Monday, January 25, 2016

Ontario Wedding Sparklers

 Wedding Sparklers In Ontario

  Ontario, Canada is the most populous province with the nation's capital, Ottawa, as well as the most populous city, Toronto.  With its forest-filled lands, this Canadian Province offers a variety of sceneries.  Home of the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada,  Toronto seeks creative ways for its residents and visitors to experience what it has to offer.  Though not the tallest architectural structure in the world, the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada holds the title as the World's highest public observation deck! While at the CN Tower, make sure you experience the exhilirating Edge Walk adventure!  Ontario makes for an amazing wedding destination spot and ViP Sparklers is now happy to announce we can ship wedding sparklers directly to you in Canada!
  With its many attractions, Wedding in Ontario, Canada quickly becomes a sought after destination;  luckily, wedding in the large province of Ontario, Canada easily accomodates many options for virtually all Wedding themes!  A Modern City Wedding as well as a Rustic theme can easily be accommodated;  a Winter Wedding as well as a warm, summer day Wedding are also great options.  Any Wedding idea can be fully satisfied in Ontario, Canada with room for awe!
  One fantastic venue when choosing to Tie-the-knot in Ontario, Canada is Atlantis.  The view is breathtaking!  As you and your love one pose for a timeless photograph, the city of Toronto "photobombs" your moment!  If a more serene feel is more of the touch your Wedding dream desires, Atlantis can also offer a ceremony location that overlooks Lake Ontario!  Your guests will enjoy the amazing hues of blue clash at the horizon.  Such a magical venue deserves a magical touch: Wedding Sparklers!  ViP Sparklers is more than proud to see its Wedding Sparklers in destinations such as this one.  Given the intimate size of its outdoor location, ViP Sparklers recommends 20 inch Wedding Sparklers.  With this comfortable size, Bride and Grooms can still benefit from multiple pictures and approaches with its 2.5-3 minute burning time.  One perfect way to use our 20 inch Wedding Sparklers in Atlantis is when welcoming the Bride.  Light the aisle and send your warm wishes to the Bride as she joins her Groom.
  Our second chosen Wedding venue when Wedding in Ontario, Canada is Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility.  The space speaks for itself!  The lush gardens bloom with spring youth and spoil the eyes with beauty.  Wedding in Ontario just got better!  Bride and Grooms take full advantage of the space with phenomenal photographs;  photographers are given so many beautiful choices for flawless pictures.  ViP Sparklers joins the parade of celebration in Deer Creek Golf and Banquet Facility with our Wedding Sparklers;  though Wedding Sparklers can be used in doors, the outdoors presents no limits to their quantity and performance!  Bring a closure to your Wedding day with a hint of light from the tiring sun and a burst of sparkles from our MASSIVE 36inch Wedding Sparklers!  With an impressive 3.5-4 minute sparkling time,  our 36inch Wedding Sparklers are most popular for Grand Wedding Exits.  Anchor the stars to a runway of love, hope, and fulfillment as the Bride and Groom celebrate their new beginning!

ViP Sparklers in Ontario, Canada

  ViP Sparklers welcomes you to the fitting idea of wedding in Ontario, Canada!  As Wedding Sparklers are a continuing trend in all types of Wedding themes, ViP Sparklers offers the BEST QUALITY Wedding Sparklers with virtually little to no smoke or ash.  Such quality allows for an even and consistent clear sparkle.  Our top quality Wedding Sparklers are complemented by our top quality delivery;  We are one of the few companies to offer FedEx Express shipping for customers who need Wedding Sparklers immediately. If not, we also offer a special deal on orders shipping FedEx Ground of $50.00 or more: FREE SHIPPING!  ViP Sparklers wants you to enjoy your Wedding in Ontario, Canada without any added stress or concerns.  We will make sure your product arrives to you on time, and offer refunds for any unused Wedding Sparklers (if returned within 30 days of purchase).

  Celebrate your wedding day with the most popular wedding favor: Wedding Sparklers!  Take full advantage of what Ontario, Canada and ViP Sparklers has to offer your meaningful day!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BuzzFeed Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers Featured On BuzzFeed

  Over the past year BuzzFeed has taken the internet by storm with links from all of your friends and companies posting various topics on Facebook to Twitter.  Your either on one side of the fence with hating them or you fall under the guilty pleasure of sometimes clicking on a certain topic that catches your eye.  While lucky for us our team at ViP Sparklers was guilty of checking and happened to come across  BuzzFeed showing off how cool Wedding Sparklers are and how they happen to be a must at EVERY wedding!  We are lucky enough to always hear from our brides after the weddings to be continuously told that their picture with our wedding sparklers happen to be one of the best pictures at their entire wedding.  We always love when websites that have nothing to do with wedding sparklers choose to highlight the beauty and glow you can bring to the end of the wedding night!

  Well, we can't wait to share the Wedding Sparklers Buzzfeed to our audience so look no further than right here.  We really believe they did an amazing job at picking out some truly stunning photo's of wedding sparklers!  When it comes to producing pictures of this quality the most important aspect is obtaining true wedding sparklers.  These are not your typical 4th of July or New Years Sparklers you find.  All of these photo's with these sparklers are made with a stainless steel wire cord to ensure a truly smokeless and ash-less display.  When you purchase regular wedding sparklers for your exit you can expect undesired burn times, sulfur smells, and smokey residue.  Our goal at ViP Sparklers is to help ensure all brides are knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing and even using 36 inch wedding sparklers. 

Cheap Wedding Sparklers Blog

  At our blog we have spent the time to make sure all brides have the resources when they do decide to use wedding sparklers that they can check back here.  With having done blogs on the best way to use and dispose wedding sparklers, how to successfully perform a wedding exit, to even personalizing your wedding sparklers.  At first we found it extremely difficult to obtain any news and research pertaining  to wedding sparklers that we wanted to have one streamlined area where many writers and brides looking for sparklers information would be easily attainable.  If you ever have any ideas or questions about using wedding sparklers at your venue for an exit do not hesitate to email us or call our main offices.  Our goal is to make every brides wedding night sparkle as flawlessly as possible.  People fail to realize that by doing a wedding sparkler exit at the end of the night is one final way to get the entire wedding party together to celebrate the newlyweds! 

Wedding Sparkler Sizes

  When it comes to actually purchasing wedding sparklers the two most popular sparklers happen to 20 inch wedding sparklers and 36 inch wedding sparklers.  When it comes to larger wedding sizes of 100 or more guests ViP Sparklers typically recommends #36 inch wedding sparklers as they have the longest burn time on the wedding sparkler market.  These 36 inch sparklers have a burn time of over 3.5 minutes to 4 minutes making sure the newlyweds don't need to feel rushed whatsoever.  When it comes to using amazing sparkler shutter effects or sparkler writing look no further than our #20 inch wedding sparklers to accommodate that!  The 20 inch wedding sparklers create a perfect wand  movement to help create stunning and unique photo's with wedding sparklers.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fun United States Wedding Facts

Fun United States Wedding Facts

  With ViP Sparklers being in the wedding industry for over ten years helping brides find true wedding sparklers we not only study wedding trends, but find them fascinating and would love to share them!  We understand wedding trends and waves change all the time, but one thing we have noticed is wedding sparklers continue to be the best way to end your wedding night!  Recently our research team has come up with some exciting new wedding trends and facts we just had to share! Reports typically come out at the start of the new years representing the new wedding trends.  This is just the first one ViP Sparklers will share, but expect plenty more exciting wedding trends and news in the future! 

Most Popular United States Wedding Destination

  When it comes to weddings we know Vegas is king of quick weddings and the city of sin!  But did you know Las Vegas happens to have the second most weddings every year in the world, just behind Istanbul, Turkey.  The number of weddings in the United States has been steadily increasing every year with last years wed total at 2.3 million "I-Do's".  When you run that math that means over six thousand people get married every single day in the United States! But don't feel pressured to head on down to Las Vegas for your wedding.  Other newly popular trending wedding destinations are as follows; Key West, Miami, Savannah, Outer banks, NewYork City, Tucson, and San Francisco.  All of these cities have recorded a jump of nearly 10% over the past couple years with increased weddings taken place. It's always good to remember that ViP Sparklers can ship anywhere to the United States for your wedding destination.  With offices and warehouses throughout the United States we can offer the quickest turn around for delivery to your wedding!  Don't forget we can even ship your wedding sparklers directly to your venue for one less thing to fret about! Another fun United States Wedding Fact, is that nearly 80% of all wedding still take place in churches or synagogues. As destination weddings within the United States are growing rapidly, you still see fundamental wedding cores still happening. 

Average US Wedding Party Size Increases Again

  As the number of wedding increase in the United States so do the people attending the wedding! Small weddings used to be a thing of the past in U.S. wedding history.  This is by far the biggest change ViP Sparklers has seen in wedding trends over the past decade.  The newest quote for average size for United States Wedding is 178 people now.  That is almost a wedding increase of 15% over the years!  This certainly shows a direct correlation of why the price of weddings have risen nearly 5% over the years.  But with added wedding guests you can at least expect more presents!  But it's always good to know the present to now expect!  Recent studies show the average gift per person/couple is between 70-100 dollars.  

Who Pays For The Wedding Today?

  Weddings have always been known to be paid for by the father of the bride since ends time.  Well by the looks of the recent numbers, the end has come.  Nearly 30% of today youth tying the knot now pay for it all by themselves.  What is more shocking is that 75% of weddings is a combination of all parties getting married with help from both families for different costs.  With the new average of wedding costs now hovering just above 27,000 it makes sense that everyone is now helping covering costs.  When planning your wedding it is always important to take your time and exhaust all wedding options.  With proper planning and the help of advisors you can absolutely cut corners left and right when planning your wedding!  Their are even new websites that can help with wedding costs such as,  Fund My Wedding website.  Which allows everyone to help contribute funds to make their wedding a reality.  Wedding trends change all the time so make sure to keep a lookout for all future and changing trends! 

  ViP Sparklers wants to help make planning your wedding less stressful and more seamless.  If you ever plan on using true wedding sparklers at your wedding please feel free to email us and we will help plan the perfect wedding exit for you!  We hope you enjoyed some of the newest Wedding Sparklers Facts in the United States! 


Monday, January 11, 2016

Spring Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers In Spring

  Oh Spring! The birth of a new year with the blossom of a new season.  As the snow melts as if it were enamored with sweet words, beauty awakes from its slumber.  This is the season where science becomes poetic as colors shine innately;  with a palette of colors decorating all parts of what appears to be a young child bursting with energy, Spring is the time of year most often associated with Weddings and using wedding sparklers.  As the sun warms us up after a cold winter, you will start to see wedding nights light up with true wedding sparklers signaling spring weddings!

True Wedding Sparklers For Spring

  Given its marvelous beauty, there is some pressure as to how Spring Weddings should be.  For instance, your weddings must use "pastel colors" is a myth simply because these colors are only associated with the season, not with weddings.  If you incorporate different colors, your wedding could begin a trend and/or take everyone by surprise!  There are no musts when it comes to celebrating your own wedding!  Use tulips, lilies, and daisies to do the "hard work" of living up to the Spring expectation.  Then take the rest of the creative freedom to create the wedding of your dreams with your own style!  The same thought process goes with different ways to use wedding sparklers.  You do not need to just do a traditional wedding sparkler exit.  You can also choose to do a sparkling first dance, bridal photo's with wedding sparklers or even creative sparkler writing. 
  One simple way to express your creative freedom is with the use of Wedding Sparklers! ViP Sparklers offers these very special products that have become extremely popular in weddings.  With the use of our Wedding Sparklers, another myth is busted regarding Spring Weddings: Spring Weddings must take place during the day.  When it comes to using a true wedding sparklers look no further than ViP Sparklers for your big day!
  Just imagine using our MOST POPULAR 36 inch Wedding Sparklers on a cool Spring sunset.  With an amazing burning time of 3.5-4 minutes,  extend the intensity of Spring with your own devotion.  Photographers will take amazing pictures as your decorations glow with the affection of our Wedding Sparklers.
  Spring must be celebrated!  Rejoice in the zeal of cascades of wild flowers as you walk a newly grown path towards the altar.  Give your guests the pleasure of guiding you with our 20 inch Wedding Sparklers.  As you take each step,  our nearly smokeless and ashless sparkles will emphasize the significance of this occasion.  With an even and consistent sparkle,  our Wedding Sparklers sprout for the Spring!

Ordering Spring ViP Sparklers

 The Queen of Seasons is a great time to celebrate your love.  ViP Sparklers wishes to add to the complete package that is Spring.  With our Wedding Sparklers and its sincerity to warm love, we guarantee a product that will become a staple in your wedding.  ViP Sparklers can offer free FedEx Ground shipping for orders of $50.00 or more with an estimated delivery time of 1-4 days.  If your Spring Wedding was just introduced to Wedding Sparklers, ViP Sparklers can offer FedEx Express shipping for overnight orders!  Also, please check out our blogs of Creative Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers just in case you are seeking last minute performances for our eagered "stars."

If you have any questions, please contact us via phone or email us at

Thursday, January 7, 2016

San Jose Wedding Sparklers

San Jose Wedding Sparklers

  San Jose is living proof of the technological progress in a city surrounded by walls of mountains.  Known as the capital of Silicon Valley,  it houses the direction of the 21st century while balancing the growth of art and Outerspace observation.  With much to offer from atop mountains and Lick Observatory, San Jose blooms with the thought of wedding celebrations.  The amount of amazing wedding venue back drops are abundant allowing for some really gorgeous displays of wedding sparklers! 
  As many visit San Jose in search of pieces of outerspace thanks to Lick Observatory, others enjoy the luxuries of a large city bottled in a cozy town.  Rich history becomes opportunistic and transforms into admirable views for its residents to enjoy.  A perfect example is the Circle of Palms;  though its significance follows the origin of the capital of California, it is a staple of elegance in the midst of fabricated buildings.  San Jose proves its resilience with maintaining the history as current as the progress it is witnessing.  With such an appreciation for remaining humble, San Jose sets the stage for love birds to conquer the skies.  Let ViP Sparklers light the way as future Mr. and Mrs. come together in front of their closest friends and family.  Using the beautiful weather that San Jose has to offer, a great venue named Bella Montagna challenges a view only matched by Mount Hamilton.  Envision overlooking a shy sunset once it realizes the beautiful sparklers cradled by your special guests!  Use our 20 inch wedding sparklers to create a city of your own and entice the residents of San Jose to witness your celebration from the comfort of their homes.  We are one of the only companies that can offer San Jose true wedding sparklers in a quick and cheap manner. 

Wedding Sparklers In San Jose

  Revert back to the garden with the Enchanting Gardens of Almaden.  With its floating lights and green sheath comforting the excited touch of your guests shoes, ViP Sparklers promises to enhance the already heavenly traits of the Enchanting Gardens of Almaden.  Our 36 inch sparklers won't dare to break the wonderful spell this garden has to offer, but instead will add the extra magic for all guests to enjoy!  Though ViP Sparklers isn't a venue, our clients are include both individuals and companies.  As a result, we have come to understand the great importance of synergy.  With our wedding sparklers and its steel wire core, our sparklers chime the tune of humble sparks when slowly shrinking in size yet growing memories in your guests who will be moved any time they relive your celebration.
  From an echanted garden, San Jose offers Dolce Hayes Mansion as a gift for everyone.  With a view of the Santa Cruz Mountains, this award winning venue takes full advantage of the rich art and natural beauty San Jose extends to its guests.  ViP Sparklers also wishes to bestow its services to all of its guests.  With a gorgeous mansion as a backdrop, our heart-shaped Wedding Sparklers will sparkle the silhouette of love.  Surround yourself with the result of your hard work and commitment;  surround yourself with San Jose's sweet-tempered surroundings as ViP Sparklers dapples rays of passion on such an amorous event.

ViP Sparklers in San Jose

  Let emotions run wild and free like San Jose's unwillingness to remain frozen in time.  As Silicon Valley continues to make ripples in innovation, the Plaza de Cesar Chavez manifests the wonders of skyward waterfalls.  ViP Sparklers wants to become a part of San Jose to make it a special, wholesome package for weddings and celebrations.  As part of our package, we offer free FedEx Grond shipping with an estimated arrival time of 1-4 days for orders $50.00 or more.  Just in case your "I do's" are a few days away and you wish to incorporate wedding sparklers, ViP Sparklers provides FedEx Express Shipping to anywhere in the United States;  ViP Sparklers can deliver to homes, venues, and businesses.  Part of our philosophy is providing great products, and we feel our customer service is a product of our company.  We will try our best to accommodate the vision you have in mind and use our 10+ years of experience to offer the best advice!

  San Jose is rich in culture and landmarks;  with its strong appreciation for significant moments, it is the perfect place to marry destiny into your lives.  ViP Sparklers congratulates your passion and hopes to celebrate it with you!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at