Thursday, July 23, 2015

Portland Wedding Sparklers

Portland Wedding Sparklers

  The City of Roses is dedicated to celebrating LOVE!  With perfect roses as center pieces, festoon your wedding venue with the color of passion.  Carrying an abundance of outdoor activities, Portland, Oregon thrives in outdoor weddings where nature sets the backdrop for wonderful photographs.  This makes Portland a prime location for the use of wedding sparklers and to shower the bride and groom with sparks of love!  With Portland's scenery and adding wedding sparklers, it becomes a perfect setting for any brides dream end to a wedding night.

"My Wedding was amazing! I loved every part of it, but it was so special to see my own parents laugh and have fun with our Wedding Sparklers...Priceless." Lexi & Paul B.

  A perfect example of a venue where one can tie the knot is Horning's Hideout.  With three separate areas to choose from,  Horning's Hideout provides the comfort of making your dream wedding come true.  ViP Sparklers wants to extend that comfort with our Wedding Sparklers!  With a virtually smokeless and ash-less sparkle, "stars" and nature will dance on your wedding day!  It is one of the most inexpensive items on your wedding list yet quickly move up you and your guests' top 3 moments!

  Gray Gables Estate is another great option for hosting your wedding day!  As a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor beauty, it is a perfect blend of elegance and live, green decor.  Such amazing photographs pay tribute to the warmth and gentle ambiance of love.  ViP Sparklers has dedicated its products to enhancing all of your plans.  Our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers easily shine at the palms of your guests' hands.  With an amazing burning time of 3.5-4 minutes, our Wedding Sparklers offer enough time for multiple group shots and set-ups.  As your guests elevate the beauty of your special day, you and your partner embrace the stage as you walk down a path of glowing graces and wishes!
The Bell Tower Chapel can ring in your wedding in an intimate setting.  As the customary starting point for any wedding ceremony,  easily relocate your celebration to their 1/2 acre grounds.  ViP Sparklers also has a cozy Wedding Sparkler for such a venue: 20 inch Wedding Sparklers.  Use the 2.5 minute burning time to decorate a place of love!  Create just the perfect grand wedding exit as a special guest rings the Chapel's bell.

  River's Edge Hotel & Spa wants to bring the Willamette River to your Wedding Day! As the serene waters entertain the peaceful minds of a well executed day, allow ViP Sparklers to make it much more memorable!  Wedding Sparklers is a definite option, but we have one special product for this venue: sky lanterns.  Just imagine setting off a crowd of sky lanterns near the open space of the Willamette River.  Guests will rejoice in taking part of their own light show as it floats with the rhythm of the mountain breeze.

ViP Sparklers in Portland

  With the wildflower viewing and being the largest city in the U.S. State of Oregon, Portland holds dear to the title of one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world.  Wedding in Portland is a dream come true for couples who always dreamed of soft grasslands stretching from towering mountains.  ViP Sparklers guarantees clarity in ever lasting photographs.  When ordering, an order of $50.00 or more will concede free FedEx Ground Shipping with an estimate delivery of 1-4 days.  ViP Sparklers is also one of the only companies to offer FedEx Express shipping for customers who could use the rush delivery.  We also understand that plans change; therefore,  ViP Sparklers will offer refunds for any unused sparklers within 30 days of purchase date.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wedding Sparkler Vases

Wedding Sparkler Vases & Buckets For Sale At ViP Sparklers

Vintage Tin Wedding Sparklers Buckets

  We are proud to announce our newest Wedding Sparkler product addition: Vintage Wedding Sparkler Tin Buckets and Holders! This versatile item is becoming a celebrated trend because of its flexibility to be personalized.  Our Vintage Tin Buckets are 15 inches tall with an 8inch top; this item has a natural steel color and feel with two secure handles for an easy lift and move.  Fill these buckets with sand, mulch, or floral foam with any flowers you find appropriate for your Wedding theme!  These wedding sparkler buckets will be your best friend when doing a grand wedding exit with sparklers.  Wedding Sparkler vases not only make great center pieces, but dramatically help with starting and ending a sparkling exit!

Aisle-Decorated Vintage Tin Buckets

  Beautifully decorate your aisle with our 15 inch Vintage Buckets for a classic vintage look! As the wooden floors preserve the rustic touch, our Tin Buckets filled with your choice of flowers will offer the impression of a piercing garden to your liking!  Our wedding sparkler buckets really help create some amazing centerpieces for your wedding.  It's amazing what some of our brides have put together with our wedding sparkler and vases already.  You can now make your wedding sparklers really shine bright before you even lit them!  ViP Sparklers is ecstatic to offer the complete package as a one stop shop to offer true wedding sparklers and buckets alongside! 
Rustic Finish Details

  Outdoor Weddings are amongst our favorite Wedding themes because of the adventure it offers its guests.  Carefully listen to the outdoors and accommodate it with bouquets of flowers that would otherwise never grow on their own.  Use our 15 inch Vintage Tin Buckets to carry your personal touch throughout your venue.  Well accustomed venues include hooks on nearby trees, walls, and outdoor furniture where the handles from our Vintage Tin Buckets can securely latch on.  Show your guests your magical "green thumb" with the aid of our Vintage Tin Buckets.

Wedding Sparklers' Tin Buckets

  Besides shouldering flower arrangements, our Vintage Tin Buckets offer a great alternative for Wedding Sparkler holders.  If you're hoping to decorate your Wedding with Sparklers, this is a great option used in many Weddings by both the Bride and Groom and Wedding Planners. Our Vintage Tin Buckets are perfect for personable messages to add a special touch to a very unique experience your guests will soon enjoy!

  Feel free to place our Vintage Tin Buckets filled with Wedding Sparklers anywhere. Given our Tin Buckets' size, 15 inches tall, it is a perfect item to place on the ground alone! Also remember to paint and decorate your Vintage Tin Buckets to match your Wedding vision!  Dip one end in paint and flip the bucket upside down, to finish drying, for a free-form look; or spray paint the entire Tin Bucket for a sleek design.  With a steel body,  tape seals evenly with our Vintage Tin Wedding Sparkler Buckets for a striped pattern form!  Add as many colors as you wish as you professionally peel off the tape and witness your creative creation!  

Why Wedding Sparklers Buckets Make it Easy for A Grand Wedding Exit

  These vintage wedding sparkler buckets make it extremely easy for you if you choose to do a wedding sparkler exit.  A common issue when doing a wedding sparkler ceremony is when wedding coordinators need an easy way to hand out all of the sparklers.  By placing the wedding sparklers out of the sleeves and into the bucket your wedding guests can easily take one sparkler out as they exit and get into line.  You won't have to worry about anyone passing out the wedding sparklers and this makes the process much quicker.  

Wedding Sparkler Vases make for an Easy Wedding Sparkler Clean up! 

  One last way to use our Vintage Tin Buckets is for USED SPARKLERS.  Venues are typically concerned with proper disposal of used Wedding Sparklers.  Below is an easy guide for safely disposing of used Wedding Sparklers:
  • Step 1: Fill our Vintage Tin Buckets half way with sand (halfway so that it isn't too heavy to carry).
  • Step 2: Place our sand-filled Vintage Tin Buckets in a designated area near where the Wedding Sparklers will be used
  • Step 3: Create a sign to inform your guests to dip the burnt Wedding Sparkler end into the sand

ViP Sparklers Wedding Bucket Information 

  We are excited to introduce Vintage Tin Buckets to our list of Wedding Favors!  They absolutely complement our beloved Wedding Sparklers!  Use our Vintage Tin Buckets for either the 20 inch Wedding Sparklers or the 36 inch Wedding Sparklers. ViP Sparklers wishes your event to be a complete success with top quality products and expert advice. If you ever have any questions about our wedding sparklers do not hesitate to call our email our offices.  We want to make sure you have the exact wedding sparklers for you big day!

  When ordering from ViP Sparklers, we offer two forms of shipping;  we encourage our customers to include their event date so that our Customer Care Specialists can determine whether the order will need to be expedited and proceed accordingly.  We fully process your order same day and aim to ship same day or next business day (depending on the time the order was made).  We hope to be a part of your memorable day and are available to offer our expert advice!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

LGBT Marriage Equality & Wedding Sparklers!

LGBT Wedding Sparklers 

Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage!

  On June 26, 2015, The Supreme Court of the United States ruled on a 5-to-4 majority that the Constitution guarantees the right to same-sex marriage! The Supreme Court ruling supports same-sex marriage nationwide. In other words, individual states are not allowed to ban same-sex marriage in its own State Constitutions.  As of today, the U.S.A. is the 21st country to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. This has been a long sought after victory, fighting for the same legal rights and benefits that heterosexual couples nationwide have been entitled to. For example, same-sex couples will now be recognized on official documents such as birth and death certificates.  At ViP Sparklers we couldn't be any more happy that now everyone who wants to celebrate true love can legally have their own wedding! 

  The President of the United States showed his support immediately following the Supreme Court ruling. President Obama expressed being proud of an American nation that slowly proved that love is love. The main argument placed forward by same-sex marriage advocates was why should two individuals be refused a fundamental right based on the lack of popularity of same-sex marriages; marriage is a cornerstone in this country.  With many legal battles slowly gaining momentum, the Supreme Court of the United States acknowledged the need to create a Federal ruling on the legality of same-sex marriage bans in state constitutions.  There is still some uncertainty as to how the law will be enforced, but with the growing support of same-sex marriage, we are positive that supporters will not divide nor fracture their strong believes after a deserving victory!

  ViP Sparklers stands proudly with the Supreme Court ruling;  we attended one of the biggest LGBT Expos in the nation at the Javits Center in New York City earlier this year (March 2015).  It was a fantastic experience where we met wonderful customers who loved our Wedding Sparklers! It was surreal being a part of the positive energy and hope the LGBT community offers to its cause.  Our ViP Sparklers team felt honored to be a part of a movement towards equality with our Wedding favors! We knew our Wedding Sparklers were an item on the Wedding list that made a significant impact on the Wedding event, but it's tough to neglect how much more special same-sex marriage couples view our Wedding Sparklers; for the LGBT community, our Wedding Sparklers can be thought of as a symbol and proof of a long-fought battle for equal love under the law!  It is an item that celebrates all their efforts, dedication, and happiness.

  ViP Sparklers has also been a proud sponsor of! It is a spectacular search engine for finding wedding vendors, wedding photographers, and real stories, real advice, and real planning tools that work! As one of the most recognized Wedding Planning resources for same-sex couples, does a fantastic job in posting recent news and trends for same-sex couples.  Recently, was acquired by WeddingWire, Inc., the leading global online site for the wedding industry!  Wedding Wire Vendors and photographers can now enlist as LGBT-friendly, opening up an enormous database for same-sex couples! ViP Sparklers considers this as another victory for same-sex couples as resources are as impactful as decisions.

Ordering ViP Sparklers for Same-Sex Weddings

  We would love to celebrate your love on your special day! ViP Sparklers' Wedding Sparklers are the best quality Wedding Sparklers in the industry with steel wire cores and virtually ash-less and smokeless sparkles.  An order of $50.00 or more will grant you FREE FedEx Ground Shipping with an estimated delivery time of 1-5 business days.  If Wedding Sparklers were more of a spontaneous item on your list,  ViP Sparklers is one of the few companies to offer expedited shipping.  Guaranteeing an accurate delivery is our priority; therefore, please make sure to include your event date on our Customer Notes section during checkout.

  Our ViP Sparklers' team carefully monitors our social media, emails, and phone lines for any customer questions or concerns.  Our team is also available for recommendations and advice just in case customers are unclear on the amount or size to purchase for their meaningful day.  We encourage our customers to reach out to us at any time through any medium! We hope to offer the best Wedding Sparklers and Wedding Favors products for your extraordinary day!