Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Sparklers

Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Sparklers 

Sparklers For Your Wedding Indoors  Congratulations on deciding to use Wedding Sparklers on your inspiring day!  We also want to express how awesome your venue is for allowing the use of Wedding Sparklers!  Though Wedding Sparklers are gaining much momentum and are strongly becoming a top MUST HAVE Wedding item, some venues do not allow it.  Others are reluctant, and therefore favor a conservative approach to Wedding Sparklers especially if indoors.  In such cases,  it is about size and quantity.

Indoor Use For Wedding Sparklers:  

  ViP Sparklers recommends our premium sparklers for indoor use for your wedding.  Given its conservative size,  These premium wedding sparklers can offer complete comfort to hesitant venues.  With this particular size,  there is a 35-45 second sparkle ideal for a toast or first kiss.  Though our Wedding Sparklers are virtually smokeless and ash-less,  the small amount of smoke given off as the Sparkle burns can become noticeable if too many Wedding Sparklers are being used in a compact area.  A safe quantity for our premium wedding sparklers is approximately one hundred sparklers.

Dessert-Sparklers   Just in case the idea of Wedding Sparklers still concerns your Wedding Venue, we have a few alternatives that could still add a special glow to your celebration: Our heart shaped wedding sparklers and Dessert Sparklers.  Heart-shaped Sparklers offer a special detail that softly complements your special day!  As the Sparkle begins in two,  it unites as it nears its destination, signifying how the lovely couple has chosen to unite their love for each other.  ViP Sparklers recommends roughly six Heart-shaped Sparklers for indoor use.  Dessert Sparklers are diverse products that can be used for bottles, cakes/ desserts, and hand-held celebrations.  With a 4-6 inch flame,  it is surprisingly suitable for indoor use.  Weddings, birthday parties, and nightclubs take full advantage of Dessert Sparklers given its eruption of entertainment!

Outdoor Use For Wedding Sparklers:  

36-Inch-Wedding-Sparklers  There are virtually no limitations for Wedding Sparklers when used outdoors!  Bride and Grooms take full advantage of the flexibility with grand wedding exits and Farewell Circles;  our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers perform beautifully and execute every Sparkle perfectly!  20 inch Wedding Sparklers are also another great option, simply keep in mind the burning time of 2.5-3 minutes when compared to the 36 inch Wedding Sparklers (3.5-4 minutes).  Bride and Grooms can also take part in photo shoots with the popular Wedding Sparkler Writing effect (Shutter effect) and Wedding Sparklers Flowers.  Additionally, our Premium 10 inch Wedding Sparklers are great for outdoor use, simply keep in mind the burning time and how it relates to your plans.
ViP Sparklers' Promise to YOU!

  Choosing to have Wedding Sparklers (including Dessert Sparklers) in your event creates a celebration within a celebration!  We are thrilled to be responsible for uniting guests, hosts, and venues with the joy of the present moment!  With over 10 years of experience in the Wedding Industry, many concerns and questions have arise from our customers and venues.  Our products innately resolve many of the issues given our top quality merchandise while ViP Sparklers works to bridge any gaps to make sure everything goes according to your plans.  We are here to ease your Wedding Sparklers shopping experience and like to think of ourselves as your Wedding Sparklers Wedding Planners!  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us or email us at

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