Monday, February 11, 2013

Rose Petal Wedding Cannons

Rose Petals Confetti Cannons! 

  At ViP Sparklers we are happy to announce another exclusive wedding product, our Rose Petal Wedding Confetti Cannons.  We wanted to find another exciting avenue for more intimate settings during weddings.  At ViP Sparklers we take every brides order and customize it to exactly what they need and how they want it.  Our rose petal confetti cannons are perfect for when the bride and groom take the dance floor for their very first dance together!  The best part about our wedding confetti cannons is you don't need to shoot off a lot to shower the newlyweds with rose pedals!  Our wedding cannons pack a punch!  You will only need to shoot off a few of them to completely surround the area and have the rose petals showering down to the ground by they're dancing feet! Each of our rose petal wedding cannons are loaded with beautiful red and white petals that spring out!

  An even more popular use of our new rose petal confetti cannons are right when the bride and groom leave the chapel!  Instead of using rice or throwing flowers, you can easily shoot off our rose petal cannons to create a flawless scene for them to exit through.  Our rose petal cannons are easily disposable after one time use.  All you need to do is point, twist, and hold on to see an absolutely romantic scenery take place right in front of you!  We've been lucky enough to have a couple brides who have used our rose petal confetti cannons and submitted some fantastic images! Thank you so much to new brides of Jane and Kristin!  If you have any questions regarding our new rose petal cannons or any of our wedding sparklers please do not hesitate to email us at  We look forward to helping making you're wedding extra special and adding an extra spark!