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Sacramento Wedding Sparklers

Sacramento Wedding Sparklers  

  Sacramento has been the state capital of California since 1854. Once the state's second largest city, Sacramento was a major distribution center during the California Gold Rush and was the western terminus of the Pony Express. The American River, where gold was first discovered in California in the middle of the 19th century, flows through the city. From the city of gold to now one of the best locations for weddings in California, gold has now turned into the color of wedding sparklers!  At ViP Sparklers we have seen some of the best wedding pictures taken at Sacramento Weddings!
Sparklers In Sacramento  Once crowned America's most diverse city by TIME magazine, Sacramento holds true to its title.  Its four areas and Mediterranean climate account for an influx of different populations.  The Chinatown Mall and Crocker Art Museum are living proof of early contributions to the state of California.  With many places to visit including the State Capitol, Sacramento also holds hidden gems for tying the knot.  Arden Hills combines the luxury and elegance of an indoor wedding with open gardens as options.  ViP Sparklers works well with either indoor or outdoor ceremonies when it comes to wedding sparklers in Sacramento.  Take advantage of our 36inch wedding sparklers with an ashless and smokeless sparkle for remarkable backdrop images as the newly weds pose with tender smiles and clutched hands.  ViP Sparklers is one of the only companies that offer a true wedding sparklers for Sacramento.  All of our 36 inch and 20 inch wedding sparklers are made with a steel wire core for smokeless and exact duration times product.  You can count on ViP Wedding Sparklers for consistency and quality in Sacramento, California.

Wedding Sparklers in Sacramento

  Tsakopoulos Library Galleria will dazzle your guests from the moment they are welcomed by curving hallways and high ceilings.  With the ambiance of celebration as confetti falls like light rain, it is a venue suited for ViP Sparklers.  Our 20inch wedding sparklers can provide a comfortable sparkle size while offering your guests an unforgettable part of your wedding.  With more than one level, guests can locate themselves above the intricate center pieces and downward lights that add texture to the gathering downstairs.  ViP Sparklers also offers Champagne Bottle Sparklers to enhance any part of a celebration.  Just imagine bottled wine coupled with bottled sparks for a spectacular light show! ViP Sparklers extends a timeless theme that complements any approach you wish you take.
Finding Sacramento Sparklers  Sacramento hovers over green lands and metallic skylines with large rivers pumping through various parts of the city.  It is no surprise why Sacramento houses nearly all modes of transportation to take full advantage of its diverse environmental capsule.  As such, take a trip to Old Sacramento where you will find Courtyard D'Oro.  With historical landmarks and horse drawn carriages, Courtyard D'Oro wraps the Gold Rush Era of California into a gentle venue with rustic wood accents.  With the Sacramento River showing its reach, it is a perfect scenery for romantic photographs.  ViP Sparklers wishes to add to the aroma of love with sparkles that will surely add to the vintage wrapping of this venue.  Use our grandiose 36 inch wedding sparklers to create the perfect lighting for photographers!

ViP Sparklers in Sacramento

  You will receive the treatment only Capitols can offer once you decide to celebrate your sentimental event in Sacramento.  ViP Sparklers advocates for dreamy weddings and guarantee our sparkles will hold hand in hand with the vision you have in mind;  we also guarantee the best advice when ordering your sparklers.  With free FedEx Shipping for orders of $50.00 or more, ViP Sparklers offers an estimated delivery time of 1-4 business days.  Just in case Wedding Sparklers became a last minute option,  allow ViP Sparklers to be your sparklers' wedding planner with exclusive FedEx Express Shipping.  We understand that our products are part of a culture where timing and detail are vital;  therefore, our 10+ years of experience has educated us with empathy on how to approach time sensitive deadlines and unique questions each bride and groom has.
Sparklers For Weddings In Sacramento

  Sacramento is a full orchestra band playing all the instruments needed for a harmonious symphony.  With rivers acting as the vocalists and historical landmarks as smooth saxophone players, Sacramento is only missing a celebration to perform in.  ViP Sparklers wishes to chime in with our own tunes and sparklers to light up the night.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at

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