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Wedding Checklist for Your Florist

Florist Checklist For Your Wedding

Questions For Wedding Florist

Sparkling Flowers are always part of weddings, from bouquets to centerpieces. There are many kinds of flowers to choose from that will fulfill your wedding inspiration. Coordinating with a trusted florist is very essential. They are always busy all year around especially during Valentine’s and wedding season. It is always ideal if you book with them ahead of time. There are not many florists in town so don’t procrastinate in sealing that deal once and for all.  We recommend using florist that have been a staple of the area your having your wedding.  If they have been around longer than ten years then you know you have a company you can trust for your wedding day.
Floral packages are among the items that could need much allotment of your wedding budget. Fresh and radiant flowers don’t come cheap. So to make sure that you’ll get the most of what you’ll pay for, here are some questions you should ask your florist.

Wedding Day Florist Checklist

Questions For Your Florist About Your Wedding

  • Availability. First and foremost, ask your florist if he’ll be able to show up in your wedding with his undivided attention. Don’t waste time negotiating with the price and throwing your ideas if he is already booked that day. Of course you’ll be paying him, therefore, it’s righteous enough that your wedding is the main focus of your prospected florist.
  • Background Check of Previous works. How was his experience in dealing with weddings? Is he an expert already? Does he have a website where he can show his work? Can he give numbers of his past customers for reference check? Although these questions might make you sound a little push, that’s okay. You’re a customer therefore you have the right to know their credibility.
  • Perseverance and Perspective. Tell him how you envision your wedding. How is he planning to exceed your expectations? Does he have a better concept? Is he the type to just follow what customers want and not provide suggestions on what he thinks might be more appealing? You’ll know that he is really dedicated if he’ll put an extra effort to achieve your needs. And being an expert as he claims to be, he will not let himself be dictated.
  • Reasonable Pricing. Although we are anticipating the expensive price tag on any floral packages, find out ways on how you could narrow down the expenses. Inquire if they are offering a budget friendly wedding package. Let them give you their options and it’s up to you to decide. Do they accept credit cards? Are they requiring down payment? Will they allow installment method of paying? Or, are they going to charge you upfront once you booked their service. Payment method is very important for you and your florist. It’s also one way of assuring that your wedding will be supplied of flowers. Ask them to give you a timeline to when they need the payment. Most florist require settled bills as much as two weeks before your wedding.
  • Familiarity about your Venue. Ask them if they have an idea about what your chosen venue looks like. In this way they can size up the location and space of the area. It would be beneficial if they already have a previous experience working in that venue. This way, they are already familiar about the designing and styling necessities. Venues that are too far away can give them a hard time of delivering their products. So it’s best you choose a florist that are just minutes away from your venue. There are also some venues that requires insurance from florists.
  • Contract of Agreement. Business, either small or big, should provide a contract. It signifies that they are professional, reliable, and abides the law. Some of the questions you are ashamed to ask can be found in contracts. It creates a legal relationship between you and your florist. Take time to read their contract and make sure that you understand it. Don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything unclear.
  • Advertisement Purposes. Florists take pride of their previous works. To attract more customer, they showcase their masterpieces online, on flyers, and even on their shop. Aforementioned, you asked for references to verify their expertise. There is a chance that they will also use some clips from your wedding to gain more customers. If you are not comfortable with that idea, you should tell them right away.
  • Cancellation Policy. In the event that the wedding was postponed or you found a good deal with other florist, how is their cancellation process? Asking a potential cancellation of service can be a big turn off for your florist. But it’s necessary to be aware on how they deal with it. Cancellation policy usually depends on how early your notification is. Cancelling a florist might not be helpful if you want to save money. Sometimes they charge you more since you already booked that they for a potential income for their business.
  • Coordination. Your wedding organizer and your florist should be coherent when working on your wedding. They should work as a team to create a uniformed result. Sometimes wedding organizers have their own supplier for flowers. However, it’s still your option to seek for other choices especially if you can find something that is less costly. 

Once you’re prepared to go ahead and seal the deal with your florist, here are some ideas to smoothen the process of transforming your dream wedding into reality. Before committing into anything, it is always important to ask a lot of questions than to regret in the end.
Save photos of the bouquets, centerpieces, and other arrangements that you want to incorporate in your wedding. Series of photos can help you determine the inspiration you are looking for. It also creates a narrowed choices so that you’ll not get lost with too many ideas popping up.  Another popular item to incorporate is wedding sparklers.  Centerpieces built around sparklers has also been a very popular option and makes for amazing arrangement. ViP Sparklers has offered true wedding sparklers for over ten years and has a lot of knowledge on how to incorporate them with your florist.  A lot of times you can even let your florist know you plan on using wedding sparklers and they can do a great job in assisting you.
Make sure that you stick on the color scheme for the overall theme. Share this with your florist so he’ll know exactly what type of flowers he needs. You could also give him the palette of colors that are allowed with the concept.
Most importantly, what particular time of the year you’re planning to get married? The cons about flowers is that their availability depends on the season. Once you have your date for the big day, discuss with your florist about the type of flowers that are accessible during that time. 

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