Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wedding Sparkler Vases

Wedding Sparkler Vases & Buckets For Sale At ViP Sparklers

Vintage Tin Wedding Sparklers Buckets

  We are proud to announce our newest Wedding Sparkler product addition: Vintage Wedding Sparkler Tin Buckets and Holders! This versatile item is becoming a celebrated trend because of its flexibility to be personalized.  Our Vintage Tin Buckets are 15 inches tall with an 8inch top; this item has a natural steel color and feel with two secure handles for an easy lift and move.  Fill these buckets with sand, mulch, or floral foam with any flowers you find appropriate for your Wedding theme!  These wedding sparkler buckets will be your best friend when doing a grand wedding exit with sparklers.  Wedding Sparkler vases not only make great center pieces, but dramatically help with starting and ending a sparkling exit!

Aisle-Decorated Vintage Tin Buckets

  Beautifully decorate your aisle with our 15 inch Vintage Buckets for a classic vintage look! As the wooden floors preserve the rustic touch, our Tin Buckets filled with your choice of flowers will offer the impression of a piercing garden to your liking!  Our wedding sparkler buckets really help create some amazing centerpieces for your wedding.  It's amazing what some of our brides have put together with our wedding sparkler and vases already.  You can now make your wedding sparklers really shine bright before you even lit them!  ViP Sparklers is ecstatic to offer the complete package as a one stop shop to offer true wedding sparklers and buckets alongside! 
Rustic Finish Details

  Outdoor Weddings are amongst our favorite Wedding themes because of the adventure it offers its guests.  Carefully listen to the outdoors and accommodate it with bouquets of flowers that would otherwise never grow on their own.  Use our 15 inch Vintage Tin Buckets to carry your personal touch throughout your venue.  Well accustomed venues include hooks on nearby trees, walls, and outdoor furniture where the handles from our Vintage Tin Buckets can securely latch on.  Show your guests your magical "green thumb" with the aid of our Vintage Tin Buckets.

Wedding Sparklers' Tin Buckets

  Besides shouldering flower arrangements, our Vintage Tin Buckets offer a great alternative for Wedding Sparkler holders.  If you're hoping to decorate your Wedding with Sparklers, this is a great option used in many Weddings by both the Bride and Groom and Wedding Planners. Our Vintage Tin Buckets are perfect for personable messages to add a special touch to a very unique experience your guests will soon enjoy!

  Feel free to place our Vintage Tin Buckets filled with Wedding Sparklers anywhere. Given our Tin Buckets' size, 15 inches tall, it is a perfect item to place on the ground alone! Also remember to paint and decorate your Vintage Tin Buckets to match your Wedding vision!  Dip one end in paint and flip the bucket upside down, to finish drying, for a free-form look; or spray paint the entire Tin Bucket for a sleek design.  With a steel body,  tape seals evenly with our Vintage Tin Wedding Sparkler Buckets for a striped pattern form!  Add as many colors as you wish as you professionally peel off the tape and witness your creative creation!  

Why Wedding Sparklers Buckets Make it Easy for A Grand Wedding Exit

  These vintage wedding sparkler buckets make it extremely easy for you if you choose to do a wedding sparkler exit.  A common issue when doing a wedding sparkler ceremony is when wedding coordinators need an easy way to hand out all of the sparklers.  By placing the wedding sparklers out of the sleeves and into the bucket your wedding guests can easily take one sparkler out as they exit and get into line.  You won't have to worry about anyone passing out the wedding sparklers and this makes the process much quicker.  

Wedding Sparkler Vases make for an Easy Wedding Sparkler Clean up! 

  One last way to use our Vintage Tin Buckets is for USED SPARKLERS.  Venues are typically concerned with proper disposal of used Wedding Sparklers.  Below is an easy guide for safely disposing of used Wedding Sparklers:
  • Step 1: Fill our Vintage Tin Buckets half way with sand (halfway so that it isn't too heavy to carry).
  • Step 2: Place our sand-filled Vintage Tin Buckets in a designated area near where the Wedding Sparklers will be used
  • Step 3: Create a sign to inform your guests to dip the burnt Wedding Sparkler end into the sand

ViP Sparklers Wedding Bucket Information 

  We are excited to introduce Vintage Tin Buckets to our list of Wedding Favors!  They absolutely complement our beloved Wedding Sparklers!  Use our Vintage Tin Buckets for either the 20 inch Wedding Sparklers or the 36 inch Wedding Sparklers. ViP Sparklers wishes your event to be a complete success with top quality products and expert advice. If you ever have any questions about our wedding sparklers do not hesitate to call our email our offices.  We want to make sure you have the exact wedding sparklers for you big day!

  When ordering from ViP Sparklers, we offer two forms of shipping;  we encourage our customers to include their event date so that our Customer Care Specialists can determine whether the order will need to be expedited and proceed accordingly.  We fully process your order same day and aim to ship same day or next business day (depending on the time the order was made).  We hope to be a part of your memorable day and are available to offer our expert advice!

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