bride and Groom enveloped in a spring of lights all thanks to our remarkable Wedding Sparklers.
We hope to continue adding to our list of creative ways to using Wedding Sparklers, so we welcome any feedback and pictures of your joyous occasion!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at

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Sacramento Wedding Sparklers

Sacramento Wedding Sparklers  

  Sacramento has been the state capital of California since 1854. Once the state's second largest city, Sacramento was a major distribution center during the California Gold Rush and was the western terminus of the Pony Express. The American River, where gold was first discovered in California in the middle of the 19th century, flows through the city. From the city of gold to now one of the best locations for weddings in California, gold has now turned into the color of wedding sparklers!  At ViP Sparklers we have seen some of the best wedding pictures taken at Sacramento Weddings!
Sparklers In Sacramento  Once crowned America's most diverse city by TIME magazine, Sacramento holds true to its title.  Its four areas and Mediterranean climate account for an influx of different populations.  The Chinatown Mall and Crocker Art Museum are living proof of early contributions to the state of California.  With many places to visit including the State Capitol, Sacramento also holds hidden gems for tying the knot.  Arden Hills combines the luxury and elegance of an indoor wedding with open gardens as options.  ViP Sparklers works well with either indoor or outdoor ceremonies when it comes to wedding sparklers in Sacramento.  Take advantage of our 36inch wedding sparklers with an ashless and smokeless sparkle for remarkable backdrop images as the newly weds pose with tender smiles and clutched hands.  ViP Sparklers is one of the only companies that offer a true wedding sparklers for Sacramento.  All of our 36 inch and 20 inch wedding sparklers are made with a steel wire core for smokeless and exact duration times product.  You can count on ViP Wedding Sparklers for consistency and quality in Sacramento, California.

Wedding Sparklers in Sacramento

  Tsakopoulos Library Galleria will dazzle your guests from the moment they are welcomed by curving hallways and high ceilings.  With the ambiance of celebration as confetti falls like light rain, it is a venue suited for ViP Sparklers.  Our 20inch wedding sparklers can provide a comfortable sparkle size while offering your guests an unforgettable part of your wedding.  With more than one level, guests can locate themselves above the intricate center pieces and downward lights that add texture to the gathering downstairs.  ViP Sparklers also offers Champagne Bottle Sparklers to enhance any part of a celebration.  Just imagine bottled wine coupled with bottled sparks for a spectacular light show! ViP Sparklers extends a timeless theme that complements any approach you wish you take.
Finding Sacramento Sparklers  Sacramento hovers over green lands and metallic skylines with large rivers pumping through various parts of the city.  It is no surprise why Sacramento houses nearly all modes of transportation to take full advantage of its diverse environmental capsule.  As such, take a trip to Old Sacramento where you will find Courtyard D'Oro.  With historical landmarks and horse drawn carriages, Courtyard D'Oro wraps the Gold Rush Era of California into a gentle venue with rustic wood accents.  With the Sacramento River showing its reach, it is a perfect scenery for romantic photographs.  ViP Sparklers wishes to add to the aroma of love with sparkles that will surely add to the vintage wrapping of this venue.  Use our grandiose 36 inch wedding sparklers to create the perfect lighting for photographers!

ViP Sparklers in Sacramento

  You will receive the treatment only Capitols can offer once you decide to celebrate your sentimental event in Sacramento.  ViP Sparklers advocates for dreamy weddings and guarantee our sparkles will hold hand in hand with the vision you have in mind;  we also guarantee the best advice when ordering your sparklers.  With free FedEx Shipping for orders of $50.00 or more, ViP Sparklers offers an estimated delivery time of 1-4 business days.  Just in case Wedding Sparklers became a last minute option,  allow ViP Sparklers to be your sparklers' wedding planner with exclusive FedEx Express Shipping.  We understand that our products are part of a culture where timing and detail are vital;  therefore, our 10+ years of experience has educated us with empathy on how to approach time sensitive deadlines and unique questions each bride and groom has.
Sparklers For Weddings In Sacramento

  Sacramento is a full orchestra band playing all the instruments needed for a harmonious symphony.  With rivers acting as the vocalists and historical landmarks as smooth saxophone players, Sacramento is only missing a celebration to perform in.  ViP Sparklers wishes to chime in with our own tunes and sparklers to light up the night.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at

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How Popular Are Wedding Sparklers

How Popular Are Wedding Sparklers?

Wedding Sparklers, A Growing Presence in Weddings and Wedding/ Bridal Expos
  Wedding Sparklers are becoming one of the MOST POPULAR TRENDS in the Wedding industry! It is one of the most inexpensive Wedding favors that immediately becomes the center of attention.  Wedding Sparklers have a special effect that no other product offers;  once lit, it sparkles with a contagious loving energy that encourages wholeheartedly smiles.  Your love will blush with pride knowing it is being celebrated with the utmost romance and joy. It is understanable why Wedding Sparklers are the new hot ticket items in Wedding/ Bridal Expos.
  Anyone can agree that Wedding Sparklers have an absolute heartwarming influence on how your love will be experienced by your guests!  Newlyweds have expressed their utter bliss once their Wedding pictures are revealed;  it is simply magical to witness how Wedding Sparklers spark an intimidate connection with everyone who attends.  It offers the perfect glow for stunning photographs that guarantee great substitutes for even the most vivid of memories.  Recently wedding sparklers have been featured in the most popular websites and magazines such as the knot and wedding wire!  The pictures our brides send in with wedding sparklers leave us speechless, it truly is a fairy tale ending to your wedding night!
  Wedding Sparklers have also opened up an entire new realm of ideas!  Weddings are being transformed with the growing popularity of Wedding Sparklers given the heartfelt participation of guests.  Wedding Sparklers also add to the great versatility of Wedding Sparklers and how Bride and Grooms adjust it to suit their desires.  Here are a few ways that signify the popularity of Wedding Sparklers in Weddings as well as its growing presence in Wedding/ Bridal expos:

Different Ways To Use Wedding Sparklers

Grand Wedding Exits: by far the most popular medium for Wedding Sparklers.  36 inch Wedding Sparklers are the optimal choice and the most popular for Grand Wedding Exits.
First Kiss/ Toast: What better way to embrace the first kiss?! ViP Sparklers personally recommend our Premium 10 inch Wedding Sparklers for this occasion. These sparklers are safe for indoor and outdoor events!
Photoshoots: Bride and Groom usually have the most fun in photoshoots given the flexibility and pace when compared to Wedding Day photographs.  The couple could use the popular "shutter effect," Wedding Sparkler "Flowers," or the wonderful "Enchanting Cinderella" effect.
  Wedding Sparklers also allow for creative expression and easily adapt to any Wedding theme!  Its growing presence in Weddings and Expos imply the popularity in most Wedding agendas.  We offer the best prices for the three most popular sizes!  ViP Sparklers is also ecstatic to know Wedding Sparklers are a staple in Martha Stewart's recommendation for the perfect Wedding! Please make sure to read the feature article in Martha Stewart Weddings.

Popular Wedding Sparklers By ViP Sparklers

  ViP Sparklers celebrates the beauty of the Wedding industry.  While attending several Wedding/ Bridal expos every year, we come across many Bride and Grooms who are excited to see Wedding Sparklers in person!  From California, New York, Miami, Texas, Las Vegas, and Louisiana, Wedding Expos have become the "Wedding Sparkler store" for Wedding Sparklers!  It is a MUST HAVE Wedding item with many benefits for minimal cost!  We are happy to answer any questions and make any recommendations we feel will benefit the Bride and Groom.

  We strongly recommend attending any local Wedding/ Bridal Expos so you too can experience the magic of Wedding Sparklers.  Please feel free to check out our website for even more ways to use Wedding Sparklers at your unique Wedding:  You can also call us or email us at

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Phoenix Wedding Sparklers

Phoenix Wedding Sparklers

Sparklers in Phoenix Arizona  Phoenix, Arizona is home to the largest municipal park (South Mountain Park) in the world!  Such a perfect introduction to a city that values natural growth.  Also known as the Valley of the Sun,  Phoenix upholds the beauty in hues and melting pots of colors and traditions.  So it only makes sense why wedding sparklers are so popular in Phoenix adding to it's sparkling beauty! ViP Sparklers is thrilled to offer wedding sparklers to Phoenix, Arizona.  With so many locations in Phoenix to use wedding sparklers it makes sense that VIP Sparklers offers some amazing locations to consider.
  Desert Botanical Garden creates an oasis for your meaningful day!  Surrounded by natural beauty, clear skies, and gentle sunsets waiting to paint silhouettes as your background, this venue welcomes your dream wedding.  With both indoor and outdoor locations, ViP Sparklers can offer any Wedding Sparkler size without limitation! For the outdoor options, our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers will proudly glow with the perfect softness.  As our most popular wedding sparkler size, decorate the skies of Phoenix, Arizona with our fire-fly inspired Wedding Sparklers!
  We understand that not every venue allow Wedding Sparklers.  Fortunately, we receive many fantastic photographs from personal photoshoots from the Bride and Groom and Wedding Sparklers.  Photographers here.
can have a blast with many photoshoot ideas especially the shutter-effect.  The newlyweds can dazzle with what we like to call the "Enchanting Cinderella" effect!  Wrap your love with sparkles and give your photographer the privilege of capturing the moment when love is soothed by warm loving energy.  With many stunning backdrops available in Villa Siena, this venue grants access to magical Wedding photoshoots with Wedding Sparklers as spellbinding wands! We offer a complete guide to our weddin
g sparklers as well that you can find right
  One of our top picks for anyone wedding in Phoenix, Arizona is Wedgewood Palm Valley.  This venue overflows with natural beauty that exemplifies the native philosophy of Phoenix, Arizona.  As your love eclipses the sun, fountains of natural beauty sprinkle over the grasslands surrounding your ceremony.  ViP Sparklers guarantees only to beautify this extraordinary heaven on Earth.  With our 20 inch Wedding Sparklers,  celebrate the newlyweds first kiss or first dance!  As your love enjoys being celebrated, your guests will relish their participation as warm smiles spread across the evening.
ViP Sparklers in Phoenix, Arizona is simply a MUST!  We wish your special day to be absolutely memorable.  As our Wedding Sparklers ignite with a virtually ashless and smokeless sparkle,  we are clear in the quality of our products.

ViP Sparklers in Phoenix

Sparklers For Weddings In Phoenix  ViP Sparklers would love to be guests in your wedding!  We take pride in offering the best quality wedding sparklers on the market and guarantee spectacular results, as we off true wedding sparklers.  We are also one of the only companies to offer fast delivery;  an order of $50.00 or over will grant you FREE FedEx Ground shipping with an estimated arrival delivery of 1-4 days (depending on location).  Additionally, ViP Sparklers is one of the few companies to offer FedEx Express shipping for brisk delivery.  With over 10 years of experience in the wedding favors industry,  ViP Sparklers understands that flexibility is a very helpful quality to posses in this industry.  For example, if you have any unused sparklers, we are more than open to offering a full refund for those unused sparklers.

ViP Sparklers suppports and upholds your standards with the utmost admiration.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at

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Writing With Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparkler Writing Tips and Tricks

ViP Wedding Sparkler Writing
  Wedding Sparkler writing is one of the most fun activities to share with your friends and family.  Whether you are writing with Sparklers during a winter night, at your Wedding, 4th of July or a birthday party, the pictures will be amazing!  Many people are taking full advantage of this project to write or draw anything they wish!
VIP Sparklers is excited to share our knowledge and tips for writing with Sparklers.  We have taken into account the best Sparkler to use, how to light them, write with them, and final touches.

Items Needed
True Wedding Sparklers for clear, smoke-free sparkles
Camera with manual shutter speed
Tripod for Camera

    We begin with the search for true Wedding Sparklers.  Amazing pictures are only made possible with the use of clear sparkles.  Our Wedding Sparklers are perfect for this fun project, and we recommend either our 20inch or 36inch Wedding Sparklers depending on what you wish to draw or write.  With clear sparkles ready to be photographed, we are now in need of a camera with manual shutter speed selection.  Any camera with a manual setting for shutter speed will allow you to photograph Sparkler writing.  You may have to experiment with how long you set the shutter speed for or with the help of someone, you can decide when to close the shutter.  Shutter speed is all about stillness;  a tripod for the camera is ideal to keep the camera in a fixed position.

Wedding Sparklers And Shutter Speed For Writing With Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers Love Writing
  If you decide to set the shutter speed for a specific time, here are a few things to take into account.  For instance, if you decide to set the shutter speed to 15secs, this means that you have 15 seconds to light, write, and jump out of the frame immediately after handing your Sparkler over to your models!  In such a case, we highly recommend using a BBQ lighter to light the Wedding Sparkler instead of matches (take longer).  We had a customer ask us once, "why not light a Sparkler beforehand and use that instead?" Although this is absolutely true, the camera will capture a lit Sparkler walk into the frame and then the writing that follows.  In other words, you will have a streak of sparkle extending away from the Sparkler writing.
  Another great tip is the speed of your drawing! Draw slowly for a thicker Sparkler line and quickly for a thinner Sparkler line.  Depending on how you wish your sparkling lines to turn out, consider the shutter speed.  Feel free to try both thin and thicker lines to estimate a comfortable shutter speed.  We welcome you to have a few test runs with an unlit Sparkler to have a better understanding of the movements required. We best recommend having someone press the shutter speed (both in the beginning and end), someone else draw or write the words, and have another Wedding Sparkler ready to give to the models so it seems they did the drawing.  If they're up for it, by all means let the models have some fun (though it may take a few trials and errors)!

How to Write with Wedding Sparklers

Sparkler Writing Art  Generally speaking, you must write from right to left since the camera is facing you and will capture the writing from left to write.  This will take a lot of practice since we're used to writing from left to right (not right to left).  There is one trick that some of our customers used; we always recommend experimenting first or asking your photographer if he/she is comfortable using the following technique.  Simply write using your Wedding Sparkler as you normally would (from left to right) using the proper shutter speed with a final pose for a final still-shot.  Save the image and upload it to your computer (anything you wrote will appear backwards at this time).  If you have software programs similar to Photoshop, you can "mirror" the image and Viola!  Your sparkler writing will appear as perfect as can be!  There are also several online websites that will allow you to upload your image and edit it with the mirror effect (in addition to cropping, lighting, etc.) absolutely FREE! Some of these websites do not require you to create an account, and you can easily download and save your "edited" image immediately to your computer.
Please keep in mind that you will most likely have to write in cursive.  Sparkler writing is a fluent art with no stops;  writing in cursive allows for a consistent sparkle with no breaks, extra lines or accents anywhere on the letters or drawings.  If drawing a shape, we also recommend keeping the shape fluent or simply try to trace over the same "imaginary" line for the best outcome!

Aiming For The Perfect Shot With Sparklers

  Besides having clear lettering, anyone in the shot needs to be as still as possible.  If the models are writing with the Wedding Sparklers, we recommend assigning a letter per person in order to minimize any full body movements (only movement should be in their arms).  At the end of the shot, everyone should be as still as possible for a couple of seconds until the shutter closes.  If there is too much lighting, the camera will capture the moving bodies and record them as blurred.  On the other hand, your camera needs a bit of light to know where to focus.  If no soft light is available, try using a flashlight at a distance (depending on the strength of the light) to offer some guidance.  This will allow the camera to focus on the Sparkle and models.

Writing With Wedding SparklersA Few More Tips For Wedding Sparkler Writing

  Your camera is capturing the light of the Wedding Sparkler in a continuous form.  If at any point you place something in front of the Wedding Sparkler (such as a part of your body), there will be a gap (or interruption) in the stream of light once the shutter closes and finalizes the photograph.
Using higher apertures seem to offer a more defined light of beam.
Make sure you visualize how much room you will need for your entire word or drawing.  Keep in mind the available space in the frame.Be patient, have fun, and practice! We guarantee it will be worth it!  You will feel proud of the work you achieved!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Seattle Wedding Sparklers

Seattle Wedding Sparklers

Seattle ViP Sparklers
  Seattle, Washington covers its space with beautiful curves and treelines as outlines.  As an oceanic paradise,  Seattle has a rich history of talent and moments of "boom."  As the Seattle Great Wheel rises its guests above the horizon with its reputation as the largest observation wheel on the West Coast,  the Space Needle pierces the sky above.  As residents tower over the city,  they can truly soak in the hues of blue and green across Downtown Seattle.  Using ViP Wedding Sparklers in Seattle helps light up and show how amazing Seattle is.
  With Jazz nightclubs and Grunge Music dressing the Emerald City,  Seattle is a wonderful place to say I do.  An incredible twist to classical weddings is the Woodland Park Zoo as a venue.  As you celebrate your love as you love the environment,  this venue holds both receptions and ceremonies with exotic animals in the guest list.  With outdoor space for the ceremony,  ViP Sparklers is proud to create the special spark on your special day!  Using our gentle 20 inch Wedding Sparklers, have your guests guide your path after you and your partner reveal the love in your vows.  Given the steel wire core of our superior Wedding Sparklers, the composition burns with an almost ashless and smokeless sparkle.  With peculiar sapling trees learning how to stretch,  give our Wedding Sparklers the chance to paint their glow in phenomenal Wedding pictures.  We offer one of the only true wedding sparklers in Seattle to give all of our brides the sparkle they deserve! 

Cheap Wedding Sparklers in Seattle

Sparklers For Seattle   Trinity Tree Farm is a second fantastic location just 30 minutes from Seattle, Washington.  A rustic open barn welcomes cool weather with two cozy fire pit areas for cocktails and s'mores!  Once the ceremony concludes,  ViP Sparklers will begin their show.  Our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers are known for working extremely well in cool, outdoor events.  As our MOST POPULAR sparkler begins to burn, watch your wedding transform from perfect to heavenly!  With a burning time of 3.5-4 minutes, photographers are given ample time to capture every part of this celebration.  Trinity Tree Farm already offers walkways highlighted by its own lights, so we confidently feel our Wedding Sparklers will complement the ambiance of this venue.
  While encouraging the planting of flowers to beautify the city, Seattle has come to be known as the City of Flowers.  Jardin del Sol is a venue that celebrates Seattle's gardening commitment.  With an outdoor dance floor, your wedding will fall under the stars with the freshest of forest breeze.  ViP Sparklers wants stars at your fingertips!  Imagine dancing in a circle of waving wedding sparkles held by your closest friends and family!  We guarantee unparalleled wedding pictures as Wedding Sparklers become the center piece on your meaningful day.  For all of Seattle's sparkler needs ViP Sparklers offers an indoor and outdoor wedding sparkler option.  As we know Seattle has an amazing number of wedding destinations inside and out so we wanted to make sure we got you covered.  Our premium wedding sparklers are ideal for all indoor weddings in Seattle! 

ViP Sparklers in Seattle

Seattle ViP Sparklers  ViP Sparklers and its Wedding Sparklers wish to be a guest on your unforgettable day.  We offer superior products for you and your guests to enjoy.  With both Brides and Grooms and venues as valued clients, our products have come to satisfy all expectations!  From products to customer service, our delivery arrangement is another great feature ViP Sparklers has to offer.  If your order is equal to or greater than $50.00, you will receive FREE FedEx Ground shipping.  ViP Sparklers also grants FedEx Express Shipping for customers who didn't plan on having Wedding Planners but fell in love with the idea!  We are happy to relieve any stress and take lead as your Wedding Sparklers wedding planner. For instance, if you have any unused Wedding Sparklers, ViP Sparklers will offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

  Just as Seattle, Washington is home to ferry rides and serves as a bridge to Alaska,  ViP Sparklers is home to dreamfilled weddings and serves as a bridge to a joyful time.  Celebrate your wedding day with the most inexpensive wedding favor: Wedding Sparklers!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black Friday Champagne Bottle Sparklers Sale


  It's BLACK FRIDAY! Huge savings are taking place this year for your favorite items. We view Black Friday as an opportunity for the VIP Sparklers family to offer exclusive sales to our customers. We are also pleased to take part in our first official Black Friday sale, so it is definitely a time to cross off purchasing your Nightclub items. We offer excellent items that will surely complement any special day you hope to celebrate. We can't think of a better way to launch our official 2015 Black Friday sale than to offer store-wide savings! This means that you can enjoy discounts on items such as Sky Lanterns, LED Bottle Sparklers, LED Foam Sticks, Champagne Bottle Sparklers' Safety Clips, and among our most popular items, Champagne Bottle Sparklers, which are used in all kinds of events; in most cases, your favorite venues use Champagne Bottle Sparklers for VIP guests. We cannot emphasize enough the experience Champagne Bottle Sparklers create for your guests! It is truly a MUST HAVE item to celebrate any ocassion! We are flooded with pictures from nightclubs all over the country showcasing the lightshow performance of our Champagne Bottle Sparklers. Attach as many as three Champagne Bottle Sparklers to any bottle for an extravagant announcement of VIP guests. Servers will take joy in creating a fun, sparkling atmosphere for eager customers.

  With an eruption of sparkles, Champagne Bottle Sparklers are fantastic for pictures. Make sure to share your next sparkling VIP experience on Instagram or Twitter with all your friends and family; even better, send us your stunning picFriday! We are offering a store-wide 10% off sale this Black Friday in addition to our Free Shipping for orders over $35.00. Top our 2015 Black Friday sale with our expedited shipping options for immediate delivery. Customers can easily place an order, benefit from huge savings, and receive their Champagne "Bottle" Sparklers in as quickly as one business day. We will also be offering assistance via our Facebook page for any questions during checkout; we will be answering your questions on topics such as pricing and shipping options during our Black Friday sale.

tures for us to share with our social media family. VIP Sparklers has joined the budget-friendly trend this Black


  Given the Black Friday sale spirit, we are thrilled to announce our Champagne Bottle Sparklers Wholesale package. We are taking SAVINGS to a whole new level with our package deals. Coupled with our Safety Bottle Clips, clients are now able to choose from 500 or 1000 Champagne Bottle Sparklers at a significant discount. VIP Sparklers is offering wholesale prices to all of our customers beginning on Black Friday 2015. For further details on this exclusive Black Friday bargain, make sure to check out VIP Sparklers' "Wholesale Champagne Sparklers" Blog.


  Enjoy our Dessert Sparklers with a 10% off discount in our first official 2015 Black Friday sale! Perfect for any dessert, our Dessert Sparklers are a fantastic alternative to birthday candles. We've seen delightful pictures of decorated cup cakes bursting with sparkles and enormous wedding cakes making a glowing entrance. We want your dessert to look as great as it tastes! Make your next birthday party extra special and purchase your Dessert Sparklers during our limited-time Black Friday sale! Celebrate an anniversary with memorable pictures and an unforgettable party. During checkout, use our VIPSAVE10 coupon code to receive 10% off your entire order. With competitive prices to begin with, our Black Friday sale is one you won't want to miss out on!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Are The Best

 Why 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Are The Best

  Congratulations on choosing Wedding Sparklers for your special day!  It is an item that is sure to enhance your romantic vision.  Here at ViP Sparklers, we classify the effect Wedding Sparklers have as LOVING ENERGY!  We strongly believe that Wedding Sparklers create an energy that spreads throughout the celebration instantly!  It reminds everyone about the true essence of joy and the surreal moment they are being a part of.  We are proud to take part in such a significant day of your life and confidently believe in the effect Wedding Sparklers have on your guests and the newly Mr. and Mrs.
  Though Wedding Sparklers all have the same commitment to sparkle perfectly, there are variations in size and thus the length of time it will remain lit.  ViP Sparklers offers several sizes though one has earned the priviledge of being the MOST POPULAR: 36 inch Wedding Sparklers.  Our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers can first be described as a 3.5-4 minute burning time sensation!  As such, we highly recommend planning a mini photoshoot when using these Wedding Sparklers;  one way to fully take advantage of the extended burning time is with the shutter effect.  The Bride and Groom can write several messages with the 36 inch Wedding Sparkler and later decide which one to use;  it is a benefit that only this particular size can offer.  If compared to the 10 inch Wedding Sparkler for instance, the Bride and Groom may only have one chance to spell out their LOVE (literally).
  Following the vision of sparkling words, have your guests spell out their appreciation for you!  A popular tradition involves bridesmaids and groomsmen decorating your presence with sparkle-filled hearts, wedding dates, and swirls only second to Cinderella's enchanting transformation!  With its steel wire core, transform a traditional picture with our virtually smokeless and ashless sparkles!
  ViP Sparklers also suggests using our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers before the celebratory day.  Just picture lying down with your partner on soft grass, a gentle sunset beginning to yawn with tiredsome eyes, surrounded by Wedding Sparkler flowers!  Plant our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers around you and your loved one in the shape of a heart or any pattern you desire.  Ask your photographer to position him/herself above you both immediately after your 36 inch Wedding Sparklers begin to replace the sun itself.  The photographs are simply breathtaking!  It creates such a warm appeal expressing the strength yet gentle touch of love.
  Another option as to how to use unlit 36 inch Wedding Sparklers is as center pieces.  Take creative liberty in how you decorate the Wedding Sparkler vases.  Also use Wedding Sparkler tags to add that extra detail to your unique center pieces.  Connect with your guests from the moment they take a seat!
  Top our MOST POPULAR Wedding Sparkler with the MOST POPULAR wedding approach: the grand wedding exit!  You can consider this the shining moment for 36 inch Wedding Sparklers;  it is a feat truly designed for this size.  As your guests create a run way, the Bride and Groom take off for their honeymoon under handheld stars.  We have seen endless pictures that truly capture the grand wedding exit splendor all thanks to our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers!  It can best be described as fading gold carrying the wishes and love of your guests as it sprinkles over destined love.

Ordering 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

  ViP Sparklers wishes you the best on your meaningful day!  Each Wedding Sparkler size has its area of expertise, and we are here to guide you in the Wedding Sparkler process.  We offer FREE FedEx Ground shipping on ALL ORDERS!  Receive your 36 inch Wedding Sparklers within 1-4 days depending on your location in the USA.  If rush delivery is needed, Grand Wedding Exit also offers FedEx Express shipping.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Denver Wedding Sparklers

Denver Wedding Sparklers

  Welcome Wedding Sparklers to Denver, Colorado!  As one of the US cities with teams from four major sports, Denver pleases anyone and everyone.  Also known as the Mile High City, its official elevation is one mile above sea level, Denver corners the Rocky Mountains with its sunny weather and high altitude.  With 200 visible named peaks, imagine the gorgeous view that Denver offers as you walk through one of its 200+ parks.  Denver is all about being outside and enjoying the festivals, exhibits, and outdoor activities.  With such beauty surrounding you, Denver is ideal for dreamy weddings.  ViP Sparklers offers spectacular products to complement a wedding in Denver, Colorado.  We have had countless brides sent us in some amazing wedding sparklers pictures with the gorgeous backdrops in the horizon!

  Wedding Sparklers burst with potential in outside venues given the endless options for its uses.  Denver Botanic Gardens has a wide variety of gardens available for weddings.  With room for as many as 500 guests in some of its packages, this venue offers no limitations to your wedding visions! The architecture is truly amazing, and ViP Sparklers has its own detail to add: Wedding Sparklers.  With our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers, our sparklers will offer a soft glow to complement your natural surroundings.  Use our 3.5-4 minute burning time to take multiple pictures with all of your guest

s!  As our Wedding Sparklers become the prime source of light during your ceremony, photographers will have absolutely no trouble capturing the sparkle in your eye!  Another exciting option for Denver with our wedding sparklers is our premium wedding sparklers!  These sparklers are safe to use indoors for all of those sparklers still wanted at venue or event!  Our goal at ViP Sparklers in Denver is to add an elegant and exciting touch to your event while being inexpensive.  Our goal with our wedding sparklers is to help our brides experience one more magical moment in their unforgettable wedding day!

  A second venue option when wedding in Denver, Colorado is a charming local place named Miramonte Lodge.  With its rustic decor, this venue is arguably one of the most familial-type of venues in Denver.  An outdoor center piece for the ceremony definitely makes your "I do's" that much sweeter.  As the Bride walks down the aisle, ViP Sparklers promises to debut the loving energy it has come to adopt all thanks to its Wedding Sparklers.  Welcome the bride with lights and celebrate the beginning of your wedding!  For ceremonies of less than 150 guests, use our 20 inch Wedding Sparklers with its fantastic burning time of 2.5 minutes.  Given the steel wire core of our Wedding Sparklers, our sparkles are consistent and nearly ashless and smokeless!  ViP Sparklers understands that it is all about the memories!  Capture your guests forming the runway for your love!  All of Our wedding sparklers are made with steel wire core which ensures a virtual smokeless and ash-less display for all Denver weddings.  ViP Sparklers has the ability to offer Denver the quickest and cheapest wedding sparklers on the market. 

ViP Sparklers in Denver

  Denver, Colorado embraces the natural beauty of the outdoors.  While being one the cities to host several events, it draws beauty every chance it gets.  ViP Sparklers believes in enhancing special days and venues with superior products.  With over ten years in the wedding business, our customers choose Wedding Sparklers with confidence!  They know it is perhaps the most affordable item on their list yet one of the most memorable.  ViP Sparklers humbly accepts an invitation to your one in a lifetime celebration!
  ViP Sparklers can offer FREE FedEx Ground Shipping on orders of $50.00 or more with an estimated delivery of 1-4 days.  Just in case Wedding Sparklers became a last minute idea, we also offer FedEx Express shipping with guaranteed overnight delivery as an option.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email us at Thank you!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wedding Sparkler Buckets From ViP Sparklers

Vintage Wedding Sparklers Buckets

  Our newest product Wedding Sparkler Buckets have rapidly become one of the most in-demand items in our inventory!  We are thrilled to see how Bride and Grooms are taking advantage of this spectacular item to match their Wedding Sparklers order.
  Our top of the line Vintage Wedding Sparkler Buckets provide a secure and safe place holder for Wedding Sparklers of any size!  Even our 36inch Wedding Sparklers fit securely in our Vintage Steel Buckets.  Venues and the Bride and Groom are always concerned with the safe use of Wedding Sparklers;  in the past, we created numerous blogs regarding the safest arrangement and disposal of Wedding Sparklers.  Our goal was to demonstrate how safely Wedding Sparklers can be displayed and disposed of especially for venues that may not be fully convinced on allowing Wedding Sparklers on their premises.  We have personally dealt with venues, discussed our products, and sent samples to validate why it is a MUST HAVE Wedding item.  Our Vintage Tin Buckets have added to the appeal and completed the "full package" deal when purchasing Wedding Sparklers.  These wedding sparkler buckets offer the easiest way to display, use, and even help with the cleanup process! 
  With the use of our 15inch Steel Buckets, Wedding Sparklers can easily become a decorated center piece before becoming the star of the show!  Bride and Grooms have grown increasingly creative when incorporating our Vintage Tin Buckets in their Wedding Decor list.  Some couples have completely painted the Steel Buckets to add a new element to their Wedding theme while others tie a bow around the neck to keep the original vintage look.  To really decorate your Wedding venue with love, simply decorate your Steel Bucket with a heart silhouette and include the Bride and Groom's name inside the throbbing heart.  By doing these simple tricks can really make your wedding sparklers a sparkling display at your wedding.
  Finding a place for our Vintage Wedding Sparkler Buckets is an easy task.  With its tall size, it can be treated as a stand alone item.  Aisles can be framed with our Vintage Tin Buckets or used as the shadow of the Wedding Sparkler send off sign.  Our Wedding Sparkler Buckets are a great centerpiece with the cooperation of Wedding Sparkler tags or ribbons.  ViP Sparklers is ecstatic to now be able to offer our brides a stop spot for all of your wedding sparklers needs!

Using Wedding Sparkler Buckets

  The most common filling used for Wedding Sparkler Vintage Tin Buckets is sand.  With its soft surface, Wedding Sparklers can easily be buried with no damage to the Sparkler itself.  If you live near a beach, spark some fun in your sand with sea shells and sand pebbles.  Please keep in mind that these buckets serve as both an initial and final Wedding Sparkler container.  In other words, used (very hot) Wedding Sparklers will eventually be placed in these buckets.  If you pick a material besides sand or some sort of gravel, make sure not to use flammable alternatives.  One fantastic alternative is fish gravel (given the bright coOur Vintage Tin Buckets are the gift that keeps on giving! Be as creative as can be with this decorative Wedding Favor.  Give your Wedding Sparklers a beautified place to relax before their Send-Off time arrives!  Use these Steel Buckets for any Wedding Sparkler size including the MOST POPULAR 36inch Wedding Sparklers!
   When ordering from ViP Sparklers, we offer two forms of shipping;  we encourage our customers to include their event date so that our Customer Care Specialists can determine whether the order will need to be expedited to guarantee early arrival.  Our Customer Care Specialists are also aware that some guests wish to receive their Sparklers a week or so in advance in order to  decorate them.  We fully process your order same day and aim to ship same day or next business day (depending on the time the order was made).  We hope to be a part of your memorable day and are available to offer our expert advice!  If you ever have any questions with our wedding sparkler or vintage sparkler buckets do not hesitate to call our email us at