Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sky Lanterns On Sale

Sky Lanterns On Sale

  When it comes to trying to find a reliable and quality driven Sky Lantern company on the internet and it can become very hard.  If you do a search you will find a large amount of companies that offer sky lanterns at very cheap prices, but with that sacrifice quality and lack timely delivery.  Majority of times customer plan on purchasing Chinese sky lanterns for their event need them to arrive in a quick fashion and that's often not the case with a lot of these websites.  However, it seems one strong willed lady has taken the sky lantern industry into her own hands to help make a difference!  Carrie Romeo has single handily started her own company to offer people quality sky lanterns at the best price possible.  She wants everyone to have the ability to enjoy sky lanterns by offering them at the cheapest price!  Carrie has launched her own company called to offer the best sky lanterns for all events and weddings!

Sky Lanterns For Sale

  What makes Sky Lanterns For Sale different?  This is not your typical out sourced company that wants to work in volume and number of sales.  Carrie Romeo used to work in the South Florida event planning business and would directly work with a lot of the sky lantern companies for her customers events.  It wasn't until she exhausted every single wish lantern company available that she finally gave up on ordering them at her own events.  She often found all of the floating lantern companies unreliable when it came to delivery times and service.  Running an event planning company that was extremely time sensitive while ordering with most of the sky lanterns companies made her own event planning company look unreliable.  On top of that, majority of the floating lanterns received would come ripped or torn apart.  Carrie stopped telling her own party guests about the option of sky lanterns for some time before deciding to take matters in to her own hand.  She quickly was able to link up with other coordinators to find a reasonable price on floating lanterns and to start her own endeavor called SkyLanternsForSale.  Carrie offers the ability to sell in large and even small quantities, as she wants every party and event to have wish lanterns if desired!  If your looking for an authentic company to is growing with an amazing product look not further than this sky lantern company.

Where To Buy Sky Lanterns

  Sky Lanterns have really started to gain a lot of popularity for all types of events and even weddings.  These fun filled flames of energy can light up the night sky and really help make your event memorable.  These wish lanterns come with everything included to make it easy and quick to set up.  The best part about Sky Lanterns For Sale products is they are 100% biodegradable, making them safe to use almost anywhere!  One of the most overlooked aspect when incorporating sky lanterns into your event is the way they look when captured on camera.  We especially love the company Carrie Romeo has started with these sky lanterns as you can see the joy in her customer sends in's and the way the pictures turn out at such events! 

  One of the best parts about working along side the help of Sky Lanterns For Sale is their quick turn around time!  They understand exactly how important the delivery of each item is when sold.  They will specifically ask you when placing your order when your event is taking place, and give you a great window on when to expect your sky lanterns will arrive before your date.  That is one of the most important aspects that sets her company apart from the other wish lantern competitors.  Carrie Romeo makes your online shopping experience more than just an order number and gives you a great sense of community.  You are also able to even order different types of floating lanterns from heart shaped, original, eclipse, and wholesale sky lanterns for larger sized events!  All orders of wish lanterns ship out the same day or next day to ensure speedy delivery!  If you ever have any questions when purchasing sky lanterns do not hesitate to reach out to Carrie Romeo or her full staff via email or through their main office phone number.  When it comes to relying on sky lanterns for your event put your trust in Carrie Romeo and Sky Lanterns For Sale! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cheap Wedding Favors

Cheap Wedding Favors

  A bride often has a checklist way too long and never enough time it feels like!  We wanted to help brides getting ready for their big day with some helpful and cheap wedding favors.  Just choosing wedding favors can often be a big ordeal and you can easily be caught up in trying to decide which way to go.  Now we wanted to avoid themed wedding favors as those are often too easy if you are having a beach wedding or specific theme at your wedding.  Below are some of the most popular wedding favors for the 2016 weddings with a neutral setting.  Enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback! 

Personalized Wine Glasses

  These personalized wine glasses serve a dual purpose!  Not only can the you give these personalized wine glasses away, but the guests can even choose to use them that same night.  You can jazz up these wedding favors as much as you want or keep it classy and simple with just your names and wedding dates on them.  You will quickly find the reception of these wedding favors to go over extremely well!  The best part about these wine glasses is they are extremely cheap.  Many websites offer these customizable wine glasses in many shapes and sizes.

Wedding Sparklers

  Wedding sparklers quickly became popular amongst the wedding scene back about five years ago and continue to surge to the top of the most popular wedding favors.  If you are looking for a cheap wedding favor look no further than wedding sparklers.  Many websites offer cheap wedding sparklers, but you will want to be careful when choosing sparkler wedding favors.  We highly recommend two wedding companies when it comes to using a reliable and a sparkler company that sells true wedding sparklers.  A lot of companies will portray to sell sparklers for weddings, but will typically just be regular sparklers.  When it comes to purchasing sparklers for wedding favors look no further than ViP Sparklers or even Grand Wedding Exit.  Both of these suppliers use sparklers made for events and weddings.  Sparklers from both of these suppliers offer cheap prices which make these sparklers perfect for wedding favors!  They both carry many sizes and quantities, so jump right over.  We guarantee these will be the best pictures of your entire wedding! 

Wedding Poppers

 Another popular avenue you will find to celebrate your wedding when it comes to wedding favors happen to be wedding poppers!  You can actually go with two different types of poppers for your wedding.  You can choose to use wedding poppers at every guests table for when you choose to enter the reception.  When these little poppers all go off at once they help make a nice intimate entrance celebration.  These little poppers are great and cheap wedding favors and safe for all ages!  Now if you want to make a bigger ViP Sparklers actually offer a more powerful popper that you can have go off when you give your first kiss during the wedding or even when you leave the chapel or venue!  These wedding poppers are filled with compressed co2 air and we only recommend adults use these.  The pictures these wedding poppers create will make you glad you chose these wedding favors!

Personalized Wedding Napkins

 Often scene at weddings as one of the cheapest wedding favors around is the personalized napkins.  This used to be a boring selection for weddings back in the day.  But today many new websites that focus on reinventing the wheel have really found some special ways to spice up your napkins.  Instead of just seeing the wedding dates and names of the newlyweds you can now add personalized pictures, figurines, practically anything your creative self can come up with. Instead of just having this as another wedding chore, make your personalized wedding napkins steal the show at the wedding!  This is why we added these wedding napkins as no brainer under cheap favors for weddings.

 When it comes to weddings and finding cheap wedding favors you can often get lost and become frustrated.  Our number one recommendation is to relax and come back and forth multiple times when finally deciding which favors to have at your wedding.  There are endless options to choose from for cheap wedding favors, we recommend even picking our ideas of what you would like before you even go to look through the thousands of wedding favors!  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wedding Sparklers For Sale

 Sparklers For Sale

  Shopping for wedding sparklers is a process. It all begins with finding the best sparkler for your wedding (quality, sparkler size), then figuring out how many sparklers you should purchase, and finally having an idea of the best wedding sparkler practices. Blogs are a great source for insight and can really paint the full picture of the wedding sparkler experience. One company, VIP SPARKLERS, offers the industry's first "Wedding Sparkler Package." We are a huge fan of the "Sparkler Package" given its wholesome features (discussed shortly).
  Some times, customers shopping for wedding sparklers are under the impression that there is only ONE wedding sparkler product in the market. Unfortunately, there are quite a few options to choose from, ranging from quality, price, and color. We were able to narrow down which sparkler is best for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Wedding Sparklers Package on Sale

  Simply put, sparklers that are built around a metal (steel) wire core, gray in composition (physically), and produce a GOLD sparkle are the best quality sparklers in the wedding industry. Though other sparklers can match the brightness and strength of gray, metal wire sparklers, no other sparkler matches the "minimal smoke" and "crystal clear" sparkles. In the wedding industry, these top quality sparklers are known as TRUE WEDDING SPARKLERS.

36 inch vs 20inch Sparklers

  The main difference between 36inch and 20inch sparklers is their length and "sparkle time." Typically, 36inch sparklers sparkle for about 3.5mins while 20inch sparklers last about 2.5mins. For larger wedding parties, it is customary to recommend 36inch sparklers given their extended burning time. When deciding how many sparklers to purchase, simply keep in mind that at least 10% of the wedding party will not stay long enough to participate in your sparkler exit.

True Wedding Sparklers

  A very exciting initiative by VIP SPARKLERS is to offer your very own Wedding Sparkler Package. Their sparkler package contains a selection of either 36inch or 20inch sparklers, wedding tags, sparkler buckets, and 50 FREE wedding punks (lighters). All of their wedding sparkler packages qualify for FREE SHIPPING though we always recommend taking into consideration their estimated delivery time for this particular shipping choice.

Wedding Tags

  If you're wondering what wedding tags are, it is no surprise given that they are a relatively new item brought forward by wedding sparklers. Wedding tags are used to decorate sparklers when put on display. Traditionally, wedding sparklers are stored away until it is time to use them. More recently, bridal parties are displaying their wedding sparklers for two reasons: inform their wedding guests of the sparkler sendoff and to showcase their unique wedding favor. Wedding Tags, also known as Sparkler Tags, are placed in each individual wedding sparkler. Wedding Tags come in different shapes and designs depending on the company selling it. VIP SPARKLERS sells one shape design but a couple of "text designs" to choose from: "Let Love Sparkle" (with the bride and groom's names) and "Sparks Will Fly At..." (with a custom time) are currently their wedding tag options. Sparkler Tags are just the beginning when displaying your wedding sparklers as centerpieces. After decorating each sparkler, customers have the are also given a Sparkler Bucket in their Wedding Sparkler Package.
Sparkler Buckets
  Simply decorating each individual sparkler isn't enough. In order to showcase your wedding sparklers and make them "centerpiece worthy," your sparkler package includes a Sparkler Bucket: a 15inch vintage, metal bucket. VIP SPARKLERS recommends filling the vintage bucket with sand or small-sized gravel. After placing wedding tags on your sparklers, "plant" each sparkler into the sand and space them to your liking. Customers can then decorate the sparkler bucket itself with either a ribbon or bow or small chalkboard with a nice message. A great benefit to Sparkler Buckets is its multiple usage. After your wedding exit for example, guests can dip the used-burned side of the sparkler into the sand or gravel. Wedding guests or wedding venue staff will not need to worry about stepping on used sparklers or misplaced (still hot) sparklers immediately after the wedding sendoff. After the ceremony, bride and groom can also find multiple uses for their vintage bucket.

Wedding Punks

  One of the most asked questions is "how to light wedding sparklers." The number way to light sparklers is to use another lit sparkler. Of course, using only sparklers to light the rest can be counter-intuitive if done improperly. Thus, wedding punks hit the market. Unlike open flame products such as lighters, torches, and lighters, a wedding punk resembles an incense. It is a product that does produce noticeable smoke, but it is only meant to be used to light sparklers, not in lieu of sparklers! Wedding Punks are about 7-8 inches in length and are a nice added bonus.

FREE Shipping on Sparklers

  Wedding Sparkler Packages are very large and heavy orders. For instance, a 36inch sparkler package order will measure around 36" x 10" x 10" and can weigh from 20-35lbs. Paying Ground for an order this size can easily cost $29-$36. VIP SPARKLERS offers FREE shipping on all of their Wedding Sparkler Packages with an estimated delivery time of 8-14 business days. If you contact them and mention that your event/wedding is 10 business days away for instance, they oftentimes process your order with priority to make sure it arrives on the early part of the 8-14 business day delivery.
VIP Promise

 We encourage all customers to take advantage of the Wedding Sparkler Package! If you are only seeking to purchase wedding sparklers, VIP SPARKLERS also offers each of their products individually. Customers can opt to only purchase sparklers, or sparklers with wedding tags, or sparklers with a sparkler bucket! In any case, customers will be purchasing True Wedding Sparklers at unbeatable prices.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Centerpieces & Signs For Wedding Sparklers

Centerpieces and Signs for Wedding Sparklers

  From high to low, thin and wide, and all other shapes and sizes. Abundant with different hues and palette. Centerpieces for weddings are among the elements that make an event standout. The vast style to choose from can be a bit overwhelming. Different accessories such as wedding sparklers can also be incorporated. But to help you stay focus on what you truly desire, here are some tips and tricks that could make your wedding a feast to the eyes.

Is it Proportionate?

  A huge center piece will practically occupy the entire table leaving guests no space to eat properly. A very wide table with centerpieces that are very small in build may not be visibly appealing. It’s important to determine the space you got in your venue. Huge designs like artificial tree centerpieces, forest wedding centerpiece, and simulated birch tree centerpiece would be applicable to outdoor weddings or venue with spacious ceiling. If your wedding is small, then might as well match it with miniature sized centerpieces in order to create a balance. We offer wedding sparklers that have a small sparkler tag that can be used as table identifications and guest organization.

Won’t it create any Disturbance?

  When choosing a design for your centerpiece, make sure that it will not create a hassle. Say for example, the guests seated at the table can barely see each other because they are prohibited by a super artistic centerpiece. Or maybe the centerpiece you’ve chosen is too big and sturdy which may cause potential accident specially when there’s kids around. Beautifying glass bottle vase, vintage motivated wood case, and pink wedding centerpieces are another design elements you could use.

How tall does it have to be?

  As mentioned earlier, tall centerpieces may not be applicable if the venue don’t have much of an aerial space. It might conceal the light from the ceiling which may leave the room with uneven lighting. If in case your wedding will be held in parks, resorts, or beaches, then you could go ahead and utilize those 5 feet centerpieces. One of the inspirations you should try is the acrylic candle holders which would be perfect for an outdoor wedding.

  You can find an array of wedding centerpieces designs suited for small intimate weddings. Some of these are acrylic gem drops, round beautifying birdcage, white hydrangeas, and acrylic bling.
What are the Materials for it?

  Flowers are a common part of wedding centerpieces. It’s time to be playful and creative by choosing a different perspective such as vintage items or wooden chunks. You can find several centerpieces that are extraordinary such as wooden flower pomander balls, low decorative layout, and botanical candelabra. Make sure that the chosen color for your centerpiece will match the overall concept of your wedding. However, you can never go wrong with light holders, vintage motivated box, and flower table runner if you want that simple romantic wedding.

  Make moment dramatization by utilizing striking hues or flighty shading blends. Vintage Motivated Box, Light Holders, and Flower Table Runner.

Is it Affordable?

  Centerpieces are just one of the many things you have to spend on a wedding. Therefore, you should make sure that you won’t be spending half of your budget to it. With the help of us, you can have a fancy centerpiece without costing you a fortune such as daisy lampshades, workmanship and decorative designs, and small glass tea light.

Using Wedding Sparkler Buckets

  We love the idea of customizing and personalizing our wedding venue. With various materials such as paper, tin, acrylic, and wood, there are plenty of signage concepts that continue to pop in our mind for that creative and unique wedding venue set up. Instead of plainly making your red carpet a guide to where your visitors must go, why not use signs made from wood? Out with the old seat cards, come up with an extraordinary one using mini chalkboards. To soften the decorations across the venue, we suggest using wedding sparkler buckets to hold your wedding sparklers or other necessities. There are many ideas that you could utilize in your wedding and here are some of those:
Directions for your Guests

  Let your visitors know that you want them to feel special by simply guiding them on where the bar is, where to put gifts, where the restroom is, and where the way to the dance floor is. It will make them feel at home knowing that they have an idea about the location of important places on your venue. You can find those items like mini chalkboard sign, vintage design chalkboard sign, directional sign, bunting banner, and bride and groom acrylic chair markers.

Step Up your Thank You Notes

  Check out vintage tin sign, scalloped frame tin sign, personalized wooden signs, and wooden chalkboard signs on the web. Those items are some of the inspirations to look forward to whenever sending thoughtful notes for the guests who attended in your wedding.

Additional Decoration for your Wedding Theme

  Banners and small sayings made from wood can be utilized in your wedding as part of the styling. The initials of your name made from tin would be good to add behind your chairs. Baroque Acrylic Sign, Rustic Country Directional Sign, Wanderlust Directional Sign and Chalkboard Design Directional signs are some of the cute little items that you can add in your wedding.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wedding Nightmares To Avoid

Wedding Nightmares & Mistakes To Avoid

  Weddings aren’t all feels and cheers sometimes. Unfortunately, it also a platform for some of the nastiest incidents you won’t ever forget. A blissful wedding should be about the bride and her groom. However, there will be plenty of people who will try to steal that spotlight from you. A great example of this is the continuous outpour of guests. Your so shocked to find out that there’s an almost 200 people in the reception hall despite the fact that you only received 100 RSVPs. Expect annoying outcomes from unexpected events like this. Here are some of the worst situations and ways to handle them.  Our goal is to help you recognize possible issues and how to manage them properly.  No weddings go exactly as planned and you will just want to relax and handle them the best you can.

Buffet Lines that are Similar to a box Office

After an almost hour long of waiting for the ceremony to finish, your guests will be famished. Their priority is they should be the first in line in the buffet table. With no one to control the crowd, people will be rushing at the same time. To avoid this situation, designate someone to arrange the line by letting the guests at table 1 go first, followed by the next table, and so on. If expecting hundreds of guest, it would be ideal to have two buffet tables in order to serve foods fast.  It's all about proper control, if you let the entire wedding party rush to the buffet you will certainly have a giant problem.

Parents who don’t Control their Children

  You’re currently uttering your month long prepared wedding vow. It’s a solemn moment and everyone in the crowd is silently holding back their tears. It’s a peaceful ceremony yet all of the sudden your sister in law’s 4 year old son intentionally pushed her 2 year old sister off the chair resulting to loud cries and noises. Children are angels, we always adore their presence but not during this kind of “adult” themed gathering. Guests with undisciplined children can be annoying. What’s the worst part is that parents don’t seem to realize the commotion their children is already causing. When bringing children on your wedding is unavoidable, create an activity that will catch their interest such as artworks, face painting, or balloon making.  Sometime having an adult only wedding is something to seriously consider.  It's best to draw up the positive and minuses when trying to figure out which way to lean.

Guests who forgot to Settle their Means of Transportation and Accommodation

  Finally, the long and exhausting day of getting hitched is finally over. You and your husband are about to go to your hotel room and be all cozy and cuddly. On your way out, you noticed that some of your guests are stranded. Apparently, they overlooked the situation and forgot to make an arrangement to the cab who drove them to the venue earlier. As inconvenient as it sounds, you are obligated to deal with this mess. To prevent this, remind guests that the location of your venue will be an hour drive from the city. If they don’t have their own private transportation, make sure they’ll notify you so that they’ll be included in the coaster intended for the guests. 

The Shy Girls who don’t Want to be Included in the Bundle Hurl

  In most movies that has a bouquet tossing scene, all the girls from all sorts of ages are exhilarated to snatch that bundle. Surprisingly, that traditional ceremony no longer interests any ladies to join. In fact, once the host announces that the bouquet tossing is next, you’ll notice the bridesmaids disappearing one by one.  You will want to make this moment as welcoming as possible, as everyone knows, everyone is shy.  Wedding's should be focused on cutting loose and not worrying about small things, so just try to make sure the entire wedding is having a good time! 

Awkward Situation in the Round Table

  Obviously, the way you assign guests on their designated seats will not always turn out on how you want it to be. There’s always be a group of people who wanted to seat closely together, thus, ruining your sitting lay out. Once you enter the venue and you notice that there’s an inconsistency, well it’s beyond your control already.  This is always a major concern when planning the wedding is where who and who will sit.  Our best advice, once you have made the seating arrangements stick and no longer fret about it.  The best part about the seating arrangement is your sitting with your new life partner and what's better than that?

Insanely Alcoholic Guests

  Not all people were a fan of weddings, some only go there for the hopes of having free foods and drinks. Either a member of the family or a close friend should make sure that the amount of alcohol that will be served in your wedding is in moderate amount. Let them know that they have to pay for those extra drinks if they continue. This will actually help you save money from overspending on beverages.  Some guests get drunk to the point that their behavior is already in appropriate. If you’re expecting guests that have alcoholic problems, then it would be a smart move to not serve any alcohol at all.  The golden rule is you know your family friends the best, so judge accordingly.

Long Exhausting Talks

  Be careful on the person you choose to give a speech in your wedding. Make sure that he or she will be trustworthy and will not embarrass you in your own wedding. Also, remind them ahead of time that they should maximize the allotted 3 minutes of pure romantic and tear jerking message.  Our motto for your wedding speech is quick and sweet! 

Unexperienced and Boring DJ

  You always envision of a lively wedding party where there is a sensible music and the guests are really showing off their hidden dance moves. Music plays a major role in the entertainment of your wedding. When you can hear crickets all over despite the loud music in the background, there’s something wrong with your DJ. One of the reasons why it’s best to go for a live band in great celebrations such as wedding is that they are more vibrant and interactive with people. Make sure that the DJ you’re about to hire has plenty of experiences, especially weddings. Give him a list of your favorite songs and your chosen genre to let him know your expectations.

In Laws who have a talent in getting on your last nerves

  Not everyone is blessed with sensitive in laws. Most of them are there to ruin your moment. They will not get tired of pinpointing the flaws of your wedding. They’ll even bring up unnecessary issues like why their son is not the ring bearer, why the wedding location is too far away, why this and that, etc. It’s an eye opener for you that once you get hitched, you also become a part of their family. Therefore, you have a lifetime to deal with them so don’t stress yourself on your wedding day.

Make Sure To Have Enough Sparklers For The Wedding Exit

  The last thing we hate to always see at the end of the wedding night is not enough wedding sparklers.  When the end of the wedding night is upon you and your wedding party are grabbing sparklers to lineup for the grand wedding exit nobody wants to be empty handed.  Not only will your wedding night end sour for your guests, but you won't be able to have the sparkling exit you envisioned when buying wedding sparklers.  We recommend buying approximately the same number of wedding guests as sparklers.  The majority of time some of your wedding party leaves early so you can always use the extra wedding sparklers for fun bridal photo's or some guests can even use two at a time!  When buying wedding sparklers for your wedding you will want to make sure you purchase true wedding sparklers so they are nearly smokeless and ash-less.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Planning an Adult Only Wedding

Steps in Planning an “Adult Only” Wedding


  Children are a blessing from heaven. Their tiny laughs and innocence brings such joy to any adult who’s struggling in the real world. However, there are also many things why you don’t want children in your wedding. It’s not like you hate them, it’s just that after you put off so much effort in planning a wedding, the last thing you want is your groom’s nephew who’s having a tantrum in the middle of the aisle.  Believe it or not, adult only wedding's are becoming increasingly popular over the years.

You can start by being clear with your wedding invitation. Guests might assume that they can bring their children when you address them with “To Mr. Smith and company”. Instead of using this, write their exact names on the response card such as “To Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. This will give them a hint that their three bundle of joy is not particularly welcome to join the event.

Although you want to be clear that you don’t want any children at your event, don’t be too literal by placing “for adults only” on the invitation. It’s an insensitive way to handle a sensitive issue which might persuade even the adults not to attend to your wedding. Your friends and relatives might find it disappointing if they don’t get to bring their children. But a tactful way to inform them is through dinners and occasions before your wedding. This will give them plenty of time to find a suitable baby sitter.

Don’t make an “adults only” note on the actual invitation, but you can certainly announce this on your wedding website. Your wedding website is a great platform for you to spread out information about your wedding such as transportation options, dress code, registries, and other important factors. It will also a good area to mention that your wedding ceremony and reception are exclusive for adults only. However, you can also provide suggestions on babysitting options if there’s any.

Dealing with Children at the Wedding

Aside from your flower girls and ring bearer, of course there’s a 99% chance that guest might insist in bringing their children. Be ready to handle this unavoidable situation with sophistication. Isolating the children away from their parents will make them feel like they are missing out which will turn to loud cries and screams. The best way to overcome this is by creating a distraction through pizza parties or by hiring a clown. This will temporarily get their attention from their mommy and daddy who are busy attending a solemn wedding ceremony.

Try to be strict when it comes to letting children in the ceremony and reception. If you allow someone, people might notice it and will think that you are having favoritism. Inform your wedding coordinator ahead of time to guide the guests with children on a baby sitting area where they can leave them for a few moments.

Dealing with Adults who is a Child at heart

There will be plenty of people who will be disappointed to find out that you are planning an adult only wedding. They might question you why your nephews, nieces, younger cousins, godsons and goddaughters won’t be included in the wedding. You just have to tell them straightly that you are aiming for a hassle free and solemn wedding. Aside from that, you could also point out that your budget is limited which is w

hy you are trying to narrow down the guests as much as possible.

Don’t back down on angry guests who keep on insisting in bringing their children inside the reception. First off, you’ve already informed them beforehand that it’s a strictly no-children event. You can guide them on a baby sitting area or they could gladly leave. It’s not that you’re being pushy or aggressive but this occasion is about you and your partner. Those who are invited are expected to respect your decisions.

Eliminates The Concern For Use Of Wedding Sparklers

When it comes to using sparklers for your wedding you always have one major concern and that is with the use of kids.  Wedding sparklers are safe at wedding with children, but ViP Sparklers does urge adult supervision. Having a wedding without kids does alleviate the concern and need to worry about that aspect.  You must always remember that sparklers for weddings are just like any 4th of July sparkler and they can get extremely hot.  So even if kids are not present at the wedding you will still want to be careful when lighting and holding wedding sparklers.  It's also important to remember that you will want to keep the lit sparklers away from your body, we recommend holding it out and up. After being in the wedding sparkler business for over ten years we have never had one instance of any accidents or issues when using our true wedding sparklers.  Our ViP Sparklers are made with a steel wire core to ensure a smokeless and ash-less display.  We take pride in the quality of our wedding sparklers.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our sparklers do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wedding Music: DJ vs Live Band

Music on Your Wedding: DJ vs. A Live Band

Music plays a great role in setting a mood for wedding occasions. It should create an atmosphere that will let everyone feel that “this is the time of our lives”. Your personality as a couple and what you envision for your wedding party are two things you should have in mind when deciding if you will go for a DJ or a live band.

Are you more of a formal or informal couple? Are your guests lively or just prefer the comfort of their seats? And also, what type of music genre would you go for? To help you decide, here’s what you can expect with each option.

A Live Band

    The good thing about live bands is that you can request a song on the spot and they will sing it for you with their signature style. Live bands are also great entertainers. They know how to encourage the audience to hit the dance floor. Their experience makes them an expert in creating a lively party atmosphere.

    When choosing a live band, determine the type of song selections they can perform. Since it’s a wedding, make sure that they are able to play music suitable for sweet dances. How much would they charge for a three-hour performance? Since live bands are composed of several members with different instruments, it is expected that they can be pricey. So live bands would not be the better option if you’re on a tight budget.

    If you’re getting married in an intimate venue with few people, then a live band might not be applicable. A band set up will be more suitable for big weddings preferably in outdoor spaces.

A Disk Jockey

    DJ’s are suitable for small get togethers. A DJ or a disk jockey is more affordable than hiring a live band. In addition, it won’t require him/her a lot of space for his/her equipment. DJs have readily available songs for any occasions. However, you could personalize it by giving him/her a list of songs that is meaningful to your relationship.

    The biggest risk with DJs is that they can be generic especially if they don’t know how to entertain the audience. Some will just let the music play all night and not care about setting a mood. When deciding for a DJ, make sure that he/she has a personality that matches your style and venue.

    Music is a powerful tool that brings back memories. It also affects our mood and behavior. The quality of music you have in any party will influence its guests. All the things that you’re planning to incorporate on your wedding must match the type of personality you have. If you’re an outgoing, life of the party kind of couple, then you should definitely go for live bands. If you are more reserved with a tight budget, then a DJ will perfectly suit your needs.

  While you can always debate the music when it comes to adding wedding novelty items look no further than Grand Wedding Exit.  They specialize in adding wedding sparklers to the end of your night.  They are one of the very few sparkler companies that offer true wedding sparklers.  These are the ideal sparklers for a fairy-tale wedding exit.  This is one great way at the end of the night to celebrate the newlyweds before they start their new journey.  With the entire wedding guests lining up to wish them farewell with wedding sparklers.  Grand Wedding Exit offers the best prices for sparklers and even throws in free shipping!  They offer wedding sparklers in 20 inch and 36 inch sizes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tips To Help Your Wedding Experience

Six Tips to help your Wedding Experience

  We understand how stressful weddings can be especially when it comes to crunch time and you are crossing off everything on your list.  We wanted to come up with some helpful tips to really enjoy your wedding experience and to not be stressed out.  Every step along the entire wedding process should be filled with smiles and the feeling of accomplishment.  Below are some great tips we've heard back from our very own brides who have used our wedding sparklers and other wedding products.  ViP Sparklers is honored to be helping brides for over ten years and love working alongside each brides story of true love! 

Improving Your Wedding Experience

  • Prioritize (to do list)

  We understand old-age wisdom could sound a bit boring, but prioritizing is key. Keep in mind that prioritizing is not limited to simply your to-do list; it also includes assigning roles to your close friends and family. First create your to-do list so you can have a better idea of your wedding plans. Your wedding to-do list will also allow you to delegate between which tasks you would like to assign and which you definitely want to keep for yourself.
  • Don't get caught up in perfection

  We know everyone works towards making their wedding day as perfect as possible. In fact, most of the stress bridal parties experience stems from "the idea of perfection." It is admirable to aim for perfection, so we just want to simply introduce the idea of leaving a few things open to the chance of not going as planned. Of course, there are some things that simply should go perfectly; prioritizing will allow you to keep in mind which items on your list are more proned to experiencing a hiccup than others. Having a peace of mind is worth more than getting caught up in perfection and not enjoying your special wedding day.
  • Share something special and unique with your guests

  It's all about bonding and creating unique memories! Perhaps one of our favorite tips on the list is planning an activity that offers an opportunity for the bride and groom to bond with their guests. Make sure you include a fun activity like a dance off, piƱata, or a wedding twist to pin the tail on the donkey. If looking to express your appreciation, perhaps include a warm personalized thank you card for your guests or dedicate a meaningful toast during the reception.

  • Spa day

  Our next favorite tip is a treat for the bride and groom! We STRONGLY encourage the soon to be newlyweds to put aside a Spa day to enjoy themselves. Remember what really matters and embrace the true reason behind your wedding day: your love! With all the nonstop planning, having a spa day is exactly what you need! During your spa day though, the topic of weddings is prohibited! It is a day dedicated to relaxing and being in the moment.  We highly recommend the sauna or steam room to sweat out all of the pressure and anxiety leaving you with the best sleep of your night! 
  • Use your venues strengths to your advantage

  Oftentimes, your venue is forgotten simply because they take care of themselves. When planning your wedding, think about the strengths of your venue. For instance, if your venue offers beautiful nature-bound space, plan a romantic photoshoot with your wedding photographer. Take mesmerizing, nature inspired wedding pictures with the soft glow of a sunrise. Plan fun activities for kids and adults such as treasure hunts or a sack race!  One way we continually tell our brides ordering wedding sparklers is we can ship them right to the venue.  This is one less item you'll have to manage and take care off when it becomes the big day!  Use little things to your advantage and since your already paying a premium for your venue, let them help! 
  • Take a First Look

One of the most wedding-centered tips we can offer is "taking a first look." On your Wedding Day, before your day even begins, be the first one to take a look at your venue. Use your original to-do list as a checklist to help you narrow down which items are still pending arrival or completion. You can then assign a few more tasks to your dedicated friends and family while you prepare for your special day! Seeing your venue will eliminate any last minute surprises, and if there are a few things that unfortunately could not be done, you now have the opportunity to think of a plan B.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Testing Your Wedding Sparklers For Quality

Easy Ways to Test Your Wedding Sparklers Quality

ViP Sparklers is proud to offer a few ways to test your sparkler's quality. Our goal is to offer the best wedding sparklers in the wedding market for your special event. We want our sparklers to exceed your expectations. ViP Sparklers caters to all the bride and grooms who are looking forward to amazing wedding photographs and a stress-free wedding sparkler shopping experience.
When we first began our search for wedding sparklers, there were several tests that helped narrow down which sparkler was the absolute best. We are now revealing our checklist for everyone to use when coming across wedding sparklers.
Wedding Sparklers have two distinct physical divisions: steel wire core and firework composition. Reviewing your wedding sparkler begins with physically testing the sparkler. 

How To Check Your Sparklers For Your Wedding

As mentioned in our previous blogs, true wedding sparklers consist of a steel wire core. Sparklers with a steel wire core allow for a firm, secure sparkler. As such, bride, groom, and guests are able to safely hold their sparkler as well as display it in vases or sparkler buckets. Low quality sparklers are built with bamboo wooden cores that result in very smoky sparkles and flimsly sparkler handles. Bamboo sparklers easily break when waving it during a grand wedding exit and eventually burn with the sparkler itself.
The second physical distinction in wedding sparklers is the firework composition. On the opposite end of the handle, the wedding sparkler is composed of a dark gray firework composition that is "glued" to the steel wire core. Sparklers of great quality are double-dipped in sparkler firework composition to create a compact sparkle. A few ways to test the quality of the firework composition is to flick or tap the sparkler on a wooden desk; when doing so, your sparkler should not chip at all. If it does, it may more likely be a lower tier wedding sparkler.
Customers can also double check the quality of the firework composition by squeezing the sparkler between their index and thumb fingers. A top quality sparkler will leave little to no sparkler dust on your fingers. On the contrary, poor quality sparklers will leave behind noticeable sparkler dust and even debris.

After lighting your sparkler

Lighting your sparkler will most definitely determine the quality of your sparkler. When purchasing wedding sparklers, clear and virtually smokeless sparkles is key since the main attraction of wedding sparklers is their beautiful appearance in photographs. Lower quality sparklers produce unbearable amounts of smoke while the best quality sparklers emit very little smoke. Once you light your sparkler, you will immediately notice whether your sparkler is one of the best sparklers in the wedding industry.
Besides examining the amount of smoke emitted by your sparkler, you also want to determine the amount of ash it produces. Choose a clean, white or light-colored counter top to place your sparkler over. Once you light your wedding sparkler, hover over your counter top. If your sparkler begins to break apart in small pieces, we recommend returning it given its low quality. Our sparklers will sparkle with virtually no ash or broken pieces for a hassle-free wedding sparkler experience.

ViP Sparklers Has Quality Wedding Sparklers

We are confident in the quality of our sparklers. They are well built with steel wire cores and compact firework composition. Customers can easily review and test the quality of any sparkler they purchase. Most sparkler companies offer refunds for unused sparklers, so if you happen to purchase low quality sparklers, you may still have enough time to return them and buy top quality sparklers. ViP Sparklers offers expedited shipping options if your event is less than a week away!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Do You Really Need Wedding Punks?

Importance Of Wedding Punks!

Punks For Wedding Sparklers
The wedding sparkler experience is filled with joy and timeless pictures, but do you need wedding punks?  We are here to make sure your wedding sparkler experience is as perfect as your wedding day.  If you have already chosen to include wedding sparklers into your big day then you are probably thinking about including wedding punks.  There are many benefits to explore if you want to include wedding punks with your true wedding sparklers. Below we have broken down everything you will need and would ever want to know about wedding punks.
You've chosen to have wedding sparklers as a special guest in what will be one of the best days of your life!  Wedding Sparklers are becoming one of the biggest trends in wedding favors due to the amazing photos captured by wedding photographers.  Many venues and wedding photographers are recognizing the importance of being able to work with wedding sparklers.  Several techniques have been developed to take full advantage of the wedding sparkler experience such as wedding sparkler writing and prolonged exposure time.  Whether you are using your wedding sparklers for a grand exit, first kiss, or first dance, your journey starts with lighting the wedding sparklers.

We've spoken to several brides, grooms, and venues and asked for their own practices when it comes to lighting wedding sparklers;  almost everyone agrees that having an open flame during the ceremony is frowned upon.  We wondered why open flames are still a concern since wedding punks are commonly used to light wedding sparklers.  When we asked why aren't wedding punks used instead of lighters or matches, well over half of our clients were not aware of this wedding item.  We were shocked!  Here's why wedding punks are a great addition when purchasing wedding sparklers for your wedding day.

Using Wedding Sparklers

Reasons To Have Wedding Punks

Wedding punks are similar in shape and size to incense.  It is meant to be used as a match when lighting your wedding sparklers.  You will need a few matches to light a couple of wedding punks to begin with, but your wedding punks will serve as matches once lit.  Each wedding punk lasts about 30 seconds, which is ample time to light several wedding sparklers.

Besides eliminating the use of an open flame, wedding punks have a second feature.  Wedding Sparklers are an exciting item, and its excitement is noticeable in the sparkles it exhibits.  Though beautiful to witness and capture, each ray of sparkle is relatively hot;  now imagine hundreds upon hundreds of sparkles gracing your fingertips!  As much as we love sparklers, we advocate safe fun especially when it's your most important day!  Wedding Punks offer a safe distance when lighting wedding sparklers given the length of the wedding punk.  Guests, both adults and children, can partake in bringing to life those first sparkles!
Wedding Punks are a safe way to light your wedding sparklers.  We strongly recommend using wedding punks instead of matches and lighters during your ceremony and/ or grand wedding exit.  Wedding Punks are efficient in lighting several wedding sparklers per wedding punk.  Now we need to discuss how to light as many wedding sparklers in the least amount of time.

Best Way To Use Punks For A Wedding Sparkler Process:

instruct your guests to gather in groups. Try to balance the number of guests per group
position your groups along two imaginary, parallel lines (importance discussed later)
Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to hand out wedding sparklers (or have a designated area for your guests to obtain their own - check out our wedding buckets)
all guests in each group will point each of their wedding sparkler towards the center of the group to create a single point of contact
number your guest groups and give each bridesmaids and groomsmen a few wedding punks with an assigned guest group
each bridesmaid and groomsman will light a wedding punk next to their assigned guest group
bridesmaid and groomsman will use their lit wedding punk to light each of their assigned groups using the single point of contact
As mentioned earlier, creating two imaginary, parallel lines with your groups of guests will allow for a smooth transition into your grand wedding exit runway.  Once your wedding sparklers are lit, each group will break from a circle into two lines of sparkling guests.
Following these tips will ensure lighting of all your wedding sparklers in under a minute!  Usually, the preparatory steps take much longer given that guests will need to be placed in groups and given wedding sparklers.

ViP Sparklers has been in the wedding industry for over 10 years!  We offer three different sized wedding sparklers and our aforementioned wedding punks for safe lighting.  Depending on the size of your wedding party, your best option for a wedding sparkler size can vary.  For instance, wedding parties over 200 guests benefit from our 36 inch wedding sparklers.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Wedding Checklist for Your Florist

Florist Checklist For Your Wedding

Questions For Wedding Florist

Sparkling Flowers are always part of weddings, from bouquets to centerpieces. There are many kinds of flowers to choose from that will fulfill your wedding inspiration. Coordinating with a trusted florist is very essential. They are always busy all year around especially during Valentine’s and wedding season. It is always ideal if you book with them ahead of time. There are not many florists in town so don’t procrastinate in sealing that deal once and for all.  We recommend using florist that have been a staple of the area your having your wedding.  If they have been around longer than ten years then you know you have a company you can trust for your wedding day.
Floral packages are among the items that could need much allotment of your wedding budget. Fresh and radiant flowers don’t come cheap. So to make sure that you’ll get the most of what you’ll pay for, here are some questions you should ask your florist.

Wedding Day Florist Checklist

Questions For Your Florist About Your Wedding

  • Availability. First and foremost, ask your florist if he’ll be able to show up in your wedding with his undivided attention. Don’t waste time negotiating with the price and throwing your ideas if he is already booked that day. Of course you’ll be paying him, therefore, it’s righteous enough that your wedding is the main focus of your prospected florist.
  • Background Check of Previous works. How was his experience in dealing with weddings? Is he an expert already? Does he have a website where he can show his work? Can he give numbers of his past customers for reference check? Although these questions might make you sound a little push, that’s okay. You’re a customer therefore you have the right to know their credibility.
  • Perseverance and Perspective. Tell him how you envision your wedding. How is he planning to exceed your expectations? Does he have a better concept? Is he the type to just follow what customers want and not provide suggestions on what he thinks might be more appealing? You’ll know that he is really dedicated if he’ll put an extra effort to achieve your needs. And being an expert as he claims to be, he will not let himself be dictated.
  • Reasonable Pricing. Although we are anticipating the expensive price tag on any floral packages, find out ways on how you could narrow down the expenses. Inquire if they are offering a budget friendly wedding package. Let them give you their options and it’s up to you to decide. Do they accept credit cards? Are they requiring down payment? Will they allow installment method of paying? Or, are they going to charge you upfront once you booked their service. Payment method is very important for you and your florist. It’s also one way of assuring that your wedding will be supplied of flowers. Ask them to give you a timeline to when they need the payment. Most florist require settled bills as much as two weeks before your wedding.
  • Familiarity about your Venue. Ask them if they have an idea about what your chosen venue looks like. In this way they can size up the location and space of the area. It would be beneficial if they already have a previous experience working in that venue. This way, they are already familiar about the designing and styling necessities. Venues that are too far away can give them a hard time of delivering their products. So it’s best you choose a florist that are just minutes away from your venue. There are also some venues that requires insurance from florists.
  • Contract of Agreement. Business, either small or big, should provide a contract. It signifies that they are professional, reliable, and abides the law. Some of the questions you are ashamed to ask can be found in contracts. It creates a legal relationship between you and your florist. Take time to read their contract and make sure that you understand it. Don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything unclear.
  • Advertisement Purposes. Florists take pride of their previous works. To attract more customer, they showcase their masterpieces online, on flyers, and even on their shop. Aforementioned, you asked for references to verify their expertise. There is a chance that they will also use some clips from your wedding to gain more customers. If you are not comfortable with that idea, you should tell them right away.
  • Cancellation Policy. In the event that the wedding was postponed or you found a good deal with other florist, how is their cancellation process? Asking a potential cancellation of service can be a big turn off for your florist. But it’s necessary to be aware on how they deal with it. Cancellation policy usually depends on how early your notification is. Cancelling a florist might not be helpful if you want to save money. Sometimes they charge you more since you already booked that they for a potential income for their business.
  • Coordination. Your wedding organizer and your florist should be coherent when working on your wedding. They should work as a team to create a uniformed result. Sometimes wedding organizers have their own supplier for flowers. However, it’s still your option to seek for other choices especially if you can find something that is less costly. 

Once you’re prepared to go ahead and seal the deal with your florist, here are some ideas to smoothen the process of transforming your dream wedding into reality. Before committing into anything, it is always important to ask a lot of questions than to regret in the end.
Save photos of the bouquets, centerpieces, and other arrangements that you want to incorporate in your wedding. Series of photos can help you determine the inspiration you are looking for. It also creates a narrowed choices so that you’ll not get lost with too many ideas popping up.  Another popular item to incorporate is wedding sparklers.  Centerpieces built around sparklers has also been a very popular option and makes for amazing arrangement. ViP Sparklers has offered true wedding sparklers for over ten years and has a lot of knowledge on how to incorporate them with your florist.  A lot of times you can even let your florist know you plan on using wedding sparklers and they can do a great job in assisting you.
Make sure that you stick on the color scheme for the overall theme. Share this with your florist so he’ll know exactly what type of flowers he needs. You could also give him the palette of colors that are allowed with the concept.
Most importantly, what particular time of the year you’re planning to get married? The cons about flowers is that their availability depends on the season. Once you have your date for the big day, discuss with your florist about the type of flowers that are accessible during that time. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Ontario Wedding Sparklers

 Wedding Sparklers In Ontario

  Ontario, Canada is the most populous province with the nation's capital, Ottawa, as well as the most populous city, Toronto.  With its forest-filled lands, this Canadian Province offers a variety of sceneries.  Home of the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada,  Toronto seeks creative ways for its residents and visitors to experience what it has to offer.  Though not the tallest architectural structure in the world, the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada holds the title as the World's highest public observation deck! While at the CN Tower, make sure you experience the exhilirating Edge Walk adventure!  Ontario makes for an amazing wedding destination spot and ViP Sparklers is now happy to announce we can ship wedding sparklers directly to you in Canada!
  With its many attractions, Wedding in Ontario, Canada quickly becomes a sought after destination;  luckily, wedding in the large province of Ontario, Canada easily accomodates many options for virtually all Wedding themes!  A Modern City Wedding as well as a Rustic theme can easily be accommodated;  a Winter Wedding as well as a warm, summer day Wedding are also great options.  Any Wedding idea can be fully satisfied in Ontario, Canada with room for awe!
  One fantastic venue when choosing to Tie-the-knot in Ontario, Canada is Atlantis.  The view is breathtaking!  As you and your love one pose for a timeless photograph, the city of Toronto "photobombs" your moment!  If a more serene feel is more of the touch your Wedding dream desires, Atlantis can also offer a ceremony location that overlooks Lake Ontario!  Your guests will enjoy the amazing hues of blue clash at the horizon.  Such a magical venue deserves a magical touch: Wedding Sparklers!  ViP Sparklers is more than proud to see its Wedding Sparklers in destinations such as this one.  Given the intimate size of its outdoor location, ViP Sparklers recommends 20 inch Wedding Sparklers.  With this comfortable size, Bride and Grooms can still benefit from multiple pictures and approaches with its 2.5-3 minute burning time.  One perfect way to use our 20 inch Wedding Sparklers in Atlantis is when welcoming the Bride.  Light the aisle and send your warm wishes to the Bride as she joins her Groom.
  Our second chosen Wedding venue when Wedding in Ontario, Canada is Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility.  The space speaks for itself!  The lush gardens bloom with spring youth and spoil the eyes with beauty.  Wedding in Ontario just got better!  Bride and Grooms take full advantage of the space with phenomenal photographs;  photographers are given so many beautiful choices for flawless pictures.  ViP Sparklers joins the parade of celebration in Deer Creek Golf and Banquet Facility with our Wedding Sparklers;  though Wedding Sparklers can be used in doors, the outdoors presents no limits to their quantity and performance!  Bring a closure to your Wedding day with a hint of light from the tiring sun and a burst of sparkles from our MASSIVE 36inch Wedding Sparklers!  With an impressive 3.5-4 minute sparkling time,  our 36inch Wedding Sparklers are most popular for Grand Wedding Exits.  Anchor the stars to a runway of love, hope, and fulfillment as the Bride and Groom celebrate their new beginning!

ViP Sparklers in Ontario, Canada

  ViP Sparklers welcomes you to the fitting idea of wedding in Ontario, Canada!  As Wedding Sparklers are a continuing trend in all types of Wedding themes, ViP Sparklers offers the BEST QUALITY Wedding Sparklers with virtually little to no smoke or ash.  Such quality allows for an even and consistent clear sparkle.  Our top quality Wedding Sparklers are complemented by our top quality delivery;  We are one of the few companies to offer FedEx Express shipping for customers who need Wedding Sparklers immediately. If not, we also offer a special deal on orders shipping FedEx Ground of $50.00 or more: FREE SHIPPING!  ViP Sparklers wants you to enjoy your Wedding in Ontario, Canada without any added stress or concerns.  We will make sure your product arrives to you on time, and offer refunds for any unused Wedding Sparklers (if returned within 30 days of purchase).

  Celebrate your wedding day with the most popular wedding favor: Wedding Sparklers!  Take full advantage of what Ontario, Canada and ViP Sparklers has to offer your meaningful day!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BuzzFeed Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers Featured On BuzzFeed

  Over the past year BuzzFeed has taken the internet by storm with links from all of your friends and companies posting various topics on Facebook to Twitter.  Your either on one side of the fence with hating them or you fall under the guilty pleasure of sometimes clicking on a certain topic that catches your eye.  While lucky for us our team at ViP Sparklers was guilty of checking and happened to come across  BuzzFeed showing off how cool Wedding Sparklers are and how they happen to be a must at EVERY wedding!  We are lucky enough to always hear from our brides after the weddings to be continuously told that their picture with our wedding sparklers happen to be one of the best pictures at their entire wedding.  We always love when websites that have nothing to do with wedding sparklers choose to highlight the beauty and glow you can bring to the end of the wedding night!

  Well, we can't wait to share the Wedding Sparklers Buzzfeed to our audience so look no further than right here.  We really believe they did an amazing job at picking out some truly stunning photo's of wedding sparklers!  When it comes to producing pictures of this quality the most important aspect is obtaining true wedding sparklers.  These are not your typical 4th of July or New Years Sparklers you find.  All of these photo's with these sparklers are made with a stainless steel wire cord to ensure a truly smokeless and ash-less display.  When you purchase regular wedding sparklers for your exit you can expect undesired burn times, sulfur smells, and smokey residue.  Our goal at ViP Sparklers is to help ensure all brides are knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing and even using 36 inch wedding sparklers. 

Cheap Wedding Sparklers Blog

  At our blog we have spent the time to make sure all brides have the resources when they do decide to use wedding sparklers that they can check back here.  With having done blogs on the best way to use and dispose wedding sparklers, how to successfully perform a wedding exit, to even personalizing your wedding sparklers.  At first we found it extremely difficult to obtain any news and research pertaining  to wedding sparklers that we wanted to have one streamlined area where many writers and brides looking for sparklers information would be easily attainable.  If you ever have any ideas or questions about using wedding sparklers at your venue for an exit do not hesitate to email us or call our main offices.  Our goal is to make every brides wedding night sparkle as flawlessly as possible.  People fail to realize that by doing a wedding sparkler exit at the end of the night is one final way to get the entire wedding party together to celebrate the newlyweds! 

Wedding Sparkler Sizes

  When it comes to actually purchasing wedding sparklers the two most popular sparklers happen to 20 inch wedding sparklers and 36 inch wedding sparklers.  When it comes to larger wedding sizes of 100 or more guests ViP Sparklers typically recommends #36 inch wedding sparklers as they have the longest burn time on the wedding sparkler market.  These 36 inch sparklers have a burn time of over 3.5 minutes to 4 minutes making sure the newlyweds don't need to feel rushed whatsoever.  When it comes to using amazing sparkler shutter effects or sparkler writing look no further than our #20 inch wedding sparklers to accommodate that!  The 20 inch wedding sparklers create a perfect wand  movement to help create stunning and unique photo's with wedding sparklers.