Monday, January 7, 2013

LED Foam Sticks At Affordable Price!

LED Foam Sticks for all Clubs and Events at Affordable Prices! 

  At ViP Sparklers we always strive to offer all of our venues the newest and hottest product at the most affordable rates!  We are happy to announce we are now carrying our LED Foam Sticks or as others say party foam sticks!  When we first brought this product to the market we knew the pass/fail test was to take our LED Foam Sticks to the famous strip of Las Vegas.  It was an immediate success!  Now every single club on the strip from XS to the Marquee use our Party Sticks.  You can now see these Party Foam Sticks in almost every event or club to even last years Superbowl!  New York City and Miami are falling in love with these Party Sticks! 

  We took the time to specially create our LED Foam sicks to give off a true vibrant rainbow light show! We designed our LED Party Sticks to allow you to change the pace in three different settings to let you express your ultimate individuality! The first setting for our cheer sticks are fast strobe lighting to help you stand out.  Followed by fast strobe, we have the dialed down strobe to help capture the colors glow before the transition to the next color.  Our last setting for our LED Foam Sticks is our multicolor still which allows you to set your favorite color to glow all night!  No other company on the market gives off the glow and customizability as much as ViP Sparklers!  We are ecstatic to offer another quality product whether its to the nightclub or bar you regularly visit or to your very own front door!  If you have any questions about our LED Foam Sticks or any other of our other ViP Products please don't hesitate to shoot us an email at  We look forward to making you ViP! 


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