Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Do You Really Need Wedding Punks?

Importance Of Wedding Punks!

Punks For Wedding Sparklers
The wedding sparkler experience is filled with joy and timeless pictures, but do you need wedding punks?  We are here to make sure your wedding sparkler experience is as perfect as your wedding day.  If you have already chosen to include wedding sparklers into your big day then you are probably thinking about including wedding punks.  There are many benefits to explore if you want to include wedding punks with your true wedding sparklers. Below we have broken down everything you will need and would ever want to know about wedding punks.
You've chosen to have wedding sparklers as a special guest in what will be one of the best days of your life!  Wedding Sparklers are becoming one of the biggest trends in wedding favors due to the amazing photos captured by wedding photographers.  Many venues and wedding photographers are recognizing the importance of being able to work with wedding sparklers.  Several techniques have been developed to take full advantage of the wedding sparkler experience such as wedding sparkler writing and prolonged exposure time.  Whether you are using your wedding sparklers for a grand exit, first kiss, or first dance, your journey starts with lighting the wedding sparklers.

We've spoken to several brides, grooms, and venues and asked for their own practices when it comes to lighting wedding sparklers;  almost everyone agrees that having an open flame during the ceremony is frowned upon.  We wondered why open flames are still a concern since wedding punks are commonly used to light wedding sparklers.  When we asked why aren't wedding punks used instead of lighters or matches, well over half of our clients were not aware of this wedding item.  We were shocked!  Here's why wedding punks are a great addition when purchasing wedding sparklers for your wedding day.

Using Wedding Sparklers

Reasons To Have Wedding Punks

Wedding punks are similar in shape and size to incense.  It is meant to be used as a match when lighting your wedding sparklers.  You will need a few matches to light a couple of wedding punks to begin with, but your wedding punks will serve as matches once lit.  Each wedding punk lasts about 30 seconds, which is ample time to light several wedding sparklers.

Besides eliminating the use of an open flame, wedding punks have a second feature.  Wedding Sparklers are an exciting item, and its excitement is noticeable in the sparkles it exhibits.  Though beautiful to witness and capture, each ray of sparkle is relatively hot;  now imagine hundreds upon hundreds of sparkles gracing your fingertips!  As much as we love sparklers, we advocate safe fun especially when it's your most important day!  Wedding Punks offer a safe distance when lighting wedding sparklers given the length of the wedding punk.  Guests, both adults and children, can partake in bringing to life those first sparkles!
Wedding Punks are a safe way to light your wedding sparklers.  We strongly recommend using wedding punks instead of matches and lighters during your ceremony and/ or grand wedding exit.  Wedding Punks are efficient in lighting several wedding sparklers per wedding punk.  Now we need to discuss how to light as many wedding sparklers in the least amount of time.

Best Way To Use Punks For A Wedding Sparkler Process:

instruct your guests to gather in groups. Try to balance the number of guests per group
position your groups along two imaginary, parallel lines (importance discussed later)
Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to hand out wedding sparklers (or have a designated area for your guests to obtain their own - check out our wedding buckets)
all guests in each group will point each of their wedding sparkler towards the center of the group to create a single point of contact
number your guest groups and give each bridesmaids and groomsmen a few wedding punks with an assigned guest group
each bridesmaid and groomsman will light a wedding punk next to their assigned guest group
bridesmaid and groomsman will use their lit wedding punk to light each of their assigned groups using the single point of contact
As mentioned earlier, creating two imaginary, parallel lines with your groups of guests will allow for a smooth transition into your grand wedding exit runway.  Once your wedding sparklers are lit, each group will break from a circle into two lines of sparkling guests.
Following these tips will ensure lighting of all your wedding sparklers in under a minute!  Usually, the preparatory steps take much longer given that guests will need to be placed in groups and given wedding sparklers.

ViP Sparklers has been in the wedding industry for over 10 years!  We offer three different sized wedding sparklers and our aforementioned wedding punks for safe lighting.  Depending on the size of your wedding party, your best option for a wedding sparkler size can vary.  For instance, wedding parties over 200 guests benefit from our 36 inch wedding sparklers.

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