Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Dress Up Your Sparklers

Keeping it classy with your sparklers!

We all know our famous wedding sparklers are a sure way to have people talking about the end of your big day for weeks and years.  Our wedding sparklers are trending and becoming extremely popular from Manhattan to Hollywood!  Ending the night in a shower of sparks gives you that fairy tale ending that we all dream about at age six.  But why not showcase and dress up your wedding sparklers before you even use them!  Some of our customers have sent pictures of how they showcased their sparklers before you even light them up.  Instead of keeping all of these amazing wedding sparklers images we thought we would share them with you to help plan and organize your upcoming big day! Please check out our wedding sparkler images below! Enjoy!

This was sent in by Emma P. who used our ViP Wedding Sparklers on 1/12/2011

Sent in by Tracy S. who used our 10 inch indoor sparklers!  

Sent in by Jessica who made it extremely easy for her guests!

Alexis Giving our ViP Sparklers the stage and attention they deserve!

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