Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding Sparklers For Hawaii

Wedding Sparklers for your Hawaii Wedding Destination! 

  We know how popular weddings are in tropical destinations being headquartered in sunny Miami, Florida.  Recently, we have noticed an increasing number of weddings taking place in the tropical paradise of Hawaii! We know this because of we have received countless phone calls on having our wedding sparklers attend the big day in Hawaii.  ViP Sparklers is happy to announce we can fulfill all orders of wedding sparklers and champagne bottle sparklers in Hawaii with our new event party planning company.  We want to make sure every bride can have there complete wedding wishes with their destination wedding!  

  All of our 10 inch, 20 inch, and 36 inch wedding sparklers can now safely arrive in time for your perfect exotic wedding.  We can even offer our wedding cake sparklers as well, which come in our popular gold and silver colors to match up identically with your cake!  No matter if you need wedding sparklers in Hawaii, Maui, and O'ahu we can make sure they arrive for your big day! ViP Sparklers wants to make sure that your wedding has the beautiful tropical climate, amazing water and volcanic views, and of course our wedding sparklers for your grand exit!  Our most popular 36 inch wedding sparklers have a burn time of over three and a half minutes which gives the bride and groom more than enough time to exit in fashion and take some truly stunning pictures!  For any further wedding sparkler tips and fun ideas please take a look at the rest of our blog! As always you can feel free to shoot an email with any questions or concerns to or call our direct line.  We look forward to helping out all brides and grooms with their destination wedding! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wedding Sparkler Mistakes to Avoid & Tips!

Wedding Sparkler Mistakes to Avoid & Tips!

  Attention brides, you've got everything set up for the start of your wedding with your fantastic jaw dropping entrance, but what about your fairy tale exit?  If you want to make one last impression that's becoming extremely popular right now for all brides around the nation, look no further then a wedding sparkler send-off.  With summer swiftly approaching sparklers become one of the hottest wedding items!  With countless brides using ViP Sparklers wedding sparklers we wanted to keep these sparkler tips in mind for your exit to go off with perfection!  We want to make sure you have an engaging tunnel and most importantly plenty of fantastic photo's to have forever.  Wedding sparklers are a sure way to have your family and friends all engage in the final moments of your wedding and give the center stage to you and your new husband one last time!  Please continue to read on to make you don't make any of these wedding sparklers mistakes on your big day! 

5 Wedding Sparkler Mistakes To Not Make

Wedding Sparklers Mistake #1: Make sure to previously check with your wedding venue.

Before deciding if 36 inch wedding sparklers or 20 inch wedding sparklers are right for your wedding you need to check with your venue!  Always ask the wedding venue if you are allowed to use sparklers for your grand exit.  Most places now a days allow wedding sparklers as they have become extremely popular, but you will want to check with them first before moving forward with all of the different wedding sparkler options.  At ViP Sparklers are entire staff can help decide which sparkler is the best for your ideal wedding vision with an easy phone call or email!

Wedding Sparklers Mistake #2: Always make sure to have an announcement sign.

Why is an announcement important?  You will want to have the maximum number of guests still attending the wedding when the sparkler send off is taking place, so you will absolutely want to notify them you will be having a sparkler send off.  So it's always a great idea to have a sign letting them know there will even be wedding sparklers and exactly what time it will be taking place.  There a lot of great creative ideas for signs you can make, we've attached some wedding sparkler signs we thought stood out.

Wedding Sparklers Mistake #3: Make sure you have the proper outdoor space at your venue.

It's very important to take a couple moments beforehand and plan out exactly where you want to have your wedding sparkler exit.  You will absolutely want to make sure you have enough room for your guests to form two lines, where you and your newlywed will take center stage in.

Wedding Sparklers Mistakes #4: Having the right amount of matches or lighters.

If you plan on using standard matches you will want to make sure you have plenty on hand.  That's why we absolutely recommend using matchbox wedding favors!  You will want to make sure you hand them out beforehand or have these easily accessible at the sparkler station or start.  We even recommend using barbecue lighters, so even if it is a little bit windy you will have no problems lighting the sparklers in a easy and fashionable time.

Wedding Sparklers Mistakes #5: Having a proper place to dispose wedding sparklers.

Having the proper place to dispose the sparklers is perhaps the most overlooked part of planning with wedding sparklers.  Your guests will need a place to put the wedding sparklers out as soon as the send off is over.  The most popular and safest way we recommend our newlyweds to tackle this scenario is having a couple buckets at the start and end of the line filled with sand.  This way you can be sure the sparklers will be completely distinguished and will cool off almost instantly.  You will want to make sure the sparklers are completely cooled before you dispose of them in the trash as they may still be a fire hazard.

Fun Wedding Sparklers Decoration! 

Lately we have been seeing our brides going the extra mile to personalize their wedding sparklers with DIY sparkler tags!  We posted a couple great pictures of some DIY Sparkler tags!

As always make sure your photography gets plenty of wedding sparkler photo's!  It always makes for some timeless photo's and often the best ones!  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to shoot me us an email with any questions or concerns to  If you have a moment feel free to take a look at all of our wedding products.