Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Sparklers

Valentine's Day Sparklers

  Valentine's Day 2015 is just around the corner!  Many brides and grooms will be making this special day even more significant.  Whether you tie the knot, settle down, get hitched, or walk down the aisle, love is innately understood.  With wedding vows itching to be heard, Valentine's Day Weddings play the perfect ballad for Valentine's Day.  That's why ViP Sparklers is hear to add an extra sparkle to your night~
  With Cupid already making plans for your Wedding Day, ViP Sparklers is ready to strengthen the bonds between your guests and event. With silky sheen incorporated in your decorations, our Wedding Sparklers promise to glow with any given chance.  While each of your guests becomes a sparkle in your wedding, expect your partner and yourself to walk under the "stars."  In a Grand Wedding exit for instance, ViP Sparklers assures a guided path as our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers cause friction in the air.  We receive spectacular photos from our clients who feel such a joyful pride to share them with us!  With a burning time of 3.5-4 minutes, our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers offers ample time for multiple shots and angles.  If your wedding happens to be indoor and you're in need of a smaller size sparkler, we have a 20 inch Wedding Sparkler with a burning time of 2.5 minutes!  With a more intimate guest list or venue,  we recommend this particular size.  But just in case either size is not an option due to venue restrictions or other factors, ViP Sparklers offers a 10 inch Wedding Sparkler for a soft yet acknowledged sparkle. 
Regardless of the size, the idea of Wedding Sparklers in a Valentine's Day themed Wedding is simply perfect.
ViP Sparklers promotes the use of Wedding Sparklers because of the significant results!  Given our high quality products, the clarity in your wedding pictures is beyond belief.  Thanks to our Wedding Sparkler's steel wire core,  the composition burns evenly with a nearly smokeless and ashless sparkle.  As you celebrate your Valentine's Day Wedding, ViP Sparklers has come to be recognized as the most affordable yet main attraction in weddings!
Just when you think Valentine's Day Wedding Sparklers is the missing detail on your memorable day,  ViP Sparklers would like to introduce heart-shaped sparklers to your list!  If the heart balloons, heart-shaped place cards, or ceremony props feel under the lime light,  heart-shaped Wedding Sparklers are sure to lift their spirits!  As the spark reunites at either end of the steel wire core,  guests will not forget the celebration they are being a part of.

Ordering Sparklers For Your Valentine's Day Wedding

Valentine's Day 2015 is waiting for future Mr. and Mrs. to take advantage of a day where love letters travel miles to reach its destined recipient.  ViP Sparklers offers free FedEx Ground Shipping for orders $50.00 or more and assure the delivery of your product(s) with a pace of 1-4 business days.  We also guarantee FedEx Express Shipping just in case Wedding Sparklers is an overnight idea inspired by Cupid's arrows.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email us at

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