Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wedding Music: DJ vs Live Band

Music on Your Wedding: DJ vs. A Live Band

Music plays a great role in setting a mood for wedding occasions. It should create an atmosphere that will let everyone feel that “this is the time of our lives”. Your personality as a couple and what you envision for your wedding party are two things you should have in mind when deciding if you will go for a DJ or a live band.

Are you more of a formal or informal couple? Are your guests lively or just prefer the comfort of their seats? And also, what type of music genre would you go for? To help you decide, here’s what you can expect with each option.

A Live Band

    The good thing about live bands is that you can request a song on the spot and they will sing it for you with their signature style. Live bands are also great entertainers. They know how to encourage the audience to hit the dance floor. Their experience makes them an expert in creating a lively party atmosphere.

    When choosing a live band, determine the type of song selections they can perform. Since it’s a wedding, make sure that they are able to play music suitable for sweet dances. How much would they charge for a three-hour performance? Since live bands are composed of several members with different instruments, it is expected that they can be pricey. So live bands would not be the better option if you’re on a tight budget.

    If you’re getting married in an intimate venue with few people, then a live band might not be applicable. A band set up will be more suitable for big weddings preferably in outdoor spaces.

A Disk Jockey

    DJ’s are suitable for small get togethers. A DJ or a disk jockey is more affordable than hiring a live band. In addition, it won’t require him/her a lot of space for his/her equipment. DJs have readily available songs for any occasions. However, you could personalize it by giving him/her a list of songs that is meaningful to your relationship.

    The biggest risk with DJs is that they can be generic especially if they don’t know how to entertain the audience. Some will just let the music play all night and not care about setting a mood. When deciding for a DJ, make sure that he/she has a personality that matches your style and venue.

    Music is a powerful tool that brings back memories. It also affects our mood and behavior. The quality of music you have in any party will influence its guests. All the things that you’re planning to incorporate on your wedding must match the type of personality you have. If you’re an outgoing, life of the party kind of couple, then you should definitely go for live bands. If you are more reserved with a tight budget, then a DJ will perfectly suit your needs.

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