Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Sparklers & Pinterest

Pinterest Mayhem!

It seems like Pinterest is becoming increasingly more and more popular!  At ViP Sparklers we couldn't stay away any longer!  We absolutely love everything about this website!

After spending countless hours looking into this website I came across one of the most breathtaking wedding photo I've ever seen!  Our team at ViP Sparklers spends everyday working hard to make sure our brides and grooms have the best exit to the next stage of their life.  After seeing this picture it reconfirms how much we love selling sparklers for all romantic occasions! Just helping out all future brides to show how amazing it is to use our wedding sparklers.  Be sure to talk to your photographer and let them know you'll be using wedding sparklers at your event so they can capture the most exquisite photos!


  1. Yeah, you are right that pinterest is becoming more and more popular. It is my favorite especially when it comes to get ideas for parties and celebrations. I will get engaged at domestic Chicago event space and I have gathered various ideas from pinterest for party decorations.