Friday, August 14, 2015

Las Vegas Wedding Sparklers

Las Vegas Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers in Las Vegas

  The City of Lights is opening its doors to anyone and everyone!  As one of the major attractions,  Las Vegas, Nevada is recognized as one of the wealthiest cities in the entire country and one of the top tourist destinations in the world!  We have seen it in movies and shows and are full aware of the free bird spirit this city came to adopt: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  As most guests arrive with a hunger for adventure,  Las Vegas has managed to live on either extreme, if you will.  Enclosed by mountains, it is a city trumping a modern oasis!
  Just as there are Casinos, there are Museums;  just as there are movie sets, there is the Smith Center for the Performing Arts.  And while some make this destination their sudden wedding venue, others plan it for many, many months.  What's better than Las Vegas you may ask? Two Las Vegas"es"!  ViP Sparklers is a mini Las Vegas waiting to join your main event!  With several places to tie the knot, Las Vegas is prepared for any wedding idea you may have. Cili At Bali Hai is an example of a venue with both a ceremony and reception area (contrary to smaller chapels).  With its comfortable outdoor setting, it is a perfect place to showcase ViP Sparklers' 36 inch Wedding Sparklers!  As the celebration comes to an end, Wedding  Sparklers can introduce the beginning of your honeymoon right here in Las Vegas!  With a virtually smokeless and ash-less sparkle of 3.5-4 minutes, take phenomenal photos that will surely capture the magic of the city.

  Wedding by Tropicana in Las Vegas offers a view of the city!  Specifically the Terrace option, imagine hosting your memorable day under the magical lights of the city.  As a river of pedals flows through the center aisle,  you and your partner will stand in front of skyscrapers and hues of sunset colors.  ViP Sparklers can complement the spectacular light show given off by the city with our 20 inch Wedding Sparklers.  With a burning time of 2.5 minutes,  our Wedding Sparklers at your wedding will be the perfect first impression of what Las Vegas has to offer!

ViP Sparklers in Las Vegas

  Given the popularity of Las Vegas, many who "Wed" here decide to spend their honeymoon here as well!  ViP Sparklers wants your wedding to be the highlight of your guest's trip.  With many venues offering complete packages, we feel we can create the unique experience of blending the presence of such a city with the tenderness of your love;  it is a city with no limits, and our Wedding Sparklers share the same philosophy!  ViP Sparklers can offer FREE FedEx Ground shipping for orders and an estimated delivery of 1-4 days.  We also have Express shipping for anyone who is spontaneous or simply came across our products in the latter half of their planning.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email us at Thank you!

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  1. The pictures and view from their website made us excited to see it, so we booked an appointment and found that these guys do not treat you like just some paycheck. The manager and chef from DC wedding venues both were really amazing.