Monday, February 22, 2016

Testing Your Wedding Sparklers For Quality

Easy Ways to Test Your Wedding Sparklers Quality

ViP Sparklers is proud to offer a few ways to test your sparkler's quality. Our goal is to offer the best wedding sparklers in the wedding market for your special event. We want our sparklers to exceed your expectations. ViP Sparklers caters to all the bride and grooms who are looking forward to amazing wedding photographs and a stress-free wedding sparkler shopping experience.
When we first began our search for wedding sparklers, there were several tests that helped narrow down which sparkler was the absolute best. We are now revealing our checklist for everyone to use when coming across wedding sparklers.
Wedding Sparklers have two distinct physical divisions: steel wire core and firework composition. Reviewing your wedding sparkler begins with physically testing the sparkler. 

How To Check Your Sparklers For Your Wedding

As mentioned in our previous blogs, true wedding sparklers consist of a steel wire core. Sparklers with a steel wire core allow for a firm, secure sparkler. As such, bride, groom, and guests are able to safely hold their sparkler as well as display it in vases or sparkler buckets. Low quality sparklers are built with bamboo wooden cores that result in very smoky sparkles and flimsly sparkler handles. Bamboo sparklers easily break when waving it during a grand wedding exit and eventually burn with the sparkler itself.
The second physical distinction in wedding sparklers is the firework composition. On the opposite end of the handle, the wedding sparkler is composed of a dark gray firework composition that is "glued" to the steel wire core. Sparklers of great quality are double-dipped in sparkler firework composition to create a compact sparkle. A few ways to test the quality of the firework composition is to flick or tap the sparkler on a wooden desk; when doing so, your sparkler should not chip at all. If it does, it may more likely be a lower tier wedding sparkler.
Customers can also double check the quality of the firework composition by squeezing the sparkler between their index and thumb fingers. A top quality sparkler will leave little to no sparkler dust on your fingers. On the contrary, poor quality sparklers will leave behind noticeable sparkler dust and even debris.

After lighting your sparkler

Lighting your sparkler will most definitely determine the quality of your sparkler. When purchasing wedding sparklers, clear and virtually smokeless sparkles is key since the main attraction of wedding sparklers is their beautiful appearance in photographs. Lower quality sparklers produce unbearable amounts of smoke while the best quality sparklers emit very little smoke. Once you light your sparkler, you will immediately notice whether your sparkler is one of the best sparklers in the wedding industry.
Besides examining the amount of smoke emitted by your sparkler, you also want to determine the amount of ash it produces. Choose a clean, white or light-colored counter top to place your sparkler over. Once you light your wedding sparkler, hover over your counter top. If your sparkler begins to break apart in small pieces, we recommend returning it given its low quality. Our sparklers will sparkle with virtually no ash or broken pieces for a hassle-free wedding sparkler experience.

ViP Sparklers Has Quality Wedding Sparklers

We are confident in the quality of our sparklers. They are well built with steel wire cores and compact firework composition. Customers can easily review and test the quality of any sparkler they purchase. Most sparkler companies offer refunds for unused sparklers, so if you happen to purchase low quality sparklers, you may still have enough time to return them and buy top quality sparklers. ViP Sparklers offers expedited shipping options if your event is less than a week away!

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