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Guide For Wedding Sparklers

Guide For Wedding Sparklers

So wedding sparklers have won your heart and are now a part of your wedding. CONGRATULATIONS!  We also want to congratulate you for the spectacular photos you will soon enjoy and appreciate the fact that your venue allows this fantastic wedding favor.  We would like to take this time to offer some tips and tricks when using Wedding Sparklers in your joyous event.

Wedding Sparkler Tips

Wedding Sparklers ViP

BUYING Wedding Sparklers.    When buying wedding sparklers, there is a general rule of thumb in terms of how many to purchase.  Since Wedding Sparklers are usually a part of the latter end of your event, typically 10% of the party has usually left by then.  It is very unfortunate that those guests will not enjoy this special part of your celebration, so we recommend buying enough Wedding Sparklers for 90% of the guests involved.  It's never a bad idea to have too many wedding sparklers as well.  By having extra wedding sparklers you can have some fun photo's with your wedding party or even your wedding guests.  Sometimes having the wedding party holding two wedding sparklers helps make the pictures look even better! 

LIGHTING Wedding Sparklers.  Though Wedding Sparklers burn from 1800o F - 3000o F, there are favorable ways to begin the spark.  ViP Sparklers highly recommends using BBQ Lighters to light a few Wedding Sparklers and then using the lit sparklers to light the rest.  Ideally, 150 Wedding Sparklers could be lit in under 30 seconds!  This is a huge advantage since burning time is a factor when taking multiple group shots or the famous grand wedding exits or farewell circles!  You never know how wind conditions or the weather will be so using these barbecue lighters will absolutely make it an easy process to light the wedding sparklers! 
WEDDING SPARKLERS IN ACTION.  We mentioned grand wedding exits and farewell circles as two ways to use Wedding Sparklers, but BE CREATIVE!  Some photographers use a shutter effect to take utterly amazing photographs of the Bride and Groom "writing with Sparklers."  Just imagine expressing a special word as a kiss seals the magic!  You can really take some unique wedding sparklers photo's and these are often the best pictures throughout the entire wedding! 
DISPOSING WEDDING SPARKLERS.  So everyone lit the night and took phenomenal photographs! Now it is time to safely dispose of Wedding Sparklers.  A very popular method is with the use of sand buckets.  Brides and grooms have become highly creative in this respect.  Buckets of sand are no longer just buckets of sand;  they are decorated, labeled, and arranged in patterns!  Guests can then insert the used wedding sparkler into the sand with no worry to both guests (especially the little ones) and venues.  This is one of the most often over looked aspect when using wedding sparklers.  By having the sand buckets your wedding guests can easily dispose the hot wedding sparklers into the sand to cool off and make for an easy clean up!  These buckets also can be used when your wedding guests take the wedding sparklers as well and make for some great centerpieces.  
Sparkling Exit ViP SparklersOPTIONS FOR WEDDING SPARKLERS.  One more thing to consider is the size of the Wedding Sparkler.  ViP Sparklers offers three different sizes and two different styles.  Our MOST POPULAR item is our 36 inch Wedding Sparkler.  With a confident burn time of 3.5-4 minutes, it is a perfect performer for grand wedding exits!  Our next options are the 20 inch and 10 inch Wedding Sparklers with a burning time of 2.5 minutes and 40 seconds (respectively).  Please contact your venue prior to choosing a size just in case they have limitations on the size of Wedding Sparklers.  ViP Sparklers also offers Heart-shaped Sparklers to add that special symbolism to your memorable day!  See the look on your guests' faces when they see your love burning with passion!

We are excited to know Wedding Sparklers will sparkle in your meaningful day!!  Many satisfied customers have provided us with great feedback on the spectacular photos and how much fun everyone had when using our Wedding Sparklers.  We guarantee clear sparkles with virtually no smoke nor ash as your most inexpensive detail makes its grand debut!

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