Thursday, February 26, 2015

Importance of True Wedding Sparklers

 Importance Of True Wedding Sparklers

  We made finding a true wedding sparkler as fulfilling as finding your true love!  Afterall, ViP Sparklers wants your special day to be as special as every word in your vows.  Blow your guests away with a gold glow surrounding two people in genuine love.  With hundreds of satisfied guests, ViP Sparklers has come to understand the important details every bride, groom, and venue are looking for.  A noteworthy topic is the makeup of true Wedding Sparklers.  For nearly smokeless and ashless sparklers, it all begins at the core.
  The very first thing to notice when shopping for true Wedding Sparklers is the steel wire core.  Since sparklers burn from 1800o F - 3000o F, it requires a specific kind of metal that can withstand such heat!  ViP Sparklers offers true Wedding Sparklers because of the steel wire core it contains;  with it, the burning composition is the only thing burning.  In contrast, wooden or bamboo cores cannot withstand such high temperatures.  Unfortunately, the sparkler burns the composition as well as the superficial layers of the core underneath it causing smoke, ash, and debris to add to the sparkle.
"I had expectations for our wedding sparklers, but WOW! And the pictures, time-less..." Jenna from New York

Just the Right Burning Pace For Wedding Sparklers

  Wedding Sparklers are meant for unforgettable pictures.  If sparklers do not sparkle with ample time to allow group shots and angles, the excitement of your guests will last as long as the sparklers do.  ViP Sparklers wants the sparkle and elation to be captured and shared time and time again by framed moments.  True Wedding Sparklers burn evenly and consistently.  In other words, all your Wedding Sparklers will burn with a coordinated effort.  ViP Sparklers' inventory consists of three different true Wedding Sparklers.  Our most popular item is our 36 inch Wedding Sparkler.  Given its size, it is the epitome of spectacular images.  With a 3.5-4 minute burning time, photographers will capture sizzling emotions under a soft night.  If the venue is more intimate with a smaller list of guests, ViP Sparklers delivers a 20 inch Wedding Sparklers with a burning time of 2.5 minutes.  Guests will rejoice when they take part of your celebration!  Clear, gold sparkles will fill the laughter in the air while you dance under magic wands.
  ViP Sparklers has over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry.  We have hundreds of photographs from satisfied brides and grooms.  Our True Wedding Sparklers executed beautifully when in front of the camera.  We strongly recommend shopping for True Wedding Sparklers when celebrating any special occasion.

Adding Wedding Cake Sparklers for Variety!

  Pure Wedding Sparklers are a great addition to anyone's celebration.  ViP Sparklers broadens the use of Sparklers with the inclusion of Wedding Cake Sparklers.  Just in case a tamed sparkle sets your limbo bar too high, lower it with an eruption of lights from the palm of your hand!  Wedding Cake Sparklers can either be held and aimed upward or placed on Wedding Cakes (or any suitable dessert) instead of candles.

  Whether you are ordering True Wedding Sparklers or Wedding Cake Sparklers, ViP Sparklers is proud to trade our products for impeccable photos.  We offer many high quality products complemented by expert advice.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to share them with us!  You can contact our main offices or reach us via email at

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