Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When To Order Wedding Sparklers

When is the right time to order Wedding Sparklers?

  We know planning your wedding your to-do list only grows by the day as you always think of something to enhance your big day.  Being in the wedding industry for over ten years we always advise when planning your big day to go with a wedding planner to aide you along the way.  Wedding planners will take a tremendous amount of stress of your planning and make all those tough decisions more enjoyable and most importantly easy.  Brides have enough on their plate and want to make wedding sparklers the least of their worries. ViP Sparklers always receives calls throughout the wedding season about when is the proper time to buy wedding sparklers?  Is it too early to buy wedding sparklers?  How long can you store wedding sparklers?  When is the proper time to purchase wedding sparklers?  Since ViP Weddings sparklers are made with a steel wire core which makes our 36 inch wedding sparklers and 20 inch wedding sparklers virtually smokeless, our sparklers will stay good for many years.  Our wedding sparklers will have a shelf life for approximately 3-5 years.  By off
ering such a high quality wedding sparkler we are able to help you cross this off the top of your wedding list.  As long as you keep the wedding sparklers in a cool place you will have no issues using them for you wedding in the future weeks or months!  We also advise brides to order official wedding sparklers and not bamboo or traditional sparklers for grand exit.  Bamboo sparklers create a tremendous amount of smoke with undesired burn times.

Reasons to Buy Wedding Sparklers Early?

  When planning your grand sparkling exit it's not always as easy as getting the wedding sparklers.  You will want to make sure you plan everything out properly so when you do your fairy tale ending everything goes off perfectly.  You will always want to make sure you have enough wedding sparklers for your party, it's never fun to leave out some of your guests.  It's always important to remember that you will need to properly dispose of the wedding sparklers after they go out.  most brides over look this aspect and it's something all of our sales teams remind our brides. We advise you to use a couple sand buckets to easily have your wedding guest place the sparklers when they go out.   The number one advice we have for our wedding couple is to have a sign and let your wedding guests know you are having a sparkling exit.  This way your guests won't leave early and everyone will know to be apart of your grand exit!  

Need Wedding Sparklers in a Rush?

  Don't worry at ViP Sparklers we can absolutely make sure your wedding is filled with sparks. We are the only wedding sparkler company that has offices and warehouses throughout the United States to make sure you receive the wedding sparklers in the shortest amount of time! We never want you to miss out on the opportunity of having the perfect exit! If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to call our main offices or email us at sales@vipsparklers.com