Thursday, December 17, 2015

Personalize Your Wedding Sparklers

Personalize Your Wedding Sparklers

  Purchasing wedding sparklers adds a magical touch to your very special day! Customers have repeatedly expressed how much more extraordinary their memorable day is when guests are intimately involved during the send off, first kiss or first dance with wedding sparklers.  The bride and groom work hard to make their day perfect and to see their guests filled with joy and love is absolutely irreplaceable!  An undeniable way in which bride and groom and their guests can create an opportunity to bond is through the use of wedding sparklers!

  There are many advantages to using wedding sparklers in your wedding.  One of the MOST POPULAR ways to use wedding sparklers is for your grand wedding Exit; at the end of the ceremony, guests form a runway of sparkles for the bride and groom!  Wedding sparklers can also adapt to almost every wedding theme you could think of and depending on the size and quantity, are used indoors (outdoors bears no limitations).
  With over 10 years in the wedding industry, ViP Sparklers understands the importance of personalized products.  Your wedding day is your way of expressing your love to all your guests and sharing with them the experience of a joint destined love.  As such, we know bride and grooms place symbolism in as much detail of their wedding as possible:  the color of the flowers, the location of their ceremony, the wedding favors and much more! ViP Sparklers has a few more ideas that could add to the personalized experience you wish your guests to have!

Painting Your Wedding Sparklers

  How else can we convince you that wedding sparklers are only meant to make your wedding AMAZING?!  Here is one perfect example: paint your wedding sparklers to match your wedding's theme!  Most of our customers are so excited once they know they will have wedding sparklers in their wedding that they often times forget to personalize them!  Using high quality paint, pick the ideal paint color to match your wedding décor! We strongly encourage customers to light one of the painted wedding sparklers to make sure the paint worked well and did not alter the virtually smokeless and ash-less sparkle.  Please keep in mind that the sparkle itself will keep its original color (gold) even though the sparkler may now be a different color.  On the other hand, if you are looking for wedding sparklers with a sparkle besides gold, it will most likely lose its near smokeless and ashless benefit since the burning composition would be altered.
  Hopeful bride and grooms might be tempted to purchase wedding sparklers with wooden cores since one could paint the sparkler one color and the wooden core (handle) another.  Though a fantastic idea that we wish would work, wooden core wedding sparklers are notorious for "a thick smoky" effect.

Ribbons On Wedding Sparklers

  We will continue to build on the already "painted" wedding sparklers for a completely personalized look for your wedding! Just picture a bright royal blue wedding sparkler with a soft sky blue ribbon!  Or match a violet sparkler with a soft pink ribbon for a more conservative look.  Perhaps paint your wedding sparklers with an earth tone and offer a live spark with an array of bright colored ribbons!  The combinations are endless!

Wedding Sparkler Tags and Ribbons!

  A great addition to ribbons are wedding sparkler tags! Just in case you wish to add a reminder for the time of your send off,  many couples add a wedding sparkler tag to each wedding sparkler.  Curious guests who may have missed the send-off announcement earlier can easily remind themselves of the time once they see beautiful bouquets of decorated wedding sparklers throughout your ceremony/ reception.  After all, you planned so carefully to make sure your guests are present for your wedding sparklers exit that it would be unfortunate if your loved ones missed it because of a misunderstanding.  Painted wedding sparklers with well decorated ribbons and wedding sparkler Tags serve as both gorgeous wedding décor and purposeful reminders to help keep your wedding expertly organized.

  Be as CREATIVE as you can be!  Use our wedding sparklers to easily make your wedding day an extension of your love!  We hope our tips for personalizing wedding sparklers will have your guests falling in love with your wedding décor!  We also discussed fun ways to use your wedding sparklers in a blog here!  Enjoy! 

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