Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tips To Help Your Wedding Experience

Six Tips to help your Wedding Experience

  We understand how stressful weddings can be especially when it comes to crunch time and you are crossing off everything on your list.  We wanted to come up with some helpful tips to really enjoy your wedding experience and to not be stressed out.  Every step along the entire wedding process should be filled with smiles and the feeling of accomplishment.  Below are some great tips we've heard back from our very own brides who have used our wedding sparklers and other wedding products.  ViP Sparklers is honored to be helping brides for over ten years and love working alongside each brides story of true love! 

Improving Your Wedding Experience

  • Prioritize (to do list)

  We understand old-age wisdom could sound a bit boring, but prioritizing is key. Keep in mind that prioritizing is not limited to simply your to-do list; it also includes assigning roles to your close friends and family. First create your to-do list so you can have a better idea of your wedding plans. Your wedding to-do list will also allow you to delegate between which tasks you would like to assign and which you definitely want to keep for yourself.
  • Don't get caught up in perfection

  We know everyone works towards making their wedding day as perfect as possible. In fact, most of the stress bridal parties experience stems from "the idea of perfection." It is admirable to aim for perfection, so we just want to simply introduce the idea of leaving a few things open to the chance of not going as planned. Of course, there are some things that simply should go perfectly; prioritizing will allow you to keep in mind which items on your list are more proned to experiencing a hiccup than others. Having a peace of mind is worth more than getting caught up in perfection and not enjoying your special wedding day.
  • Share something special and unique with your guests

  It's all about bonding and creating unique memories! Perhaps one of our favorite tips on the list is planning an activity that offers an opportunity for the bride and groom to bond with their guests. Make sure you include a fun activity like a dance off, piñata, or a wedding twist to pin the tail on the donkey. If looking to express your appreciation, perhaps include a warm personalized thank you card for your guests or dedicate a meaningful toast during the reception.

  • Spa day

  Our next favorite tip is a treat for the bride and groom! We STRONGLY encourage the soon to be newlyweds to put aside a Spa day to enjoy themselves. Remember what really matters and embrace the true reason behind your wedding day: your love! With all the nonstop planning, having a spa day is exactly what you need! During your spa day though, the topic of weddings is prohibited! It is a day dedicated to relaxing and being in the moment.  We highly recommend the sauna or steam room to sweat out all of the pressure and anxiety leaving you with the best sleep of your night! 
  • Use your venues strengths to your advantage

  Oftentimes, your venue is forgotten simply because they take care of themselves. When planning your wedding, think about the strengths of your venue. For instance, if your venue offers beautiful nature-bound space, plan a romantic photoshoot with your wedding photographer. Take mesmerizing, nature inspired wedding pictures with the soft glow of a sunrise. Plan fun activities for kids and adults such as treasure hunts or a sack race!  One way we continually tell our brides ordering wedding sparklers is we can ship them right to the venue.  This is one less item you'll have to manage and take care off when it becomes the big day!  Use little things to your advantage and since your already paying a premium for your venue, let them help! 
  • Take a First Look

One of the most wedding-centered tips we can offer is "taking a first look." On your Wedding Day, before your day even begins, be the first one to take a look at your venue. Use your original to-do list as a checklist to help you narrow down which items are still pending arrival or completion. You can then assign a few more tasks to your dedicated friends and family while you prepare for your special day! Seeing your venue will eliminate any last minute surprises, and if there are a few things that unfortunately could not be done, you now have the opportunity to think of a plan B.

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