Friday, August 14, 2015

Traveling with Wedding Sparklers

Traveling with Wedding Sparklers

  Deciding to use Wedding Sparklers has many benefits;  you are introducing an item that quickly becomes a memorable celebration in and of itself for weddings.  Wedding Sparklers are often overlooked by brides and are usually not needed until the very last moment.  ViP Sparklers wanted to help give you some great guidelines on traveling with wedding sparklers. Though one would think that all states would not have a problem with Wedding Sparklers, it is consider a firework altogether in a few states;  we recommend viewing states as venues themselves: some have restrictions.  So when deciding to use Wedding Sparklers, your state is your first venue to research.  

Delivering Wedding Sparklers By Ground

  Driving your Wedding Sparklers to your final destination is oftentimes a convenient route many customers opt to take.  Some times, family members traveling to the wedding decide to purchase the Wedding Sparklers given that the wedding state may not sell the particular item the Bride and Groom were looking for.  All states allow visitors to import Wedding Sparklers via their own vehicles, so you wont have any issues.  ViP Sparklers offers free FedEx Ground shipping with any order of our 36 inch or 20 inch wedding sparklers.  We offer same day shipping as well, so if your in a pinch you can absolutely call our offices and we can tell you the exact day your sparklers will arrive.  Our goal is to make the bride have one less thing to worry and we stay with you until the final wedding sparkler goes out.

Flying With Wedding Sparklers

  On the other hand, carrying Wedding Sparklers in your carry-on bag or checked bag is absolutely prohibited.  Please do not try to fly with your wedding sparklers under any circumstances as this is illegal and we do not want our brides and grooms getting in trouble.  Flight regulations are noticeably firmer than ground.  Though still allowed, shipping Wedding Sparklers requires detailed paperwork and additional fees on a companies behalf.  ViP Sparklers takes care of all these shipping details;  we can easily ship your Wedding Sparklers to any destination you wish with either FedEx Ground or Express options as we do have a private carrier where we are able to specifically package and use proper paperwork to ensure delivery in time.  Although it is much more expensive to express ship your wedding sparklers, if you are under an extreme crunch we can still make it in time for you grand wedding exit!  However, we always recommend our FedEx Ground option as it is Free, and who doesn't love free things with how expensive weddings are nowadays!   

Ordering From ViP Sparklers

  ViP Sparklers understands that Brides and Grooms have enough to manage already.  We will take care of everything and make sure your Wedding Sparklers arrive to your venue on time.  With an order from ViP Sparklers will offer FREE FedEx Ground shipping.  We offer a delivery time estimate of 2 to 5 days.  For orders requiring immediate delivery, ViP Sparklers is one of the few companies to exclusively offer Express shipping.  Our goal is to make sure we get our brides their wedding sparklers in time and offer a True Wedding Sparklers.  Most other companies wedding sparklers are not as they say. At ViP Sparklers we take pride in offering virtually smokeless and ash-less wedding sparklers specifically built for wedding exits.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please call our offices and we will help you put together the ideal package of wedding sparklers or other wedding products we carry! 

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