Monday, April 4, 2016

Planning an Adult Only Wedding

Steps in Planning an “Adult Only” Wedding


  Children are a blessing from heaven. Their tiny laughs and innocence brings such joy to any adult who’s struggling in the real world. However, there are also many things why you don’t want children in your wedding. It’s not like you hate them, it’s just that after you put off so much effort in planning a wedding, the last thing you want is your groom’s nephew who’s having a tantrum in the middle of the aisle.  Believe it or not, adult only wedding's are becoming increasingly popular over the years.

You can start by being clear with your wedding invitation. Guests might assume that they can bring their children when you address them with “To Mr. Smith and company”. Instead of using this, write their exact names on the response card such as “To Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. This will give them a hint that their three bundle of joy is not particularly welcome to join the event.

Although you want to be clear that you don’t want any children at your event, don’t be too literal by placing “for adults only” on the invitation. It’s an insensitive way to handle a sensitive issue which might persuade even the adults not to attend to your wedding. Your friends and relatives might find it disappointing if they don’t get to bring their children. But a tactful way to inform them is through dinners and occasions before your wedding. This will give them plenty of time to find a suitable baby sitter.

Don’t make an “adults only” note on the actual invitation, but you can certainly announce this on your wedding website. Your wedding website is a great platform for you to spread out information about your wedding such as transportation options, dress code, registries, and other important factors. It will also a good area to mention that your wedding ceremony and reception are exclusive for adults only. However, you can also provide suggestions on babysitting options if there’s any.

Dealing with Children at the Wedding

Aside from your flower girls and ring bearer, of course there’s a 99% chance that guest might insist in bringing their children. Be ready to handle this unavoidable situation with sophistication. Isolating the children away from their parents will make them feel like they are missing out which will turn to loud cries and screams. The best way to overcome this is by creating a distraction through pizza parties or by hiring a clown. This will temporarily get their attention from their mommy and daddy who are busy attending a solemn wedding ceremony.

Try to be strict when it comes to letting children in the ceremony and reception. If you allow someone, people might notice it and will think that you are having favoritism. Inform your wedding coordinator ahead of time to guide the guests with children on a baby sitting area where they can leave them for a few moments.

Dealing with Adults who is a Child at heart

There will be plenty of people who will be disappointed to find out that you are planning an adult only wedding. They might question you why your nephews, nieces, younger cousins, godsons and goddaughters won’t be included in the wedding. You just have to tell them straightly that you are aiming for a hassle free and solemn wedding. Aside from that, you could also point out that your budget is limited which is w

hy you are trying to narrow down the guests as much as possible.

Don’t back down on angry guests who keep on insisting in bringing their children inside the reception. First off, you’ve already informed them beforehand that it’s a strictly no-children event. You can guide them on a baby sitting area or they could gladly leave. It’s not that you’re being pushy or aggressive but this occasion is about you and your partner. Those who are invited are expected to respect your decisions.

Eliminates The Concern For Use Of Wedding Sparklers

When it comes to using sparklers for your wedding you always have one major concern and that is with the use of kids.  Wedding sparklers are safe at wedding with children, but ViP Sparklers does urge adult supervision. Having a wedding without kids does alleviate the concern and need to worry about that aspect.  You must always remember that sparklers for weddings are just like any 4th of July sparkler and they can get extremely hot.  So even if kids are not present at the wedding you will still want to be careful when lighting and holding wedding sparklers.  It's also important to remember that you will want to keep the lit sparklers away from your body, we recommend holding it out and up. After being in the wedding sparkler business for over ten years we have never had one instance of any accidents or issues when using our true wedding sparklers.  Our ViP Sparklers are made with a steel wire core to ensure a smokeless and ash-less display.  We take pride in the quality of our wedding sparklers.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our sparklers do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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