Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Affordable 36 Inch Sparklers

 Wedding  Sparklers- 36 inch

                                                               Benefits of  Wedding Sparklers

36" Wedding Sparklers Cheap
36" Wedding Sparklers Path!
  When dealing with wedding sparklers the most popular option and widely known is the 36 inch sparkler or more commonly known as a the #36 inch wedding sparklers.  These are the sparklers you see in majority of the wedding sparklers images and leave you breathtaking!  At ViP Sparklers we want to take the time to explain all of the positive benefits of choosing our 36 inch wedding sparklers over other sizes and even bamboo sparklers.  ViP Sparklers is happy to announce that we have made the #36 inch sparklers affordable for all brides and grooms! 

36 inch wedding sparklers over other products?  

The most prominent reason that #36 inch sparklers are chosen over any other wedding sparklers is because of the burn length.  At ViP Sparklers our 36" wedding sparklers will give you approximately four to four and half minutes of burn time! Our wedding sparklers are made out of steel wired which will create a drooping effect like other sparklers on the market.  We don't want you holding a sparkler that is slowly falling down! 

Why is the burn time important?

With the burn length being this long it allows all of your guests at the wedding to line up and light up all of there sparklers without worrying about some sparklers going out while you make your grand exit!  We never want you the bride to half to walk through sparklers that are running out!  With our wedding sparklers you will have enough time to not even worry about rushing and you can truly enjoy the moment in all of it's awe.  With ViP Sparklers you will not have to worry about anything but enjoying the moment, and that's what we want for you!

Why not 36" bamboo sparklers?

We highly discourage our brides and grooms purchasing any type of bamboo sparklers for many reasons.  Bamboo sparklers are very cheap and with these sparklers you really get what you pay for.  With these type of wedding sparklers you will find them to give off an excessive amount of smoke while being lit.  One of the coolest aspects of doing wedding sparklers is they create amazing photography and atmosphere.  If you choose bamboo sparklers you will be surrounded by what will look like a forest fire.  What also tends to happen with these type of sparklers is they create a huge drooping effect which makes them extremely difficult to hold.


Dedication you deserve!

At ViP Sparklers we have a full staff that allows us to give you the dedicated time and attention you deserve.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to always shoot us an email at or even call our main offices at 407-545-1398.  We want to find the exact sparkler that you are looking for and add an extra spark to your night! 

Affordable 10 Inch Sparklers

Facts and Uses For 10 Inch Sparklers

  We know you soon to be brides already have a lot on your plate before your big wedding day.  That's why at ViP Sparklers we want you to have to worry about one less thing!  We want to help you out and briefly go over each and every different sparkler we offer and how best to use them.  Our first sparklers we want to touch upon is our 10 inch wedding sparkler we offer.  These are swiftly becoming one of our best selling sparklers for weddings and all romantic occasions. A lot of restaurants especially love our #10 inch sparklers because they go fantastic with desserts!  We are happy to announce our ten inch sparklers are safe for indoor use.
10 Inch sparklers in action
10 Inch Sparkler in action

  Why do we love our 10 inch sparklers for weddings?  These are the absolute best sparklers to attach to your wedding cake.  These unique ten inch sparklers are steel wired so they won't leave any ashy residue on your beloved cake! But why stop there with our ten inch sparklers! The most exciting way to incorporate these sparklers is when using them for first dances.  Using our sparklers for first dances has produced some of the most magical photographs and video's! Having the newly bride and groom enjoying their first dance while being surrounded by there loved ones holding sparklers creates a magical, almost fairy tale ending.

First Dance with our ViP Sparklers!

  It doesn't stop there for other ways to use our #10 inch sparklers at weddings! We've recently had a lot of brides express to us that they've been using these specific sparklers for wedding toasts.  Why not let the speaker have the floor with a stage to remember!

  Don't forget these smaller sparklers are used for countless other romantic occasions as well as for, fourth of July, Halloween, sweet sixteen, and QuinceaƱeras.  The best part about these certain sparklers is they are very reasonable priced at ViP Sparklers and we offer them at a discounted rate which make they cheap for all types of occasions.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Dress Up Your Sparklers

Keeping it classy with your sparklers!

We all know our famous wedding sparklers are a sure way to have people talking about the end of your big day for weeks and years.  Our wedding sparklers are trending and becoming extremely popular from Manhattan to Hollywood!  Ending the night in a shower of sparks gives you that fairy tale ending that we all dream about at age six.  But why not showcase and dress up your wedding sparklers before you even use them!  Some of our customers have sent pictures of how they showcased their sparklers before you even light them up.  Instead of keeping all of these amazing wedding sparklers images we thought we would share them with you to help plan and organize your upcoming big day! Please check out our wedding sparkler images below! Enjoy!

This was sent in by Emma P. who used our ViP Wedding Sparklers on 1/12/2011

Sent in by Tracy S. who used our 10 inch indoor sparklers!  

Sent in by Jessica who made it extremely easy for her guests!

Alexis Giving our ViP Sparklers the stage and attention they deserve!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Sparklers in Florida

Beach Sparklers!  

 Everyday there are 5,000 weddings going on across the country and a lot of them are happening in the sunshine state of Florida.  You have a million reasons why you would be drawn to Florida for your wedding.  We have the white sand, ocean water, theme parks, and who could forget the warm weather that help make your wedding day everything you ever wanted!

The only thing missing to truly complete you're amazing wedding in Florida is by adding our wedding sparklers .  We are now happy to announce we have our most popular #36 inch wedding sparklers at discounted rate which makes them affordable for anybody.  We also carry our famous #10 inch wedding sparklers for first dances and wedding toasts which are safe for indoor uses.

No matter which part of Florida you have your wedding whether it is Key West, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca, Naples, Fort Myers, Tampa, Sarasota, St Augustine, and Jacksonville; adding sparklers to exit off your beach will have your guests talking and smiling for weeks!  Things that are very important to keep in mind with Florida weddings are to book them extremely early because weddings in Florida during the summer are very popular.  It's also a great idea to let your photographer know you are going to be using wedding sparklers so they can come up creative and romantic ideas on how to incorporate them into your big day! 

To order wedding sparklers for your Florida wedding don't think of anyone else except ViP Sparklers. 

Wedding Sparklers & Pinterest

Pinterest Mayhem!

It seems like Pinterest is becoming increasingly more and more popular!  At ViP Sparklers we couldn't stay away any longer!  We absolutely love everything about this website!

After spending countless hours looking into this website I came across one of the most breathtaking wedding photo I've ever seen!  Our team at ViP Sparklers spends everyday working hard to make sure our brides and grooms have the best exit to the next stage of their life.  After seeing this picture it reconfirms how much we love selling sparklers for all romantic occasions! Just helping out all future brides to show how amazing it is to use our wedding sparklers.  Be sure to talk to your photographer and let them know you'll be using wedding sparklers at your event so they can capture the most exquisite photos!