Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Are The Best

 Why 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Are The Best

  Congratulations on choosing Wedding Sparklers for your special day!  It is an item that is sure to enhance your romantic vision.  Here at ViP Sparklers, we classify the effect Wedding Sparklers have as LOVING ENERGY!  We strongly believe that Wedding Sparklers create an energy that spreads throughout the celebration instantly!  It reminds everyone about the true essence of joy and the surreal moment they are being a part of.  We are proud to take part in such a significant day of your life and confidently believe in the effect Wedding Sparklers have on your guests and the newly Mr. and Mrs.
  Though Wedding Sparklers all have the same commitment to sparkle perfectly, there are variations in size and thus the length of time it will remain lit.  ViP Sparklers offers several sizes though one has earned the priviledge of being the MOST POPULAR: 36 inch Wedding Sparklers.  Our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers can first be described as a 3.5-4 minute burning time sensation!  As such, we highly recommend planning a mini photoshoot when using these Wedding Sparklers;  one way to fully take advantage of the extended burning time is with the shutter effect.  The Bride and Groom can write several messages with the 36 inch Wedding Sparkler and later decide which one to use;  it is a benefit that only this particular size can offer.  If compared to the 10 inch Wedding Sparkler for instance, the Bride and Groom may only have one chance to spell out their LOVE (literally).
  Following the vision of sparkling words, have your guests spell out their appreciation for you!  A popular tradition involves bridesmaids and groomsmen decorating your presence with sparkle-filled hearts, wedding dates, and swirls only second to Cinderella's enchanting transformation!  With its steel wire core, transform a traditional picture with our virtually smokeless and ashless sparkles!
  ViP Sparklers also suggests using our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers before the celebratory day.  Just picture lying down with your partner on soft grass, a gentle sunset beginning to yawn with tiredsome eyes, surrounded by Wedding Sparkler flowers!  Plant our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers around you and your loved one in the shape of a heart or any pattern you desire.  Ask your photographer to position him/herself above you both immediately after your 36 inch Wedding Sparklers begin to replace the sun itself.  The photographs are simply breathtaking!  It creates such a warm appeal expressing the strength yet gentle touch of love.
  Another option as to how to use unlit 36 inch Wedding Sparklers is as center pieces.  Take creative liberty in how you decorate the Wedding Sparkler vases.  Also use Wedding Sparkler tags to add that extra detail to your unique center pieces.  Connect with your guests from the moment they take a seat!
  Top our MOST POPULAR Wedding Sparkler with the MOST POPULAR wedding approach: the grand wedding exit!  You can consider this the shining moment for 36 inch Wedding Sparklers;  it is a feat truly designed for this size.  As your guests create a run way, the Bride and Groom take off for their honeymoon under handheld stars.  We have seen endless pictures that truly capture the grand wedding exit splendor all thanks to our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers!  It can best be described as fading gold carrying the wishes and love of your guests as it sprinkles over destined love.

Ordering 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

  ViP Sparklers wishes you the best on your meaningful day!  Each Wedding Sparkler size has its area of expertise, and we are here to guide you in the Wedding Sparkler process.  We offer FREE FedEx Ground shipping on ALL ORDERS!  Receive your 36 inch Wedding Sparklers within 1-4 days depending on your location in the USA.  If rush delivery is needed, Grand Wedding Exit also offers FedEx Express shipping.

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