Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why Brides Love 36 inch Wedding Sparklers

Why Brides Love 36 inch Wedding Sparklers

  As you celebrate your memorable day, there are so many details to consider for your wedding!  A theme must be picked, wedding props put aside, and timing tamed to a gentle breeze.  We understand the hard work you invest when trying to bottle the magic for your surreal day!  ViP Sparklers has been in the wedding industry for nearly 10 years with hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied guests;  we feel our BEST SELLING Wedding Sparkler is the missing ingredient for utterly amazing photographs: 36 inch Wedding Sparklers.  Our 36 inch wedding sparklers happen to be our brides favorite sparkler for many reasons. 
  Unlike traditional sparklers, our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers are meant to perform beautifully.  With a steel wire core, these sparklers burn with a sparkle sketched only by an artist!  The clarity in every second your sparklers whisper to the wind grants such a photogenic effect for photographers to dive into with their cameras.  With a practically smokeless and ashless burn, your guests will take deep breaths of joy!
"I loved my wedding! And to hear my friends genuinely tell me they loved, loved, loved how much fun the 36 inch wedding sparklers were, it makes it that much sweeter!" -Karla and Ben Laghn

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Burn Times

  Merely from its size, ViP Sparklers guarantees a burning time of 3.5-4 minutes for its 36 inch Wedding Sparkler.  Take full advantage of an everlasting flare for multiple group shots!  If your photographer is aware that you'll be using Wedding Sparklers, he/she can plan accordingly.  For instance, using a shutter effect, photographers can string together multiple shots into one and create shapes, numbers or figures sewn by sparkles!  Just imagine writing your wedding date as you make your exclamation mark with a kiss.  Or a heart with each half completed by your partner.  Our 36 inch Wedding Sparkler is sure to send your message the way it deserves to be sent: unforgettably!
  One of the signature ways to utilize our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers is during a grand wedding exit!  Just as your vows recently made destiny blush, guests line up to give you a wedding exit of a life time!  With your photographers on both ends,  walk a road built by your closest friends and family;  stroll down a run way ready for love to take off!  Anyone will feel the magic once they see "magic wands" lighting the night.  Another popular wedding exit is a Goodbye Circle;  similar to a grand wedding exit, guests form a circle with one exit point.  The Bride and Groom start at the opposite end, briefly say goodbye to each other as they part ways, say farewell to each guest and finally reunite at the exit point.  Our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers can make all of this happen and more!

Ordering ViP Sparklers 36 inch wedding sparklers

  ViP Sparklers promises to deliver the vision you wish to share with everyone! Order your 36 inch Wedding Sparklers and if the order is over $50.00, enjoy our FREE 1-4 business day delivery.  We also offer FedEx Express Shipping for excited brides and grooms who may have initially assumed our Wedding Sparklers wouldn't arrive in time.  Experience for yourself why our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers are a MAJOR MUST at your wedding! If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or contact us via email at

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