Friday, September 20, 2013

Daytime Weddings Sparklers!

Use Wedding Sparklers During the Daytime! 

    Ideally all brides want a nighttime wedding atmosphere for their setting while using wedding sparklers. Sometimes we understand this is not the case and we wanted to let all brides and wedding planners know our wedding sparklers are just as exciting and festive while the sun is still shinning.  ViP Sparklers wedding sparklers are specifically built with a steel wire core to not only be ash-less and smokeless, but to ensure a beautiful and vibrant spark.

  We have attached some our of brides photo's who have used our wedding sparklers during the daytime to show all of you soon to be newlyweds they can still add that fairy-tale ending to your day! In these action shots you will find our two most popular wedding sparklers which happen to our 20 inch wedding sparklers and 36 inch wedding sparklers.  In the top wedding photo you see Charles and Emily getting married in Charleston, South Carolina with an absolutely flawless wedding sparkler exit!  These used our most popular #36 inch wedding sparklers which have a burn time of over four minutes!  These gives the bride and groom more than enough time to take a casual stroll through the sparklers exit without rushing anything!  Below you will find Harvey and Donna taking a fun wedding sparkler pose, these wedding sparklers can be used in a number of ways!   As long as you have sparklers specifically built for weddings you will not have any issues or regrets.  Don't forget you can use these sparklers while taking some fun and creative bridal party photo's as well! We hope that by showcasing some of these fantastic pictures you still consider using wedding sparklers for your big day!  If you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to shoot us an email at or call our main offices to speak to a representative.  Don't forget to check out all of our wedding products as well!  

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