Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding Sparklers Setup Help & Photography

Wedding Sparklers creating true love

     Wedding Sparkler Tips

         For Photography

                 & Setup  

Everybody loves our famous wedding sparklers, but we want to make sure our customers and just even sparkler-fantics capture the spark to its fullest potential!  Our sparklers have helped hundreds of newlyweds make romantic and even enchanted pictures that become the focal point of the wedding.  At ViP Sparklers we want to make absolutely sure we share all of our knowledge we've learned from photographers and even our amazing customers!  

The most important thing to do before any of our wedding sparklers are lit or pictures are taken is to make sure your venue allows sparklers.  All of ViP Sparklers wedding sparklers are nearly smokeless and ash-less so they are safe for all venues.  It's important to ask this questions because most venues will allow sparklers, but the true gem here is they will already know where the best locations and spots to take these pictures!  

The next step in the process to ensure magical photographs is to absolutely notify your photographer you will be using wedding sparklers.  By giving them a heads up you will ensure they bring the proper equipment to guarantee a fantastic shoot! 

After hearing countless reviews from photographers it has come to be common knowledge the best type of wedding sparkler to use are metal based.  A lot of websites and vendors sell generic sparklers which contain a bamboo or wood based sparkler, these sparklers create a tremendous amount of smoke and can ruin any chance of a great photo shoot.  

When asking which sparkler size do they prefer the two most popular are the 20 inch wedding sparkler and 36 inch wedding sparkler.  Photographers prefer these sizes because the length of the burn time.  Authentic wedding sparklers that are 36 inches will last anywhere from four to four and a half minutes of burn time which gives your photographer a great window to take a bunch of photographs.  They're also extremely fond of the 20 inch wedding sparklers which has a two minute burn time.

Next, you need to make sure you have someone in charge of getting things in proper order and helpers to aide that person.  This is the most overlooked aspect, but perhaps the most important!  You do not want people lighting their sparklers at all different times having sparklers going out halfway through the grand exit.  Its best to have the newlyweds wait at the start of the line before they start the grand exit.  We have found its best to use barbecue lighters instead of matches due to potential weather conditions and time constraints.  Once one or two wedding sparklers have ignited, have them use these sparklers to ignite the unlit ones.  This will significantly speed up the process ensuring the perfect exit! 

After all of the wedding sparklers are lit you, its time for the exit!  When exiting through the tunnel of sparklers your natural reaction would be to jog or hurry through it!  You will actually want to do the complete opposite.  We've found its best to walk slowly through the tunnel of sparklers because the photographer will have the shutter speed set slower for best results.  You should also think about a safe and clean way to dispose the wedding sparklers.  Its best to have a bucket of sand or water to stick the sparklers in after they go out.  

We hope these helpful tips we've gathered from photographers and customers help create the perfect exit for you.  If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email us at or even call our main office at 407.545.1398.  We can help you with the perfect size and quantity for you're wedding sparklers! 

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