Friday, August 14, 2015

Las Vegas Wedding Sparklers

Las Vegas Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers in Las Vegas

  The City of Lights is opening its doors to anyone and everyone!  As one of the major attractions,  Las Vegas, Nevada is recognized as one of the wealthiest cities in the entire country and one of the top tourist destinations in the world!  We have seen it in movies and shows and are full aware of the free bird spirit this city came to adopt: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  As most guests arrive with a hunger for adventure,  Las Vegas has managed to live on either extreme, if you will.  Enclosed by mountains, it is a city trumping a modern oasis!
  Just as there are Casinos, there are Museums;  just as there are movie sets, there is the Smith Center for the Performing Arts.  And while some make this destination their sudden wedding venue, others plan it for many, many months.  What's better than Las Vegas you may ask? Two Las Vegas"es"!  ViP Sparklers is a mini Las Vegas waiting to join your main event!  With several places to tie the knot, Las Vegas is prepared for any wedding idea you may have. Cili At Bali Hai is an example of a venue with both a ceremony and reception area (contrary to smaller chapels).  With its comfortable outdoor setting, it is a perfect place to showcase ViP Sparklers' 36 inch Wedding Sparklers!  As the celebration comes to an end, Wedding  Sparklers can introduce the beginning of your honeymoon right here in Las Vegas!  With a virtually smokeless and ash-less sparkle of 3.5-4 minutes, take phenomenal photos that will surely capture the magic of the city.

  Wedding by Tropicana in Las Vegas offers a view of the city!  Specifically the Terrace option, imagine hosting your memorable day under the magical lights of the city.  As a river of pedals flows through the center aisle,  you and your partner will stand in front of skyscrapers and hues of sunset colors.  ViP Sparklers can complement the spectacular light show given off by the city with our 20 inch Wedding Sparklers.  With a burning time of 2.5 minutes,  our Wedding Sparklers at your wedding will be the perfect first impression of what Las Vegas has to offer!

ViP Sparklers in Las Vegas

  Given the popularity of Las Vegas, many who "Wed" here decide to spend their honeymoon here as well!  ViP Sparklers wants your wedding to be the highlight of your guest's trip.  With many venues offering complete packages, we feel we can create the unique experience of blending the presence of such a city with the tenderness of your love;  it is a city with no limits, and our Wedding Sparklers share the same philosophy!  ViP Sparklers can offer FREE FedEx Ground shipping for orders and an estimated delivery of 1-4 days.  We also have Express shipping for anyone who is spontaneous or simply came across our products in the latter half of their planning.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email us at Thank you!

Traveling with Wedding Sparklers

Traveling with Wedding Sparklers

  Deciding to use Wedding Sparklers has many benefits;  you are introducing an item that quickly becomes a memorable celebration in and of itself for weddings.  Wedding Sparklers are often overlooked by brides and are usually not needed until the very last moment.  ViP Sparklers wanted to help give you some great guidelines on traveling with wedding sparklers. Though one would think that all states would not have a problem with Wedding Sparklers, it is consider a firework altogether in a few states;  we recommend viewing states as venues themselves: some have restrictions.  So when deciding to use Wedding Sparklers, your state is your first venue to research.  

Delivering Wedding Sparklers By Ground

  Driving your Wedding Sparklers to your final destination is oftentimes a convenient route many customers opt to take.  Some times, family members traveling to the wedding decide to purchase the Wedding Sparklers given that the wedding state may not sell the particular item the Bride and Groom were looking for.  All states allow visitors to import Wedding Sparklers via their own vehicles, so you wont have any issues.  ViP Sparklers offers free FedEx Ground shipping with any order of our 36 inch or 20 inch wedding sparklers.  We offer same day shipping as well, so if your in a pinch you can absolutely call our offices and we can tell you the exact day your sparklers will arrive.  Our goal is to make the bride have one less thing to worry and we stay with you until the final wedding sparkler goes out.

Flying With Wedding Sparklers

  On the other hand, carrying Wedding Sparklers in your carry-on bag or checked bag is absolutely prohibited.  Please do not try to fly with your wedding sparklers under any circumstances as this is illegal and we do not want our brides and grooms getting in trouble.  Flight regulations are noticeably firmer than ground.  Though still allowed, shipping Wedding Sparklers requires detailed paperwork and additional fees on a companies behalf.  ViP Sparklers takes care of all these shipping details;  we can easily ship your Wedding Sparklers to any destination you wish with either FedEx Ground or Express options as we do have a private carrier where we are able to specifically package and use proper paperwork to ensure delivery in time.  Although it is much more expensive to express ship your wedding sparklers, if you are under an extreme crunch we can still make it in time for you grand wedding exit!  However, we always recommend our FedEx Ground option as it is Free, and who doesn't love free things with how expensive weddings are nowadays!   

Ordering From ViP Sparklers

  ViP Sparklers understands that Brides and Grooms have enough to manage already.  We will take care of everything and make sure your Wedding Sparklers arrive to your venue on time.  With an order from ViP Sparklers will offer FREE FedEx Ground shipping.  We offer a delivery time estimate of 2 to 5 days.  For orders requiring immediate delivery, ViP Sparklers is one of the few companies to exclusively offer Express shipping.  Our goal is to make sure we get our brides their wedding sparklers in time and offer a True Wedding Sparklers.  Most other companies wedding sparklers are not as they say. At ViP Sparklers we take pride in offering virtually smokeless and ash-less wedding sparklers specifically built for wedding exits.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please call our offices and we will help you put together the ideal package of wedding sparklers or other wedding products we carry! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Salt Lake City Wedding Sparklers

Salt Lake City Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers in Salt Lake City

  During winter, Salt Lake City, Utah is a sight to see! Surrounded by mountains, it sits at a high elevation suited for gulps of fresh air.  With a holistic approach towards the community, Salt Lake City incorporates many programs to benefit its residents.  For example, it thrives in its recycling program and LGBT support.  As snow gently falls on some of the best ski resorts, Salt Lake City has learned how to embrace its natural wonders.  ViP Sparklers loves the idea of wedding in Salt Lake City and has several products to make your wedding day even more memorable!

Wedding Sparklers in Utah!

  One popular venue in Salt Lake City is Jeremy Ranch Golf & Country Club.  In this spacious venue, Bride and Groom can feel no restriction in their guest list and places to take wonderful photographs.  This venue also offers a room inside the Country Club where your guests will meet eye to eye with the nearby canyon.  As the nearby mountains make way for an early sunset, ViP Sparklers promises to extend the sunset just for you.  With our MOST POPULAR 36 inch Wedding Sparklers, your guests can light the way with the most popular wedding tradition: the grand wedding exit.  Photographers love this tradition because they love to see the joy in everyone's faces when joining together for a wonderful purpose.  As our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers glow for 3.5-4 minutes, smiles and laughter can't help but fill the air.

  The St. Regis Deer Valley is a mountainside resort from the heavens!  It is a breathtaking venue that is sure to match the passion and beauty of ViP Sparklers also aims at making your day PERFECT!  Use our 20 inch Wedding Sparklers to accommodate the intimate space given by this venue.  Your guests will warm up with the devotion of our Wedding Sparklers and its virtually smokeless and ash-less sparkle.  With a burning time of 2.5 minutes, it provides photographers with a comfortable time to experiment with different angles and shots for your special day.  With its very cozy atmosphere, this venue is a home away from home for many.  Given its complete package for weddings, the St. Regis Deer Valley is meant to make this significant day as perfect as possible. 

  A more classic venue in Salt Lake City, Utah can be found in The Old Meeting House.  With the traditional feel of a wedding chapel,  it is a venue for couples seeking old-fashioned romance.  A nice, architectural open space allows for a reception to continue the celebration.  ViP Sparklers highly recommends using our Wedding Sparklers for memorable pictures.  Just imagine welcoming the bride to the altar with a sparkle!  The photographs are utterly amazing and the tone set by our Wedding Sparklers is undoubtedly LOVING ENERGY!

ViP Sparklers in Salt Lake City

  Salt Lake City is a city of celebration.  With its Pioneer Day Celebration (one week's worth of activities), it proves to want to share the love with everyone!  It even competes with winter by having its year round Farmers market for individuals who love fresh produce!  ViP Sparklers is proud to take part in Weddings in Salt Lake City, Utah.  With several sizes for Wedding Sparklers, ViP Sparklers guarantees to find the appropriate Wedding Sparkler for your wedding.  ViP Sparklers can offer FREE FEDEX GROUND SHIPPING for all orders of wedding sparklers;  our products are estimated to arrive within 2-6 days depending on your location.  ViP Sparklers also offers FedEx Express shipping for anyone seeking immediate delivery.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email us at Thank you!  Reach out to us about our wedding sparklers at our contact us page. 

Photographing Wedding Sparklers With Your Phone

Photographing Wedding Sparklers With Smartphones

  Capture your joy and entertainment with your smartphone...the right way! Though having a manual camera is ideal, let's put our faith, fancy tech and responsibility to your event photographer.  Fortunately, your guests can take part in adding spectacular pictures to your photo album using their smartphones and a few tricks.  Photographing Wedding Sparklers or Bottle Sparklers are all about positioning, sharpness, and capturing objects in motion.  Gaining some experience with these three key points will ensure a memorable moment splendidly captured by a passionate guest!

How To Take Wedding Sparkler Photos with Iphones

  There is a unique challenge when photographing Wedding Sparklers or Bottle Sparklers.  Keep in mind that Wedding Sparklers or Bottle Sparklers are filled with millions of little bursts of streams of light; the idea is for your picture to pluck each sparkle from the Wedding Sparkler or Bottle Sparkler; the best Wedding Sparkler or Bottle Sparkler pictures we have ever seen all capture the details of the sparkles instead of a clump of light.

Selfie and Camera shot

  We begin with a fun twist to traditional picture-taking.  Before we begin our more technical adventure when photographing Wedding Sparklers / Bottle Sparklers, we are a fan of the Dual Camera Mode.  This factory feature on your smartphone allows a simultaneous selfie and "regular" camera shot.  How unique of an album would you have if all of your pictures contain the vivid expressions of your guests as they cheerfully secure the passing present.  Though the quality of the picture may be less than after applying our following tips, the value of these types of pictures outweighs all others.  Adding Wedding Sparklers or Bottle Sparklers to our Dual Camera Mode picture is a much added bonus!

Say NO to Zoom

  One of the special effects specifically attributed to Wedding Sparklers is capturing clear individual sparkles.  Taking a picture of a glowing Wedding Sparkler or bursting Bottle Sparkler is great, but what if you could also freeze that moment in amazing detail?! First off, do not use digital zoom on your camera phone.  The moment you use digital zoom, the Wedding Sparkler or Bottle Sparkler flame will become pixelated with a lack of sharpness.  Additionally, digital zoom will crop the image and require an extremely steady hand (we all know how shaky pictures turn out when you zoom in with your camera phone).
With no optical zoom as an option, an alternative is being very close to the action.  The closer you are to the Wedding Sparkler or Bottle Sparkler, the better the quality of the picture.  Give your guests a chance to take breathtaking Wedding Sparkler or Bottle Sparkler pictures that could easily be edited on their smartphone.  If you use zoom on your smartphone, the Wedding Sparkler will simply appear as a glowing globe instead of a sparkling dandelion.  This leads to our next trick: use your camera phone's editing options for that professional touch!  All of our smartphones offer a basic editing software that complements the camera's capabilities.  Two great features are gridlines and burst mode (specifically on iPhones).

Factory Editing Options Already on your Phone

  Gridlines allow for proper positioning, a key practice used by professional photographers.  Follow the rule of thirds for the perfect interaction between the camera and your subject(s).  Wedding Sparklers or Bottle Sparklers and those holding them will always be the center of attention.  Following the rule of thirds for instance, will allow for a clear sparkle slightly towards the left, top intersection and the bride and groom (for example) on the right-third intersection.  Burst mode (Drama Shot Mode for Samsung phones) is a cool feature that allows the camera to take rapid-fire pictures for a specified time frame.  Preferably, make sure your camera is as steady as possible!  Burst mode is a great feature on smartphones because it will take advantage of that small window when everything is perfectly still!  Just imaging capturing the exact moment when the Wedding Sparkler or Bottle Sparkler has stretched all of its sparkles as your model(s) is/are consumed by the bliss of the moment!  Your guests will then choose the best of the best or even a corky picture that would otherwise never be captured in time!

Capturing the Sparkling Glow in Your Pictures

  HDR pictures are also another great feature on smartphones.  Wedding Sparkler or Bottle Sparkler photography offers the challenge of different layers of lighting.  The Wedding Sparkler or Bottle Sparkler itself has a high intensity light, the model(s) is/are receiving the soft glow of the Sparkler, and the background carries its own shade.  As such, using flash is often discouraged as it will overexpose the natural gold emission of the Wedding Sparkler or Bottle Sparkler.  HDR photographs, High Dynamic Range, takes the approach of layering different exposure gradients of the same picture.  In other words, your camera will preserve the lighting of each object in the picture and compile it into one. Apps!  Upgrades are at the palm of your hand when deciding to use an app.  With a quick search, you can easily find compatible apps all aimed to take better quality pics.  We highly recommend taking a look into apps that offer adjustments to your phone's shutter speed and exposure.  Both of these features make a huge difference when photographing Wedding Sparklers or Bottle Sparklers.

  We encourage your guests to try these few tricks and have the host(s) create an album of their event purely with the pictures taken by your guests.  If a wedding, the bride and groom can compose a memory album only using the fantastic Wedding Sparkler pictures taken by their lovely friends and family.  If you ever have any questions or concerns about wedding sparkler do not hesitate to call VIP Sparklers and they will sure to make the most out of your sparklers!