Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Night Club Bottle Sparklers New Year's

Nightclub Bottle Sparklers For New Year's Eve

  The end of the year is coming which only means one thing, time to get ready for New Year's Eve!  New Year's Eve is celebrated by everyone across the world.  No matter which language you speak or where you reside, when December 31st comes everybody is counting down the clock for the New Year to officially start.  New Year's Eve brings everybody together for a renewed time of hope, dreams, and well wishes. There's no better way to celebrate the New Year than with sparklers and friends.  You just need to look at the streets of New York City to understand and feel the excitement that the New Year brings!  As the countdown begins and everyone awaits for the ball to drop the atmosphere is filled with excitement and buzz!  Almost all cities celebrate with fireworks and bottle sparklers when the clock strikes midnight to ring in the New Year.

Champagne Bottle Sparklers For New Year's

  For us at ViP Sparklers New Year's becomes a very busy time of the year.  As nightclubs, restaurants, and all sorts of venues gear up for this exciting celebration. ViP Sparklers loves to make it even more special with our bottle sparklers and premium sparklers.  When New Year's comes it happens to be an even busier time for nightclubs and bar's and at ViP Sparklers we often find our bottle sparklers as a top seller.  Our Champagne bottler sparklers are used at nightclubs across the country from New York City, Los Angeles, to Miami.  ViP Sparklers nightclub bottle sparklers are used at nightclubs and lounges whenever bottle service is used or when a celebration is in order, and there's not better celebration than New Year's!  It doesn't stop their with our bottle sparklers, you will often find these sparklers at restaurants on top of all desserts on this special night.  Since our champagne bottle sparklers are virtually smokeless and ash-less, you can safely use these on all cakes and desserts!  You will often see champagne bottle sparklers called big birthday cake sparklers as well, so don't get them confused. Both champagne bottle sparklers and big birthday cake sparklers can be safely used on all celebration desserts!  
  The fun with our nightclub bottle sparklers doesn't stop with that, we even offer small packs of bottle sparklers to use for all home parties and small private events.  No matter if you are a giant nightclub using these bottle sparklers for the night scene or just with a small group of close friends, ViP Sparklers makes sure you can enjoy our sparklers!  Although, if you happen to be a nightclub looking for our full cases of champagne bottle sparklers we offer discounted New Year's pricing!  Please do not hesitate to call us regarding any size order of bottle sparklers and we will be more than happy to assist you and add a spark to your New Year's night!  We can also guarantee our bottle sparklers will arrive well in time for New Year's!

Premium Sparklers For New Year's 

  Another exciting product we love to offer is our premium sparklers on New Year's!  Our premium sparklers are completely different than our popular nightclub bottle sparklers, but are becoming quickly just as popular.  We consider our premium sparklers like a beefed up version of a traditional sparkler.  Our Premium Sparklers are safe for all indoor venues and are a fun way to have all clients and restaurant goers to part take in the fun!  A lot of venues will pass around our premium sparklers to let everybody light up the night and take some amazing New Year's pictures!

  When it comes to New Year's fun you don't have to look any further than any of our ViP Sparklers products.  Whether you go with our number one selling bottle sparklers, premium sparklers, or countless other nightclub products. ViP Sparklers offers free shipping all the way up until New Year's.  We can personally guarantee delivery in time for New Year's with express shipping options included.  With ViP Sparklers having multiple locations throughout the US we can make sure your sparklers arrive in time before the clock strikes midnight and we ring in the New Year!  If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding our nightclub bottle sparklers please do not hesitate to call our main offices or email us!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wedding Sparklers In the Winter

Wedding Sparklers During Winter Time

  Winter always seems to sneak up real quick on everyone and loves to stick around for a while.  Already winter has hit early before Thanksgiving offering up tons of snow and freezing temperatures all around.  One thing that doesn't stop though is weddings in this very cold time of the year.  At ViP Sparklers we always get brides that call and ask us if we they can use wedding sparklers in the cold or during winter time.  We thought this would be an excellent sparkler blog to incorporate to help all potential brides out there if they can use wedding sparklers during the winter season.  Rest assured brides, you can absolutely go ahead and use wedding sparklers during the winter season.

Wedding Sparklers Can Be Used in Cold Weather

  We are happy to report that you can with no hesitation use wedding sparklers when it is cold outside.  Our 36 inch wedding sparklers and 20 inch wedding sparklers are made with a double dipped process to help ensure they stay lit and have no issues with the cold weather  Another popular wedding question we receive about our wedding sparklers is, "will the cold temperatures have an effect on the wedding sparklers?"  Rest assured our wedding sparklers will have no issues with bitter and cold winter temperatures thanks to our double dipping process.  When lighting sparklers in cold temperatures we recommend using a barbecue or butane lighter for the lighting process, you can easily find these at any of your convenience stores.  Once everyone is lined up in anticipation for the grand exit with the wedding sparklers, light a couple sparklers in the front and back of the lines.  Once a couple of the sparklers are lit all you will need to do is simply touch the lit wedding sparklers with the unlit ones and you will easily have all of the sparklers lit in under thirty seconds.  If you light the wedding sparklers with this process you will have no issues with the cold weather that winter brings!  On top of that you will be able to end your wedding night with a beautiful shower of sparks to help warm up the night and send off the bride and groom in style!  Check out some of our winter wedding sparklers pictures below!

Best Wedding Sparklers in Cold Weather

  When looking to purchase wedding sparklers in cold weather we recommend going with either 36 inch wedding sparklers or 20 inch wedding sparklers.  These two true wedding sparklers are commonly referred to as #20 and #36 sparklers as well.  When purchasing wedding sparklers you will want to make absolute sure you are purchasing "True Wedding Sparklers".  A lot of websites sell wedding sparklers nowadays, but you will want to make sure you buy the proper sparklers.  Very few companies sell wedding sparklers that are made with a steel wire core and are double dipped.  This process will help ensure a virtually smokeless and ash-less display.  At ViP Sparklers let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will absolutely help you with any of our wedding sparklers options and other wedding accessories.  Please feel free to email us or call us with any questions or concerns at sales@vipsparklers.com.  And most importantly when using wedding sparklers in the winter is bundle up it's cold outside!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When to Order Wedding Sparklers

When is the Right Time to Buy Wedding Sparklers?

  After being in the wedding industry for over ten years we've have had the privilege to help brides every step of the process when buying wedding sparklers and have heard tremendous feedback.  From the simple questions on which size wedding sparklers to get for their wedding or to the difference of true wedding sparklers compared to typical 4th of July sparklers.  The number one questions our staff always tends the get asked is, "When is the right time to buy wedding sparklers?"  We thought this would be a great post for us to cover for all our future brides wondering when the right time to pull the trigger on purchasing wedding sparklers for your big night!  The last issue we ever want is to have our future brides not being able to have their fairy-tale grand wedding exit.

Buy Wedding Sparklers at least one to two months prior to the Wedding

  To keep it simple when ordering wedding sparklers, the earlier the better.  Our wedding sparklers have a shelf life of two to three years as long as you keep them in a dry and cool place.  Now by no means does ViP Sparklers expect you to buy your wedding sparklers that far in advance!  But we do highly advise if you are absolutely sure you do want to have wedding sparklers you place order two or three months in advance.  Or even if you on the fence, ViP Sparklers and most other sparkler companies offer full refunds if they are unused. Unfortunately, we do receive quite a bit of brides who wanted wedding sparklers and they left it on there list till the very end and were not able to get them the sparklers in time.  By ordering the wedding sparklers a couple months in advance it will just be one more thing to cross of your long list and to not fret about.  Plus we know when you purchase wedding sparklers it never ends there, you need to find your display for them and exactly how you plan to use them during the grand exit.  The beauty of our true wedding sparklers is there are very easy to store and keep safe.  As long as you keep the wedding sparklers away from rain or liquids and as they are not in the direct sunlight you should absolutely have no issues.  We say true wedding sparklers as we are one of the very few sparkler companies that use a steel wire core  and double dip our sparklers which help ensure a virtually smokeless and ash-less sparkler display when lit.

How Quick Can We Ship Wedding Sparklers To You

  At ViP Sparklers we offer free FedEx ground shipping on all orders above 50.00 dollars.  When using our free FedEx shipping it only takes 2-4 business days to arrive anywhere in the US whether were delivering to California, New York, or Miami.  Lucky enough ViP Sparklers is one of the only companies on the market to offer Express shipping.  So even if you made the mistake of forgetting to order wedding sparklers or you made a last minute decision, we can typically make it to you in time.  We can ship the sparklers directly to your venue or your hotel as well.  Express shipping rates are more expensive as we have to specially package them, but can help save the night in a pinch.  Hopefully after reading this article you will not have expedite your wedding sparklers.  If you ever have any questions about our wedding sparklers or even our champagne bottle sparklers, please do not hesitate to call our main offices or email us at sales@vipsparklers.com

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween & Sparklers

Halloween Fun & Sparklers

  As fall has officially turned its corner we can quickly see Halloween sneak up on us.  Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition.  The time of the year when kids are excited to find their unique costumes and parents are stacking away the house with candy patiently waiting for the kids to ring there doorbell.  Halloween has quickly become a great night for parties and fun as well.  At ViP Sparklers we have noticed that a lot of restaurants, clubs, and even house parties have really ramped up their celebrations with sparklers.  Sparklers were always tied to the 4th of July and New Years, but believe it or not the celebrations have quickly spread out to Halloween now.  With tons of parties going on we are finding out that more and more sparklers are being used; from cake celebrations with our champagne bottle sparklers to even our premium sparklers all across the country being used on Halloween.  Sparklers are great for any celebration and there are many ways they have become incorporated in celebrating Halloween. 
  Halloween has notoriously been a festive holiday filled with magic, mystery, and ghostly spirits.  Which once began as a Celtic end of the summer tradition which reminded people the cold was coming and a time to reflect on deceased relatives and friends.  For these loving spirits they used to have grand feasts in their honor, and keep treats at doorsteps or along the road often in remembrance.   Many years later it made it to America and the tradition has lived on, but with a lot more celebration.  Now you can see premium sparklers and champagne bottle sparklers all throughout the night.  We have noticed a huge spike in our premium sparklers during the Halloween season. Our premium sparklers are perfect for kids in their costumes to restaurants or lounges being festive.  Whether you are using sparklers on Halloween or not, we want you to be safe at ViP Sparklers when you are out celebrating the night! Keep a look out for ghosts and ghouls! If you have any questions regarding our premium sparklers or champagne bottle sparklers do not hesitate to call our main offices our email us at sales@ViPSparklers.com.  And remember Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Affordable LED Nightclub Strobe Batons


Affordable LED Nightclub Strobe Batons

  At ViP Sparklers we always take pride in leading the nightlife industry in new and exciting products, whether its from our champagne bottle sparkers to our safety bottle clips in bottle service industry.  We are now happy to introduce our LED Strobe Batons.  While working with nightclubs for the past ten years we became aware certain nightclubs and lounges have been unable to use our champagne bottle sparklers when offering bottle service and other vip events. Certain areas such as California and Arizona have issues with fire marshals that do not allow them to use champagne bottle sparklers.  After hearing from these clients and owners we wanted to find a new alternative that would deliver the same vip experience as the bottle sparklers.  Our LED strobe batons are finally here and to the quality far superior than all of our competition.  ViP Sparklers LED Nightclub strobe batons will grab the attention of your entire nightclub guests and special clients when bringing out bottle service.  The best part about our nightclub strobe batons is they are reusable.  ViP Sparklers nightclub strobe batons use ten ultra high powered LED lights to bring everyones attention to the bottle service being brought out to your premiere clients.  These strobe batons are guaranteed to give you the exact same effect as bottle sparklers, except you can reuse these over and over again as they are battery powered.  Our nightclub strobe batons will absolutely leave the entire club or lounge paying attention and surely help increase the sales of liquor bottles at your club or lounge.

  It is 100% safe to say ViP Sparklers offers the most affordable pricing when it comes to our nightclub strobe batons as we are the only company that manufactures and makes our strobe batons.  A lot of other companies offer similar products to our strobe batons, but the quality is nowhere near as expected. You will often find bulbs that flash out or gimmicky buttons that go faulty.  When we brought our nightclub strobe batons to the market when we wanted them to be just as successful as our champagne bottle sparklers and various other nightclub products.  We are confident you will find our LED strobe batons to successfully light up the entire nightclub and offer a superior nightlife experience.  We also offer a completely static mode where they stay lit, this has come in handy for a lot of our nightclub security staff.  Nightclub security staff is easily able to guide people and search them as well if needed.  We thought it was important to find out the nightclubs feedback about strobe batons before we perfected the product to our clients. Our Strobe batons retail for 44.99 and price becomes significantly cheaper if you buy the nightclub strobe batons in higher quantities.  If you purchase three of our LED Strobe batons it runs 129.99 and we even offer our most popular quantity of strobe batons for 245.99.  At VIP Sparklers our mission is simple to offer superior quality at an affordable price.  If you ever have any questions about our nightclub strobe batons or champagne bottle sparklers, do not hesitate to call our main offices or email us at sales@vipsparklers.com.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Los Angeles Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers Los Angeles

  Los Angeles is a city just five years younger than our country itself. Full of rich history and whispers of the past a city such as this is made for celebration.

Wedding Sparklers Los Angeles
Wedding Sparklers in Los Angeles
  When you think of Los Angeles I bet there’s a handful of things that come to mind: movie stars, glamour, celebrity, fame, etc. It is the “City of Angels” after all. With all of the accolades that come with such a grandiose city, why not solidify your bond with your soul mate in such a place? Los Angeles is a wonderful place to get married; and with all that glitz and glamour, it’s the perfect place to add ViP Sparklers to your special occasion.  Wedding Sparklers have dominated this star struck city of Los Angeles as it  adds to the glitz and sparkle already there.  These wedding sparklers have been scene in so many movies and tv shows it only makes sense to incorporate sparklers! Whether your wedding is taking place ocean side or downtown 36 inch wedding sparklers are being seen in the spotlight.

  You have your choice of incredible venues – I mean this is where the stars tie the knot so of course you do! Whether you are looking for a secretly elegant ceremony at The Peninsula or a modern blowout at loftSEVEN Penthouse, Los Angeles has it all. ViP Sparklers has had the opportunity to help many brides at both locations with our 20 inch wedding sparklers.  All of ViP Sparklers wedding sparklers are made with a steel wire core, so they are smoke less and ash-less.   What matches elegance better than your final exit traipsed in Hollywood-esque sparkle? If you choose your venue outside, such as the Chester Washington Golf Course, our wedding sparklers produce minimum smoke so capturing that beautiful moment proves hassle-free.

  My Wedding LA has provided the perfect guide for getting married in the City of Angels and outlines some of the best places to do it. The first on their list is a rooftop ballroom. How beautiful does that sound? Think of how beautiful those pictures would be with the lights of Los Angeles in the background, the glow of love all around, and the spark provided exclusively by ViP Sparklers adding just a little extra twinkle to the new couple’s eyes. Maybe you are thinking Los Angeles because of its rich history of the arts and are more interested in a place like Chateau Marmont. You will certainly feel like a celebrity hosting your special day in this 1920s era hotel where people from F. Scott Fitzgerald to John Lennon have stayed; it only makes sense to add some new generation flash to past generation charm. At ViP Sparklers, we only want to help make your wedding everything you have ever hoped in could be.

Cheap Wedding Sparklers In Los Angeles

  For that reason, did you know that ViP Sparklers has a warehouse in Los Angeles for all wedding sparklers and nightclubs? Talk about perfect!  We offer the most affordable and true wedding sparkler on the market. Whether you’re looking for  last minute wedding sparklers to make your day everything you have ever dreamed of, or you have planned on ViP Sparklers since day one, we’re right here for you. As always, rush shipping is available, however with such a convenient location rush may not be necessary.  We will help all of you soon to be brides on deciding which wedding sparkler fits for you.  We understand that every order of 36 inch or 20 inch wedding sparklers has a unique idea and path it will sparkle for.  We will take into account where you want to use your wedding sparklers, the size of your wedding party, and how you envision using you're wedding sparklers.

Wedding Sparklers LA
LA Wedding Sparklers at Historic Venue

  Los Angeles is where people go to make their dreams come true. In the movies, 9 times out of 10 that first kiss is shadowed by fireworks. The impact of that imagery makes your feel that love through the screen. Wouldn’t you love to feel like a movie star for the day and emit the same image of love to your guests? ViP Sparklers is here to do that for you. Start your forever under the sparks of your loved ones. Nothing says “Forever & Always” like a wedding fit for the silver screen.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Invention of Wedding Sparklers

The Start Of Wedding Sparklers

    To get to the bottom of where wedding sparklers started you first need to go back to the start of sparklers.  ViP Sparklers started there research at the beginning and according to history it was the Chinese who first discovered sparklers which directly led them to manufacturing them.  It is widely believed the exact date was around the sixth century and shortly after sparklers immediately became popular and variations started popping up.  Sparklers were considered for every celebration big or small, it became the go to item for any party, can we blame them?
Wedding Sparklers In Action
  From that point on sparklers became a huge hit all throughout the world.  As we know in the United States sparklers became an instant hit for the 4th of July and New Years.  But it wasn't too long before they became known for something else entirely, enter wedding sparklers!  Party planners and event coordinators immediately wanted to push the limits on sparklers.  With any item, they wanted there sparklers to last longer and spark even brighter!  Two brand new sparklers hit the market in no time.  The first true wedding sparkler was referred to as the #20 sparkler, which were approximately 20 inches and had a burn time of over two minutes.  Without hesitation the limits were pushed even further with #36 sparklers, these sparklers were 36 inches in length and had a burn time of over three and half minutes.  With the advancement of the types of sparklers on the market it did not take long for these two specific sparklers to find a niche of their own.  

Start of Wedding Sparklers

  With sparklers already being directly connected with celebrations it did not take long for the wedding industry to put one and two together.  Both of these sparklers were immediately coined as wedding sparklers.  Over the past ten years wedding sparklers have surged ahead as the most popular way to exit weddings!  No longer is rice the norm when walking out of the chapel.  Ribbons and confetti poppers have tried to make a push, but nothing sets the scene like wedding sparklers.  Nothing can compare to having the newlyweds making one final grand exit.  While the remaining wedding guests lineup raising a shower of sparks as they exit off onto their honeymoon creates an breathtaking moment.  We can not keep track of how many brides have contacted us after the wedding telling us the best pictures of the wedding night took place with our wedding sparklers.  With popular celebrities talking about it such as Oprah Winfrey to being showcased in the most popular bridal magazines across the country.  ViP Sparklers has been at the forefront of the wedding industry for over ten years.  We offer all three popular wedding sparkler sizes such as the 36 inch wedding sparkler, 20 inch wedding sparklers, and even the 10 inch wedding sparklers. 

 ViP Wedding Sparklers

  There are very few sparkler companies on the market who sell a true wedding sparkler.  Majority of companies on the market portray to sell wedding sparklers, but you must be extremely careful.  You will want to make sure you only use wedding sparklers that are steel wire based and are smoke-less and ash less. Never buy any type of celebration sparkler or wedding sparkler that is bamboo based, as this type of sparkler will produce a tremendous amounts of smoke and give off a distinct odor.  At ViP Sparklers we promise to take every brides order with the up most importance and will stay in contact with the bride or groom every step until the final sparkler goes out!  Every bride deserves to have the exit at the end of their wedding night they intended and its our goal to make sure we help achieve this.  If you ever have any questions our staff will help you pick the ideal wedding sparkler you need depending on your wedding size, your local, and how you intend to use it.  ViP Sparklers treats every individual wedding order differently and want to make sure you have the exact sparkler that fits your wedding plan!  Don't second guess any part of your wedding and email us at sales@ViPSparklers.com

Wedding Sparklers in action