Friday, January 18, 2013

Cheap Bottle Sparklers

Affordable Bottle Sparklers


  ViP Sparklers has been in the nightclub industry for over ten years and has been at the forefront of all new and exicitng nightclub products.  Having offices in the three biggest club markets of Miami, New York City and Los Angeles has given us the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.  We have been able to offer the most affordable bottle sparklers to all of our venues and clients since the day our doors have opened.  ViP bottle sparklers are nearly 100% smokeless and ash-less allowing you to use at any indoor and outdoor venue.  Our bottle sparklers are seen at all clubs across the country from the east coast to the west coast.  You don't have to go to clubs to see our sparklers, you can find them at almost all events, restuarants, weddings, and even on your favorite dessert! 

Why Bottle Sparklers?

  Bottle sparklers have been taking the industry by storm over the past five years.    These bottle sparklers are a sure way to help increase sales for your venue and at the same time add sparks of elegance.  There is not better way to let an entire club or lounge know of a purchased bottle then to draw their attention to it.  Everyones eyes will immediately turn to the bottle sparklers and your hostess bringing the bottle to the table!  In addition, everybody loves phtographs with bottle sparklers, you will not believe some of the amazing picutres that venues have been displaying and promoting with these dazzling bottle sparklers! At ViP Sparklers we didn't stop with our bottle sparklers, we became the only company in the market to invent our bottle sparkler sfaety clips.  Our bottle sparkler safety clips were designed to be smart, simple, and most importantly safe!  Our bottle sparkler saftety clips allow your hostess or baretenders to safely and easily attach sparklers to any size liquor bottle.  This is the absolute safest way to transport bottle sparklers from acorss the bar to the ViP tables!  Again, we didn't stop, our safety bottle clips for the club sparklers are reusable!  So you will not have to deal with rubber bands or champagne twist offs.  If you have any questions about our bottle sparklers or any of our other club novelties items please to do not hesitate to call our email us at

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