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Creative Ways To Use Wedding Sparklers

Creative Ways To Use Wedding Sparklers

  Welcome to inspiring moments!  When describing the effect Wedding Sparklers have on your guests, one depiction comes to mind: loving energy.  It is this contagious energy that has such a ripple effect on everyone.  Wedding Sparklers create a united atmosphere where everyone bonds over being a truly special part of your meaningful day.  Brides and Grooms repeatedly express to us how significant it is to have their guests thank them for filling their day with love!  Nothing is more pleasing when your own love rekindles the passion in others.  Very few items and products can really capture these moments and none better than Wedding Sparklers!  It's important if you are planning to use wedding sparklers that you use a company that offer true wedding sparklers, so they will be virtually smokeless and ash-less.

  With different venues and guest list sizes,  it is extremely helpful to find appropriate ways to use Wedding Sparklers.  Hopefully, ViP Sparklers can offer a few ideas that will flow well with your theme and vision.  If you ever have any questions on how to use wedding sparklers in anyway, please do not hesitate to reach out; we've been privileged to be apart of many weddings with our true wedding sparklers being present!  Here are some suggestions that outline creative ways to use Wedding Sparklers from beginning to end.

Using Wedding Sparklers

BRIDE ENTRANCE:  Welcome the beautiful bride to the altar with blossoming sparkles.  As she walks down the aisle,  guests will add to the significance of this tradition with a glow that enhances the texture of the pedals previously delivered by the flower girl.  Right from the beginning, walk a runway of sparkles singing the new ballad to your wedding entrance!  Once the Wedding Sparklers expire,  use sand filled buckets (labeled with sweet messages) along the aisle to safely dispose of them.
CENTERPIECES:  While waiting for the Wedding Sparklers to be used,  ViP Sparklers recommends using them as centerpieces.  Venues have become increasingly creative with decorative vases including filling them up with ornate rocks as Wedding Sparklers take the place of flowers with burning potential!  Guests will perceive the anticipation early on!
CAKE ENTRANCE:  Just in case you want to be extra careful when using Wedding Sparklers on your wedding cake,  we offer an alternative for its grand entrance.  With a foam surrounding the base of the wedding cake tray,  Wedding Sparklers can be inserted around the cake itself.  Given the ashless and smokeless sparkle,  have your wedding cake live the excitement of its presence!  Guests won't be able to resist tasting the such a presentation.

FIRST DANCE:  First dances are a staple in weddings!  As the Bride and Groom prepare for their FIRST DANCE as a married couple,  gather some of your guests to form a semi-circle around the dance floor (semi-circle so that guests can still see the Bride and Groom).  Every 30 second interval or so, have your guests with burning Wedding Sparklers uniformly rotate as the Mr. and Mrs. continue their musical ode.  The effect of the lit Wedding Sparklers caressing the music and movement of the couple is a show to admire!
PHOTOSHOOT IDEA I:  This photoshoot idea literally grows from the ground.  Use ViP Sparklers' 36 inch Sparklers as an arrangement on an open area.  "Plant" the Wedding Sparklers as a heart silhouette on soft, trimmed grass and center yourself (Bride and Groom) inside the heart.  Have someone light the Wedding Sparklers and let your photographer snap pictures away!  As the heart-shaped frame glitters down to its origin, photographs above eye level completely capture the vision behind this idea.
PHOTOSHOOT IDEA II:  Similar to the aforementioned photoshoot idea,  our second creative way to use Wedding Sparklers is a variation of it.  Instead of a heart-shaped "fence" containing love in it, lie down with Wedding Sparklers by your side.  As you and your love one lie facing each other,  the radiance from the Wedding Sparklers will bring jealousy to any rose out there!
FAREWELL CIRCLE:  As the ceremony comes to an end,  ViP Sparklers believes saying farewell should not be a moment of sadness.  Instead, encourage the Bride and Groom to depart with words of wisdom and support.  Create a circle of close friends and family, each with a Sparkler;  if a couple, have one be on "Wedding Sparkler duty."  As the Bride and Groom temporarily divide across opposite curves of the circle, each guest bids farewell to either the Bride or Groom with a shining "star" above their heads.
GRAND WEDDING EXIT:  This is our most popular use for wedding sparklers with all of our brides.  For ceremonies with an extended guest list,  a grand wedding exit works best so that most guests can participate.  Opposite to the bridal entrance idea from earlier this creative way to use Wedding Sparklers is to bring a closure to your big day!  Conclude a well thought out ceremony with joy and excitement with this grandiose approach.  We often hear back from our brides stating the best photo's from their weddings took place with the grand wedding exit wedding sparklers.  Please check this link for help with doing a wedding sparklers exit.
SHUTTER EFFECT:  Imagine following up with your guests with a Thank You card like no other!  Photographers can use what is known as a "shutter effect" to capture "Words of Light."  Bride, Groom, and/or guests can write messages such as Thank You or the date of the Wedding with Wedding Sparklers!  ViP Sparklers has seen beautiful photographs of Bride and Groom enveloped in a spring of lights all thanks to our remarkable Wedding Sparklers.
We hope to continue adding to our list of creative ways to using Wedding Sparklers, so we welcome any feedback and pictures of your joyous occasion!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at sales@ViPSparklers.com

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