Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fun Uses for Sparklers

Fun Uses for Sparklers


  Our Sparklers have become some of the most in-demand Sparklers for Weddings, and our Bottle Sparklers are used in nightclubs all over the continental United States for major events and bottle service!  We take pride in being able to offer fantastic, high performing products for high profile venues and Weddings.  We also wish to emphasize that our products can and are used in family gatherings, parties, anniversaries, and birthdays.  All of our products have a duality to them, and our customers are taking full advantage to make their parties the bash of the year!

Sparkler Fun

  One particular customer shared an awesome story with us when placing her order;  in fact, she inspired us to write this blog topic!  She was having a beach party with a camp fire and smores;  kids and adults were attending and her vision was to use Sparklers as a bonding activity.  Our customer care team walked her through the appropriate products given the varying ages in the kids attending, and we were able to plan the entire party!  She ordered heart sparklers for a late night couple snuggle;  10inch and 20 inch Sparklers for the kids to enjoy, draw, and take pictures with;  and Sky Lanterns, unexpected yet amazing products that triumph in beach settings!

ViP Sparklers Offers Sparklers For Any Occasion

  Any party can enjoy the presence of our Sparklers.  It hads a special gleam of sparkle that everyone can have fun with.  One of the main attractions of Wedding Sparklers are the amazing pictures anyone can take!  Using your smartphone, have your friends and loved ones pose with our crystal clear sparkles for pictures ready to be shared!  With proper phone apps or cameras, kids and adults can take part in "Sparkler Writing," fantastic special effect shots with unlimited potential.  If dessert is on the menu, our Dessert Sparklers expel starry strings of sparkles for an absolute splendid time!  Place our Dessert Sparklers on top of any dessert and have your camera ready for 35 seconds of volcano-like sparkles!  For an end-of-the-day activity or closing event, our sky lanterns are a growing trend!  With biodegradeable materials,  our sky lanterns are safe to use and offer a mesmorizing scenery.  Anyone seeking to make their gathering or celebration more lively can do so with any of our products!

Ordering Sparklers for Your Event

  Any of our products have the potential to transform your party!  Our handheld sparklers are Wedding-approved and guaranteed to offer bonding memories.  We have several amazing products to cater any event!  Our 10inch, 20inch, or 36inch Sparklers are all options depending on the age of the guest;  give your dessert a sparkling twist with our Dessert Sparklers, and our Sky Lanterns, your very own bright mark on the night sky.  If your event is taking place in at least two weeks, our FREE shipping is the best option.  For any party less than two weeks away, depending on location, our FREE shipping or our Ground shipping are viable options.  We also offer expedited shipping for parties or events taking place as imminent as next day.  We encourage all our customers to include their event date in the customer notes just in case our customer care team recommends a specific shipping option to make sure your order arrives on time.

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