Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why Brides Love 36 inch Wedding Sparklers

Why Brides Love 36 inch Wedding Sparklers

  As you celebrate your memorable day, there are so many details to consider for your wedding!  A theme must be picked, wedding props put aside, and timing tamed to a gentle breeze.  We understand the hard work you invest when trying to bottle the magic for your surreal day!  ViP Sparklers has been in the wedding industry for nearly 10 years with hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied guests;  we feel our BEST SELLING Wedding Sparkler is the missing ingredient for utterly amazing photographs: 36 inch Wedding Sparklers.  Our 36 inch wedding sparklers happen to be our brides favorite sparkler for many reasons. 
  Unlike traditional sparklers, our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers are meant to perform beautifully.  With a steel wire core, these sparklers burn with a sparkle sketched only by an artist!  The clarity in every second your sparklers whisper to the wind grants such a photogenic effect for photographers to dive into with their cameras.  With a practically smokeless and ashless burn, your guests will take deep breaths of joy!
"I loved my wedding! And to hear my friends genuinely tell me they loved, loved, loved how much fun the 36 inch wedding sparklers were, it makes it that much sweeter!" -Karla and Ben Laghn

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Burn Times

  Merely from its size, ViP Sparklers guarantees a burning time of 3.5-4 minutes for its 36 inch Wedding Sparkler.  Take full advantage of an everlasting flare for multiple group shots!  If your photographer is aware that you'll be using Wedding Sparklers, he/she can plan accordingly.  For instance, using a shutter effect, photographers can string together multiple shots into one and create shapes, numbers or figures sewn by sparkles!  Just imagine writing your wedding date as you make your exclamation mark with a kiss.  Or a heart with each half completed by your partner.  Our 36 inch Wedding Sparkler is sure to send your message the way it deserves to be sent: unforgettably!
  One of the signature ways to utilize our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers is during a grand wedding exit!  Just as your vows recently made destiny blush, guests line up to give you a wedding exit of a life time!  With your photographers on both ends,  walk a road built by your closest friends and family;  stroll down a run way ready for love to take off!  Anyone will feel the magic once they see "magic wands" lighting the night.  Another popular wedding exit is a Goodbye Circle;  similar to a grand wedding exit, guests form a circle with one exit point.  The Bride and Groom start at the opposite end, briefly say goodbye to each other as they part ways, say farewell to each guest and finally reunite at the exit point.  Our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers can make all of this happen and more!

Ordering ViP Sparklers 36 inch wedding sparklers

  ViP Sparklers promises to deliver the vision you wish to share with everyone! Order your 36 inch Wedding Sparklers and if the order is over $50.00, enjoy our FREE 1-4 business day delivery.  We also offer FedEx Express Shipping for excited brides and grooms who may have initially assumed our Wedding Sparklers wouldn't arrive in time.  Experience for yourself why our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers are a MAJOR MUST at your wedding! If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or contact us via email at

Monday, June 15, 2015

Five Ways to Improve VIP EXPERIENCE at Any NightClub

5 Ways to Improve Your ViP Experience At The Nightclub 

  ViP Sparklers has put together a group of items guaranteed to improve the VIP Experience at any NightClub!  We received absolutely great reviews for each and every product on this list.  One great emphasize was the enhanced experience customers felt when interacting with our products.  For instance, the bass of the music is amplified by a pulsating LED Strobe Baton, and the energy of a huge celebration is intensified with eruptive Champagne Bottle Sparklers!  Immediately upgrade the luxury and atmosphere of your venue with these fantastic products:

Champagne Bottle Sparklers

  Our first product is our only product on this list involving open flames!  For venues without any open flame restrictions, it is an absolute item to have in your inventory.  Mostly used in conjunction with Champagne bottles, treat your guests to a four to six inch outburst of sparkles!  With our Safety Bottle Clips,  our Champagne Bottle Sparklers securely attach to any Champagne Bottle;  our Safety Bottle Clips even allow for multiple Champagne Bottle Sparklers on a single bottle!  Given the quality of our products, guests can also hold the Champagne Bottle Sparklers by the red end tip to personally manage the outpouring of energy.  With our champagne bottle sparklers this is a sure way to grab the attention of the entire nightclub our lounge.  Everybody loves seeing sparklers in the nightclub!  Let your high end clientele make a night to remember in VIP with our nightclub bottle sparklers.

LED Strobe Batons and LED Bottle Sparklers

  Following our Champagne Bottle Sparklers are the alternatives for those venues that are not allowed to have open flames due to Fire Marshal fire laws and restrictions.  LED Strobe Batons and LED Bottle Sparklers create a very similar effect as Champagne Bottle Sparklers by taking advantage of the bright LED lights and effects.  For example, choose the tempo of the LED Strobe Batons and LED Bottle Sparklers to match the theme of your event;  flash at a slow tempo or a fast pulsating heart-beat pace when introducing your VIP guests or products! One additional feature specifically of the LED Bottle Sparklers is the complementary use with our Safety Bottle Clips; securely attach up to three LED Bottle Sparklers to any bottle with the perfect fitting Safety Bottle Clips.

LED NightClub Menus

  With two different sizes, LED Nightclub Menus are a great addition to any NightClub!  Present your menu with bright clarity and a sleek black hard-cover design. Our LED NightClub Menus are rechargeable and last 6-8hrs when continuously lit on a single charge (charger included).  With either the Two-Sided LED NightClub Menu or One-Sided Large LED NightClub Menu, showcase your venue's products and ambiance with a bright LED glow.  Our Two-Sided LED NightClub measures two illuminated areas of 8"x 10"inch each (similar to a book in design).  The One-Sided Large LED NightClub Menu has a classic design with an enormous 8"x 14"inch illuminated area (one sided surface; portrait or landscape orientation).

LED Foam Sticks

 Our LED Foam Sticks first started in Las Vegas and have quickly become one of the hottest items for all nightclubs, concerts, and sporting events!  These vibrant colored lights help create a rainbow style light show!  With three varying patterns and colors, fast strobe lighting, slow flashing, and multicolor, our LED Foam Sticks are the last item for improving your venue's experience and decor!

Ordering from ViP Sparklers

  Our great selection of NightClub items are amongst the most popular ViP products trending today!  ViP Sparklers is proud to improve any venue's atmosphere with these in demand items!  Whether you are allowed open fire or not,  ViP Sparklers has options for everyone!  If you are hosting a major event,  ViP Sparklers can offer expedited shipping to guarantee a successful night!  We also provide FREE FedEx Ground Shipping on ALL ORDERS $50 or more. Make the best changes with our top five NightClub items for a completely remodeled and attractive look!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at