Monday, November 30, 2015

Seattle Wedding Sparklers

Seattle Wedding Sparklers

Seattle ViP Sparklers
  Seattle, Washington covers its space with beautiful curves and treelines as outlines.  As an oceanic paradise,  Seattle has a rich history of talent and moments of "boom."  As the Seattle Great Wheel rises its guests above the horizon with its reputation as the largest observation wheel on the West Coast,  the Space Needle pierces the sky above.  As residents tower over the city,  they can truly soak in the hues of blue and green across Downtown Seattle.  Using ViP Wedding Sparklers in Seattle helps light up and show how amazing Seattle is.
  With Jazz nightclubs and Grunge Music dressing the Emerald City,  Seattle is a wonderful place to say I do.  An incredible twist to classical weddings is the Woodland Park Zoo as a venue.  As you celebrate your love as you love the environment,  this venue holds both receptions and ceremonies with exotic animals in the guest list.  With outdoor space for the ceremony,  ViP Sparklers is proud to create the special spark on your special day!  Using our gentle 20 inch Wedding Sparklers, have your guests guide your path after you and your partner reveal the love in your vows.  Given the steel wire core of our superior Wedding Sparklers, the composition burns with an almost ashless and smokeless sparkle.  With peculiar sapling trees learning how to stretch,  give our Wedding Sparklers the chance to paint their glow in phenomenal Wedding pictures.  We offer one of the only true wedding sparklers in Seattle to give all of our brides the sparkle they deserve! 

Cheap Wedding Sparklers in Seattle

Sparklers For Seattle   Trinity Tree Farm is a second fantastic location just 30 minutes from Seattle, Washington.  A rustic open barn welcomes cool weather with two cozy fire pit areas for cocktails and s'mores!  Once the ceremony concludes,  ViP Sparklers will begin their show.  Our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers are known for working extremely well in cool, outdoor events.  As our MOST POPULAR sparkler begins to burn, watch your wedding transform from perfect to heavenly!  With a burning time of 3.5-4 minutes, photographers are given ample time to capture every part of this celebration.  Trinity Tree Farm already offers walkways highlighted by its own lights, so we confidently feel our Wedding Sparklers will complement the ambiance of this venue.
  While encouraging the planting of flowers to beautify the city, Seattle has come to be known as the City of Flowers.  Jardin del Sol is a venue that celebrates Seattle's gardening commitment.  With an outdoor dance floor, your wedding will fall under the stars with the freshest of forest breeze.  ViP Sparklers wants stars at your fingertips!  Imagine dancing in a circle of waving wedding sparkles held by your closest friends and family!  We guarantee unparalleled wedding pictures as Wedding Sparklers become the center piece on your meaningful day.  For all of Seattle's sparkler needs ViP Sparklers offers an indoor and outdoor wedding sparkler option.  As we know Seattle has an amazing number of wedding destinations inside and out so we wanted to make sure we got you covered.  Our premium wedding sparklers are ideal for all indoor weddings in Seattle! 

ViP Sparklers in Seattle

Seattle ViP Sparklers  ViP Sparklers and its Wedding Sparklers wish to be a guest on your unforgettable day.  We offer superior products for you and your guests to enjoy.  With both Brides and Grooms and venues as valued clients, our products have come to satisfy all expectations!  From products to customer service, our delivery arrangement is another great feature ViP Sparklers has to offer.  If your order is equal to or greater than $50.00, you will receive FREE FedEx Ground shipping.  ViP Sparklers also grants FedEx Express Shipping for customers who didn't plan on having Wedding Planners but fell in love with the idea!  We are happy to relieve any stress and take lead as your Wedding Sparklers wedding planner. For instance, if you have any unused Wedding Sparklers, ViP Sparklers will offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

  Just as Seattle, Washington is home to ferry rides and serves as a bridge to Alaska,  ViP Sparklers is home to dreamfilled weddings and serves as a bridge to a joyful time.  Celebrate your wedding day with the most inexpensive wedding favor: Wedding Sparklers!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at

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Black Friday Champagne Bottle Sparklers Sale


  It's BLACK FRIDAY! Huge savings are taking place this year for your favorite items. We view Black Friday as an opportunity for the VIP Sparklers family to offer exclusive sales to our customers. We are also pleased to take part in our first official Black Friday sale, so it is definitely a time to cross off purchasing your Nightclub items. We offer excellent items that will surely complement any special day you hope to celebrate. We can't think of a better way to launch our official 2015 Black Friday sale than to offer store-wide savings! This means that you can enjoy discounts on items such as Sky Lanterns, LED Bottle Sparklers, LED Foam Sticks, Champagne Bottle Sparklers' Safety Clips, and among our most popular items, Champagne Bottle Sparklers, which are used in all kinds of events; in most cases, your favorite venues use Champagne Bottle Sparklers for VIP guests. We cannot emphasize enough the experience Champagne Bottle Sparklers create for your guests! It is truly a MUST HAVE item to celebrate any ocassion! We are flooded with pictures from nightclubs all over the country showcasing the lightshow performance of our Champagne Bottle Sparklers. Attach as many as three Champagne Bottle Sparklers to any bottle for an extravagant announcement of VIP guests. Servers will take joy in creating a fun, sparkling atmosphere for eager customers.

  With an eruption of sparkles, Champagne Bottle Sparklers are fantastic for pictures. Make sure to share your next sparkling VIP experience on Instagram or Twitter with all your friends and family; even better, send us your stunning picFriday! We are offering a store-wide 10% off sale this Black Friday in addition to our Free Shipping for orders over $35.00. Top our 2015 Black Friday sale with our expedited shipping options for immediate delivery. Customers can easily place an order, benefit from huge savings, and receive their Champagne "Bottle" Sparklers in as quickly as one business day. We will also be offering assistance via our Facebook page for any questions during checkout; we will be answering your questions on topics such as pricing and shipping options during our Black Friday sale.

tures for us to share with our social media family. VIP Sparklers has joined the budget-friendly trend this Black


  Given the Black Friday sale spirit, we are thrilled to announce our Champagne Bottle Sparklers Wholesale package. We are taking SAVINGS to a whole new level with our package deals. Coupled with our Safety Bottle Clips, clients are now able to choose from 500 or 1000 Champagne Bottle Sparklers at a significant discount. VIP Sparklers is offering wholesale prices to all of our customers beginning on Black Friday 2015. For further details on this exclusive Black Friday bargain, make sure to check out VIP Sparklers' "Wholesale Champagne Sparklers" Blog.


  Enjoy our Dessert Sparklers with a 10% off discount in our first official 2015 Black Friday sale! Perfect for any dessert, our Dessert Sparklers are a fantastic alternative to birthday candles. We've seen delightful pictures of decorated cup cakes bursting with sparkles and enormous wedding cakes making a glowing entrance. We want your dessert to look as great as it tastes! Make your next birthday party extra special and purchase your Dessert Sparklers during our limited-time Black Friday sale! Celebrate an anniversary with memorable pictures and an unforgettable party. During checkout, use our VIPSAVE10 coupon code to receive 10% off your entire order. With competitive prices to begin with, our Black Friday sale is one you won't want to miss out on!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Are The Best

 Why 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Are The Best

  Congratulations on choosing Wedding Sparklers for your special day!  It is an item that is sure to enhance your romantic vision.  Here at ViP Sparklers, we classify the effect Wedding Sparklers have as LOVING ENERGY!  We strongly believe that Wedding Sparklers create an energy that spreads throughout the celebration instantly!  It reminds everyone about the true essence of joy and the surreal moment they are being a part of.  We are proud to take part in such a significant day of your life and confidently believe in the effect Wedding Sparklers have on your guests and the newly Mr. and Mrs.
  Though Wedding Sparklers all have the same commitment to sparkle perfectly, there are variations in size and thus the length of time it will remain lit.  ViP Sparklers offers several sizes though one has earned the priviledge of being the MOST POPULAR: 36 inch Wedding Sparklers.  Our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers can first be described as a 3.5-4 minute burning time sensation!  As such, we highly recommend planning a mini photoshoot when using these Wedding Sparklers;  one way to fully take advantage of the extended burning time is with the shutter effect.  The Bride and Groom can write several messages with the 36 inch Wedding Sparkler and later decide which one to use;  it is a benefit that only this particular size can offer.  If compared to the 10 inch Wedding Sparkler for instance, the Bride and Groom may only have one chance to spell out their LOVE (literally).
  Following the vision of sparkling words, have your guests spell out their appreciation for you!  A popular tradition involves bridesmaids and groomsmen decorating your presence with sparkle-filled hearts, wedding dates, and swirls only second to Cinderella's enchanting transformation!  With its steel wire core, transform a traditional picture with our virtually smokeless and ashless sparkles!
  ViP Sparklers also suggests using our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers before the celebratory day.  Just picture lying down with your partner on soft grass, a gentle sunset beginning to yawn with tiredsome eyes, surrounded by Wedding Sparkler flowers!  Plant our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers around you and your loved one in the shape of a heart or any pattern you desire.  Ask your photographer to position him/herself above you both immediately after your 36 inch Wedding Sparklers begin to replace the sun itself.  The photographs are simply breathtaking!  It creates such a warm appeal expressing the strength yet gentle touch of love.
  Another option as to how to use unlit 36 inch Wedding Sparklers is as center pieces.  Take creative liberty in how you decorate the Wedding Sparkler vases.  Also use Wedding Sparkler tags to add that extra detail to your unique center pieces.  Connect with your guests from the moment they take a seat!
  Top our MOST POPULAR Wedding Sparkler with the MOST POPULAR wedding approach: the grand wedding exit!  You can consider this the shining moment for 36 inch Wedding Sparklers;  it is a feat truly designed for this size.  As your guests create a run way, the Bride and Groom take off for their honeymoon under handheld stars.  We have seen endless pictures that truly capture the grand wedding exit splendor all thanks to our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers!  It can best be described as fading gold carrying the wishes and love of your guests as it sprinkles over destined love.

Ordering 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

  ViP Sparklers wishes you the best on your meaningful day!  Each Wedding Sparkler size has its area of expertise, and we are here to guide you in the Wedding Sparkler process.  We offer FREE FedEx Ground shipping on ALL ORDERS!  Receive your 36 inch Wedding Sparklers within 1-4 days depending on your location in the USA.  If rush delivery is needed, Grand Wedding Exit also offers FedEx Express shipping.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Denver Wedding Sparklers

Denver Wedding Sparklers

  Welcome Wedding Sparklers to Denver, Colorado!  As one of the US cities with teams from four major sports, Denver pleases anyone and everyone.  Also known as the Mile High City, its official elevation is one mile above sea level, Denver corners the Rocky Mountains with its sunny weather and high altitude.  With 200 visible named peaks, imagine the gorgeous view that Denver offers as you walk through one of its 200+ parks.  Denver is all about being outside and enjoying the festivals, exhibits, and outdoor activities.  With such beauty surrounding you, Denver is ideal for dreamy weddings.  ViP Sparklers offers spectacular products to complement a wedding in Denver, Colorado.  We have had countless brides sent us in some amazing wedding sparklers pictures with the gorgeous backdrops in the horizon!

  Wedding Sparklers burst with potential in outside venues given the endless options for its uses.  Denver Botanic Gardens has a wide variety of gardens available for weddings.  With room for as many as 500 guests in some of its packages, this venue offers no limitations to your wedding visions! The architecture is truly amazing, and ViP Sparklers has its own detail to add: Wedding Sparklers.  With our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers, our sparklers will offer a soft glow to complement your natural surroundings.  Use our 3.5-4 minute burning time to take multiple pictures with all of your guest

s!  As our Wedding Sparklers become the prime source of light during your ceremony, photographers will have absolutely no trouble capturing the sparkle in your eye!  Another exciting option for Denver with our wedding sparklers is our premium wedding sparklers!  These sparklers are safe to use indoors for all of those sparklers still wanted at venue or event!  Our goal at ViP Sparklers in Denver is to add an elegant and exciting touch to your event while being inexpensive.  Our goal with our wedding sparklers is to help our brides experience one more magical moment in their unforgettable wedding day!

  A second venue option when wedding in Denver, Colorado is a charming local place named Miramonte Lodge.  With its rustic decor, this venue is arguably one of the most familial-type of venues in Denver.  An outdoor center piece for the ceremony definitely makes your "I do's" that much sweeter.  As the Bride walks down the aisle, ViP Sparklers promises to debut the loving energy it has come to adopt all thanks to its Wedding Sparklers.  Welcome the bride with lights and celebrate the beginning of your wedding!  For ceremonies of less than 150 guests, use our 20 inch Wedding Sparklers with its fantastic burning time of 2.5 minutes.  Given the steel wire core of our Wedding Sparklers, our sparkles are consistent and nearly ashless and smokeless!  ViP Sparklers understands that it is all about the memories!  Capture your guests forming the runway for your love!  All of Our wedding sparklers are made with steel wire core which ensures a virtual smokeless and ash-less display for all Denver weddings.  ViP Sparklers has the ability to offer Denver the quickest and cheapest wedding sparklers on the market. 

ViP Sparklers in Denver

  Denver, Colorado embraces the natural beauty of the outdoors.  While being one the cities to host several events, it draws beauty every chance it gets.  ViP Sparklers believes in enhancing special days and venues with superior products.  With over ten years in the wedding business, our customers choose Wedding Sparklers with confidence!  They know it is perhaps the most affordable item on their list yet one of the most memorable.  ViP Sparklers humbly accepts an invitation to your one in a lifetime celebration!
  ViP Sparklers can offer FREE FedEx Ground Shipping on orders of $50.00 or more with an estimated delivery of 1-4 days.  Just in case Wedding Sparklers became a last minute idea, we also offer FedEx Express shipping with guaranteed overnight delivery as an option.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email us at Thank you!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wedding Sparkler Buckets From ViP Sparklers

Vintage Wedding Sparklers Buckets

  Our newest product Wedding Sparkler Buckets have rapidly become one of the most in-demand items in our inventory!  We are thrilled to see how Bride and Grooms are taking advantage of this spectacular item to match their Wedding Sparklers order.
  Our top of the line Vintage Wedding Sparkler Buckets provide a secure and safe place holder for Wedding Sparklers of any size!  Even our 36inch Wedding Sparklers fit securely in our Vintage Steel Buckets.  Venues and the Bride and Groom are always concerned with the safe use of Wedding Sparklers;  in the past, we created numerous blogs regarding the safest arrangement and disposal of Wedding Sparklers.  Our goal was to demonstrate how safely Wedding Sparklers can be displayed and disposed of especially for venues that may not be fully convinced on allowing Wedding Sparklers on their premises.  We have personally dealt with venues, discussed our products, and sent samples to validate why it is a MUST HAVE Wedding item.  Our Vintage Tin Buckets have added to the appeal and completed the "full package" deal when purchasing Wedding Sparklers.  These wedding sparkler buckets offer the easiest way to display, use, and even help with the cleanup process! 
  With the use of our 15inch Steel Buckets, Wedding Sparklers can easily become a decorated center piece before becoming the star of the show!  Bride and Grooms have grown increasingly creative when incorporating our Vintage Tin Buckets in their Wedding Decor list.  Some couples have completely painted the Steel Buckets to add a new element to their Wedding theme while others tie a bow around the neck to keep the original vintage look.  To really decorate your Wedding venue with love, simply decorate your Steel Bucket with a heart silhouette and include the Bride and Groom's name inside the throbbing heart.  By doing these simple tricks can really make your wedding sparklers a sparkling display at your wedding.
  Finding a place for our Vintage Wedding Sparkler Buckets is an easy task.  With its tall size, it can be treated as a stand alone item.  Aisles can be framed with our Vintage Tin Buckets or used as the shadow of the Wedding Sparkler send off sign.  Our Wedding Sparkler Buckets are a great centerpiece with the cooperation of Wedding Sparkler tags or ribbons.  ViP Sparklers is ecstatic to now be able to offer our brides a stop spot for all of your wedding sparklers needs!

Using Wedding Sparkler Buckets

  The most common filling used for Wedding Sparkler Vintage Tin Buckets is sand.  With its soft surface, Wedding Sparklers can easily be buried with no damage to the Sparkler itself.  If you live near a beach, spark some fun in your sand with sea shells and sand pebbles.  Please keep in mind that these buckets serve as both an initial and final Wedding Sparkler container.  In other words, used (very hot) Wedding Sparklers will eventually be placed in these buckets.  If you pick a material besides sand or some sort of gravel, make sure not to use flammable alternatives.  One fantastic alternative is fish gravel (given the bright coOur Vintage Tin Buckets are the gift that keeps on giving! Be as creative as can be with this decorative Wedding Favor.  Give your Wedding Sparklers a beautified place to relax before their Send-Off time arrives!  Use these Steel Buckets for any Wedding Sparkler size including the MOST POPULAR 36inch Wedding Sparklers!
   When ordering from ViP Sparklers, we offer two forms of shipping;  we encourage our customers to include their event date so that our Customer Care Specialists can determine whether the order will need to be expedited to guarantee early arrival.  Our Customer Care Specialists are also aware that some guests wish to receive their Sparklers a week or so in advance in order to  decorate them.  We fully process your order same day and aim to ship same day or next business day (depending on the time the order was made).  We hope to be a part of your memorable day and are available to offer our expert advice!  If you ever have any questions with our wedding sparkler or vintage sparkler buckets do not hesitate to call our email us at

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Sparklers

Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Sparklers 

Sparklers For Your Wedding Indoors  Congratulations on deciding to use Wedding Sparklers on your inspiring day!  We also want to express how awesome your venue is for allowing the use of Wedding Sparklers!  Though Wedding Sparklers are gaining much momentum and are strongly becoming a top MUST HAVE Wedding item, some venues do not allow it.  Others are reluctant, and therefore favor a conservative approach to Wedding Sparklers especially if indoors.  In such cases,  it is about size and quantity.

Indoor Use For Wedding Sparklers:  

  ViP Sparklers recommends our premium sparklers for indoor use for your wedding.  Given its conservative size,  These premium wedding sparklers can offer complete comfort to hesitant venues.  With this particular size,  there is a 35-45 second sparkle ideal for a toast or first kiss.  Though our Wedding Sparklers are virtually smokeless and ash-less,  the small amount of smoke given off as the Sparkle burns can become noticeable if too many Wedding Sparklers are being used in a compact area.  A safe quantity for our premium wedding sparklers is approximately one hundred sparklers.

Dessert-Sparklers   Just in case the idea of Wedding Sparklers still concerns your Wedding Venue, we have a few alternatives that could still add a special glow to your celebration: Our heart shaped wedding sparklers and Dessert Sparklers.  Heart-shaped Sparklers offer a special detail that softly complements your special day!  As the Sparkle begins in two,  it unites as it nears its destination, signifying how the lovely couple has chosen to unite their love for each other.  ViP Sparklers recommends roughly six Heart-shaped Sparklers for indoor use.  Dessert Sparklers are diverse products that can be used for bottles, cakes/ desserts, and hand-held celebrations.  With a 4-6 inch flame,  it is surprisingly suitable for indoor use.  Weddings, birthday parties, and nightclubs take full advantage of Dessert Sparklers given its eruption of entertainment!

Outdoor Use For Wedding Sparklers:  

36-Inch-Wedding-Sparklers  There are virtually no limitations for Wedding Sparklers when used outdoors!  Bride and Grooms take full advantage of the flexibility with grand wedding exits and Farewell Circles;  our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers perform beautifully and execute every Sparkle perfectly!  20 inch Wedding Sparklers are also another great option, simply keep in mind the burning time of 2.5-3 minutes when compared to the 36 inch Wedding Sparklers (3.5-4 minutes).  Bride and Grooms can also take part in photo shoots with the popular Wedding Sparkler Writing effect (Shutter effect) and Wedding Sparklers Flowers.  Additionally, our Premium 10 inch Wedding Sparklers are great for outdoor use, simply keep in mind the burning time and how it relates to your plans.
ViP Sparklers' Promise to YOU!

  Choosing to have Wedding Sparklers (including Dessert Sparklers) in your event creates a celebration within a celebration!  We are thrilled to be responsible for uniting guests, hosts, and venues with the joy of the present moment!  With over 10 years of experience in the Wedding Industry, many concerns and questions have arise from our customers and venues.  Our products innately resolve many of the issues given our top quality merchandise while ViP Sparklers works to bridge any gaps to make sure everything goes according to your plans.  We are here to ease your Wedding Sparklers shopping experience and like to think of ourselves as your Wedding Sparklers Wedding Planners!  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us or email us at