Friday, January 24, 2014

Invention of Wedding Sparklers

The Start Of Wedding Sparklers

    To get to the bottom of where wedding sparklers started you first need to go back to the start of sparklers.  ViP Sparklers started there research at the beginning and according to history it was the Chinese who first discovered sparklers which directly led them to manufacturing them.  It is widely believed the exact date was around the sixth century and shortly after sparklers immediately became popular and variations started popping up.  Sparklers were considered for every celebration big or small, it became the go to item for any party, can we blame them?
Wedding Sparklers In Action
  From that point on sparklers became a huge hit all throughout the world.  As we know in the United States sparklers became an instant hit for the 4th of July and New Years.  But it wasn't too long before they became known for something else entirely, enter wedding sparklers!  Party planners and event coordinators immediately wanted to push the limits on sparklers.  With any item, they wanted there sparklers to last longer and spark even brighter!  Two brand new sparklers hit the market in no time.  The first true wedding sparkler was referred to as the #20 sparkler, which were approximately 20 inches and had a burn time of over two minutes.  Without hesitation the limits were pushed even further with #36 sparklers, these sparklers were 36 inches in length and had a burn time of over three and half minutes.  With the advancement of the types of sparklers on the market it did not take long for these two specific sparklers to find a niche of their own.  

Start of Wedding Sparklers

  With sparklers already being directly connected with celebrations it did not take long for the wedding industry to put one and two together.  Both of these sparklers were immediately coined as wedding sparklers.  Over the past ten years wedding sparklers have surged ahead as the most popular way to exit weddings!  No longer is rice the norm when walking out of the chapel.  Ribbons and confetti poppers have tried to make a push, but nothing sets the scene like wedding sparklers.  Nothing can compare to having the newlyweds making one final grand exit.  While the remaining wedding guests lineup raising a shower of sparks as they exit off onto their honeymoon creates an breathtaking moment.  We can not keep track of how many brides have contacted us after the wedding telling us the best pictures of the wedding night took place with our wedding sparklers.  With popular celebrities talking about it such as Oprah Winfrey to being showcased in the most popular bridal magazines across the country.  ViP Sparklers has been at the forefront of the wedding industry for over ten years.  We offer all three popular wedding sparkler sizes such as the 36 inch wedding sparkler, 20 inch wedding sparklers, and even the 10 inch wedding sparklers. 

 ViP Wedding Sparklers

  There are very few sparkler companies on the market who sell a true wedding sparkler.  Majority of companies on the market portray to sell wedding sparklers, but you must be extremely careful.  You will want to make sure you only use wedding sparklers that are steel wire based and are smoke-less and ash less. Never buy any type of celebration sparkler or wedding sparkler that is bamboo based, as this type of sparkler will produce a tremendous amounts of smoke and give off a distinct odor.  At ViP Sparklers we promise to take every brides order with the up most importance and will stay in contact with the bride or groom every step until the final sparkler goes out!  Every bride deserves to have the exit at the end of their wedding night they intended and its our goal to make sure we help achieve this.  If you ever have any questions our staff will help you pick the ideal wedding sparkler you need depending on your wedding size, your local, and how you intend to use it.  ViP Sparklers treats every individual wedding order differently and want to make sure you have the exact sparkler that fits your wedding plan!  Don't second guess any part of your wedding and email us at

Wedding Sparklers in action