Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween & Sparklers

Halloween Fun & Sparklers

  As fall has officially turned its corner we can quickly see Halloween sneak up on us.  Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition.  The time of the year when kids are excited to find their unique costumes and parents are stacking away the house with candy patiently waiting for the kids to ring there doorbell.  Halloween has quickly become a great night for parties and fun as well.  At ViP Sparklers we have noticed that a lot of restaurants, clubs, and even house parties have really ramped up their celebrations with sparklers.  Sparklers were always tied to the 4th of July and New Years, but believe it or not the celebrations have quickly spread out to Halloween now.  With tons of parties going on we are finding out that more and more sparklers are being used; from cake celebrations with our champagne bottle sparklers to even our premium sparklers all across the country being used on Halloween.  Sparklers are great for any celebration and there are many ways they have become incorporated in celebrating Halloween. 
  Halloween has notoriously been a festive holiday filled with magic, mystery, and ghostly spirits.  Which once began as a Celtic end of the summer tradition which reminded people the cold was coming and a time to reflect on deceased relatives and friends.  For these loving spirits they used to have grand feasts in their honor, and keep treats at doorsteps or along the road often in remembrance.   Many years later it made it to America and the tradition has lived on, but with a lot more celebration.  Now you can see premium sparklers and champagne bottle sparklers all throughout the night.  We have noticed a huge spike in our premium sparklers during the Halloween season. Our premium sparklers are perfect for kids in their costumes to restaurants or lounges being festive.  Whether you are using sparklers on Halloween or not, we want you to be safe at ViP Sparklers when you are out celebrating the night! Keep a look out for ghosts and ghouls! If you have any questions regarding our premium sparklers or champagne bottle sparklers do not hesitate to call our main offices our email us at sales@ViPSparklers.com.  And remember Happy Halloween!

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