Monday, September 23, 2013

Last Minute Wedding Favors

Inexpensive Wedding Favors

  Future brides and grooms that are planning for their wedding should always consider purchasing wedding favors early on to avoid last minute scrambles.  Sometimes we know this isn't always the case as theirs over a hundred things to plan accordingly for the big day.  That's why at ViP Sparklers we always advise a wedding planner to help keep things organized and to take as much stress off you as possible. At ViP Sparklers we have a wide variety of wedding favors to help you out even at the last moment!  We can even offer ground shipping for guaranteed arrival in 3-5 business days, with the option of express shipping as well.  We wanted to take a moment to go over some great wedding favors to help you out in the pinch.  Wedding favors should be those much needed less stressful fun planning for your wedding to help add some great moments.  We put together a list of a couple wedding favors to keep in mind, that are budget savoy as well!

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding sparklers are an exciting and fun way to add a great finishing touch for you wedding night!  These are a great move for a last minute wedding favor.  By having a wedding sparkler display or presenting these on your reception tables can help let the fun ensue.  These wedding sparklers will also help take some really impressive photo's at the end of the night! ViP Sparklers carries 10 inch wedding sparklers, 20 inch wedding sparklers, and 36 inch wedding sparklers for various ways of wedding fun!

Sky Lanterns

Using sky lanterns at weddings can help really create some of the most memorable nights for the rest of your life.  These are a very quick and inexpensive way to add a lot of fun and hands on action to your wedding night.  Seeing a large number of sky lanterns head off into the horizon is something not to be missed.  Sky lanterns come with everything you need and all your wedding guests would have to do is unfold and light the candle.


Wedding Party Poppers

If anyone has ever shot off a New Years wedding poppers they know how much fun and excitement they can add without spending a fortune.  All you need to do is simply pull the string  and aim the popper into the sky to let the fun unfold.  Little streamers and confetti will pop out like a cannon and help shower the newlyweds! Now we've specifically designed these poppers for the wedding scene, with a sharp white and silver design these wedding party poppers really stand out.  This can easily become a very inexpensive wedding favor to add to the fun! 

Rose Petal Wedding Poppers

We know you can't always use wedding sparklers and wanted to find an additional way for the newlyweds to have some fun!  That's why we created our rose petal wedding poppers.  By just using 4-6 of these will help shower the newlyweds exit with rose petals everywhere in the air.  These red and white rose petals will surely create a fairy-tale atmosphere.

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Wedding Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers

Difference between Wedding Sparklers and Regular Sparklers

  When purchasing sparklers for your big wedding day you should absolutely be aware that their is a huge difference between wedding sparklers and traditional sparklers.  The last thing we want to witness is a bride ordering the wrong type of wedding sparkler and having their grand wedding exit not as planned.  When looking for wedding sparklers the very first thing you will want to make absolutely sure is your sparklers are made with a steel wire core.  It is imperative to use only wedding sparklers made with steel wire cores as this will help create a nearly smokeless and ash-less display.  Majority of regular or traditional sparklers are made with wood or bamboo which will create a tremendous amount of smoke and sparkler debris flying off. The last thing you want at your sparkling wedding exit is a smoky setting let alone staining your wedding dress.

  Regular sparklers made with bamboo or wood will not have set or desired burn times, some sparklers may burn out extremely fast while other stay lit.  With steel wire core sparklers you will have a steady set time every time you light a group of sparklers.  ViP Wedding Sparklers offers three different sizes for their wedding sparklers of 10 inch, 20 inch, and 36 inch.  The two most popular wedding sparklers happen to be our 20 inch wedding sparkler which has a burn time of 2.5 minutes and the 36 inch wedding sparklers which have a set time of 3.5-4 minutes!  At ViP Sparklers we have specifically created the ideal wedding sparklers.  Wedding photographers have been able to capture absolutely flaw-less sparklers shots with our wedding sparklers.  We wanted to make sparklers that would help create an amazing memory to the end of an unforgettable night.  Please remember when placing your order for wedding sparklers you choose a sparkler with a steel wire core to help ensure a sparkling night! 

  With the great success of wedding sparklers we wanted to continue to add to the wedding tonight, that's why we added our wedding cake sparklers! At ViP Sparklers, we wanted to capture the same amount of fun and excitement on your wedding cake as the wedding sparklers.  These wedding cake sparklers are smokeless and will not leave any residue on your wedding cake!  If you ever have any questions with our wedding sparklers or cake sparklers please feel to email us at sales@vipsparklers. com or call our main offices.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Daytime Weddings Sparklers!

Use Wedding Sparklers During the Daytime! 

    Ideally all brides want a nighttime wedding atmosphere for their setting while using wedding sparklers. Sometimes we understand this is not the case and we wanted to let all brides and wedding planners know our wedding sparklers are just as exciting and festive while the sun is still shinning.  ViP Sparklers wedding sparklers are specifically built with a steel wire core to not only be ash-less and smokeless, but to ensure a beautiful and vibrant spark.

  We have attached some our of brides photo's who have used our wedding sparklers during the daytime to show all of you soon to be newlyweds they can still add that fairy-tale ending to your day! In these action shots you will find our two most popular wedding sparklers which happen to our 20 inch wedding sparklers and 36 inch wedding sparklers.  In the top wedding photo you see Charles and Emily getting married in Charleston, South Carolina with an absolutely flawless wedding sparkler exit!  These used our most popular #36 inch wedding sparklers which have a burn time of over four minutes!  These gives the bride and groom more than enough time to take a casual stroll through the sparklers exit without rushing anything!  Below you will find Harvey and Donna taking a fun wedding sparkler pose, these wedding sparklers can be used in a number of ways!   As long as you have sparklers specifically built for weddings you will not have any issues or regrets.  Don't forget you can use these sparklers while taking some fun and creative bridal party photo's as well! We hope that by showcasing some of these fantastic pictures you still consider using wedding sparklers for your big day!  If you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to shoot us an email at or call our main offices to speak to a representative.  Don't forget to check out all of our wedding products as well!