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Meaningful Touches For Your Wedding Day

Meaningful Touches For Your Wedding Day

  Your Wedding Day is already a unique, special day. With so many special moments to capture and share, we always encourage personalized touches.  We understand that Bride and Grooms are always seeking to make their loving day as unique as possible;  it is a day to celebrate your love and what your love has conquered.  It is the moment when your love is recognized by as triumphant and everlasting.  We hope that these meaningful touches for your Wedding Day find their way to your unique love and are beautifully executed on your joyous day.
Letters from unavailable Guests
  As much as you may plan and do the impossible to have every guest on your list attend, some times the timing of it all isn't in sync. Instead of being upset or saddened by the news of a distant close friend or family member not being able to attend your special day, have them attend your Wedding Day in a unique way. Ideally, we would love a family member or friend of the Bride or Groom to take charge of this idea (you'll soon see why).
  Imagine if any guest who is unable to attend would write you a letter from the heart! The great asset of following through with this idea is the surprise factor! Have the Bride and Groom and their guests sit back as a selected few read heartfelt letters from around the world.  Nothing is more special than a heartfelt letter from a loved one who has nothing but the sweetest words for you to hear.  To make sure your attending guests do not feel left out, include these letters for them to sign (of course, use the initials of you and your love one).
Blessings of the Rings For The Newlyweds
  For more intimate ceremonies, a nice new tradition has won the hearts of Bride and Grooms all over.  Nothing makes your special day more special than involving the warm wishes and hopes of your guests.  While most ceremonies typically involve the officiant saying a blessing over the rings before the couple exchanges them, this new twist involves the participation of your guests.
  Place the Wedding Bands in a decorative box or symbolic case of your choosing.  Before the ring ceremony begins or during a moment of reflection, have your symbolic case greet each and every guest for a moment of bonding.  Your guests will cradle your Wedding Bands with warm wishes, support, and fill its case with love.  As your Wedding Bands dance its way back to your hands, immerse yourselves in this special moment and feel the joy of a memory shared between you and your guests.  Want to create an even more cozy ambiance, dim the lights and allow the candles to light the room.
Unity Candles At the Wedding
  We are always seeking for new approaches to make your special day as unique as possible.  One traditional ceremony is the unity candle ceremony - where a representative of each family lights a taper candle that is later used by the Bride and Groom to light the unity candle (large pillar candle).  Oftentimes used to symbolize the joining of the two families, it is a special element we strongly encourage Bride and Grooms to incorporate in their ceremony.
  An amendment we feel is worth the effort involves your guests (best suited for intimate ceremonies).  Make sure all guests have an unlit candle.  Have the Bride and Groom light a single candle together and use it to light the candles of their Bridesmaid and Groomsmen.  Soon after, each Bridesmaid and Groomsman will light each of the guest's candles.  The idea is for each candle to represent the warmth of your guests' wishes as the Bride and Groom dance to the rhythm of love.

Wedding Sparklers At The End Of The Wedding Night

  Including wedding sparklers at the end of your wedding is a sure way to get the wedding party to come together for one last celebration.  Many brides love the idea of getting the entire wedding party to come together for one final send-off.  What better way than to have everyone lineup lighting some magical wedding sparklers as the newlyweds go off in the distance.  Finding true wedding sparklers is easy with such companies as ViP Sparklers & Grand Wedding Exit.  It is imperative to use wedding sparklers that are specifically made for this occasion as they are virtually smokeless and ash-less sparklers.   

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