Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BuzzFeed Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers Featured On BuzzFeed

  Over the past year BuzzFeed has taken the internet by storm with links from all of your friends and companies posting various topics on Facebook to Twitter.  Your either on one side of the fence with hating them or you fall under the guilty pleasure of sometimes clicking on a certain topic that catches your eye.  While lucky for us our team at ViP Sparklers was guilty of checking and happened to come across  BuzzFeed showing off how cool Wedding Sparklers are and how they happen to be a must at EVERY wedding!  We are lucky enough to always hear from our brides after the weddings to be continuously told that their picture with our wedding sparklers happen to be one of the best pictures at their entire wedding.  We always love when websites that have nothing to do with wedding sparklers choose to highlight the beauty and glow you can bring to the end of the wedding night!

  Well, we can't wait to share the Wedding Sparklers Buzzfeed to our audience so look no further than right here.  We really believe they did an amazing job at picking out some truly stunning photo's of wedding sparklers!  When it comes to producing pictures of this quality the most important aspect is obtaining true wedding sparklers.  These are not your typical 4th of July or New Years Sparklers you find.  All of these photo's with these sparklers are made with a stainless steel wire cord to ensure a truly smokeless and ash-less display.  When you purchase regular wedding sparklers for your exit you can expect undesired burn times, sulfur smells, and smokey residue.  Our goal at ViP Sparklers is to help ensure all brides are knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing and even using 36 inch wedding sparklers. 

Cheap Wedding Sparklers Blog

  At our blog we have spent the time to make sure all brides have the resources when they do decide to use wedding sparklers that they can check back here.  With having done blogs on the best way to use and dispose wedding sparklers, how to successfully perform a wedding exit, to even personalizing your wedding sparklers.  At first we found it extremely difficult to obtain any news and research pertaining  to wedding sparklers that we wanted to have one streamlined area where many writers and brides looking for sparklers information would be easily attainable.  If you ever have any ideas or questions about using wedding sparklers at your venue for an exit do not hesitate to email us or call our main offices.  Our goal is to make every brides wedding night sparkle as flawlessly as possible.  People fail to realize that by doing a wedding sparkler exit at the end of the night is one final way to get the entire wedding party together to celebrate the newlyweds! 

Wedding Sparkler Sizes

  When it comes to actually purchasing wedding sparklers the two most popular sparklers happen to 20 inch wedding sparklers and 36 inch wedding sparklers.  When it comes to larger wedding sizes of 100 or more guests ViP Sparklers typically recommends #36 inch wedding sparklers as they have the longest burn time on the wedding sparkler market.  These 36 inch sparklers have a burn time of over 3.5 minutes to 4 minutes making sure the newlyweds don't need to feel rushed whatsoever.  When it comes to using amazing sparkler shutter effects or sparkler writing look no further than our #20 inch wedding sparklers to accommodate that!  The 20 inch wedding sparklers create a perfect wand  movement to help create stunning and unique photo's with wedding sparklers.  

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