Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wedding Sparklers For Sale

 Sparklers For Sale

  Shopping for wedding sparklers is a process. It all begins with finding the best sparkler for your wedding (quality, sparkler size), then figuring out how many sparklers you should purchase, and finally having an idea of the best wedding sparkler practices. Blogs are a great source for insight and can really paint the full picture of the wedding sparkler experience. One company, VIP SPARKLERS, offers the industry's first "Wedding Sparkler Package." We are a huge fan of the "Sparkler Package" given its wholesome features (discussed shortly).
  Some times, customers shopping for wedding sparklers are under the impression that there is only ONE wedding sparkler product in the market. Unfortunately, there are quite a few options to choose from, ranging from quality, price, and color. We were able to narrow down which sparkler is best for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Wedding Sparklers Package on Sale

  Simply put, sparklers that are built around a metal (steel) wire core, gray in composition (physically), and produce a GOLD sparkle are the best quality sparklers in the wedding industry. Though other sparklers can match the brightness and strength of gray, metal wire sparklers, no other sparkler matches the "minimal smoke" and "crystal clear" sparkles. In the wedding industry, these top quality sparklers are known as TRUE WEDDING SPARKLERS.

36 inch vs 20inch Sparklers

  The main difference between 36inch and 20inch sparklers is their length and "sparkle time." Typically, 36inch sparklers sparkle for about 3.5mins while 20inch sparklers last about 2.5mins. For larger wedding parties, it is customary to recommend 36inch sparklers given their extended burning time. When deciding how many sparklers to purchase, simply keep in mind that at least 10% of the wedding party will not stay long enough to participate in your sparkler exit.

True Wedding Sparklers

  A very exciting initiative by VIP SPARKLERS is to offer your very own Wedding Sparkler Package. Their sparkler package contains a selection of either 36inch or 20inch sparklers, wedding tags, sparkler buckets, and 50 FREE wedding punks (lighters). All of their wedding sparkler packages qualify for FREE SHIPPING though we always recommend taking into consideration their estimated delivery time for this particular shipping choice.

Wedding Tags

  If you're wondering what wedding tags are, it is no surprise given that they are a relatively new item brought forward by wedding sparklers. Wedding tags are used to decorate sparklers when put on display. Traditionally, wedding sparklers are stored away until it is time to use them. More recently, bridal parties are displaying their wedding sparklers for two reasons: inform their wedding guests of the sparkler sendoff and to showcase their unique wedding favor. Wedding Tags, also known as Sparkler Tags, are placed in each individual wedding sparkler. Wedding Tags come in different shapes and designs depending on the company selling it. VIP SPARKLERS sells one shape design but a couple of "text designs" to choose from: "Let Love Sparkle" (with the bride and groom's names) and "Sparks Will Fly At..." (with a custom time) are currently their wedding tag options. Sparkler Tags are just the beginning when displaying your wedding sparklers as centerpieces. After decorating each sparkler, customers have the are also given a Sparkler Bucket in their Wedding Sparkler Package.
Sparkler Buckets
  Simply decorating each individual sparkler isn't enough. In order to showcase your wedding sparklers and make them "centerpiece worthy," your sparkler package includes a Sparkler Bucket: a 15inch vintage, metal bucket. VIP SPARKLERS recommends filling the vintage bucket with sand or small-sized gravel. After placing wedding tags on your sparklers, "plant" each sparkler into the sand and space them to your liking. Customers can then decorate the sparkler bucket itself with either a ribbon or bow or small chalkboard with a nice message. A great benefit to Sparkler Buckets is its multiple usage. After your wedding exit for example, guests can dip the used-burned side of the sparkler into the sand or gravel. Wedding guests or wedding venue staff will not need to worry about stepping on used sparklers or misplaced (still hot) sparklers immediately after the wedding sendoff. After the ceremony, bride and groom can also find multiple uses for their vintage bucket.

Wedding Punks

  One of the most asked questions is "how to light wedding sparklers." The number way to light sparklers is to use another lit sparkler. Of course, using only sparklers to light the rest can be counter-intuitive if done improperly. Thus, wedding punks hit the market. Unlike open flame products such as lighters, torches, and lighters, a wedding punk resembles an incense. It is a product that does produce noticeable smoke, but it is only meant to be used to light sparklers, not in lieu of sparklers! Wedding Punks are about 7-8 inches in length and are a nice added bonus.

FREE Shipping on Sparklers

  Wedding Sparkler Packages are very large and heavy orders. For instance, a 36inch sparkler package order will measure around 36" x 10" x 10" and can weigh from 20-35lbs. Paying Ground for an order this size can easily cost $29-$36. VIP SPARKLERS offers FREE shipping on all of their Wedding Sparkler Packages with an estimated delivery time of 8-14 business days. If you contact them and mention that your event/wedding is 10 business days away for instance, they oftentimes process your order with priority to make sure it arrives on the early part of the 8-14 business day delivery.
VIP Promise

 We encourage all customers to take advantage of the Wedding Sparkler Package! If you are only seeking to purchase wedding sparklers, VIP SPARKLERS also offers each of their products individually. Customers can opt to only purchase sparklers, or sparklers with wedding tags, or sparklers with a sparkler bucket! In any case, customers will be purchasing True Wedding Sparklers at unbeatable prices.


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