Monday, July 9, 2012

Affordable Champagne Bottle Sparklers!

Cheap Champagne Bottle Sparklers!

Inexpensive Champagne Bottle Sparklers for clubs, lounges, bars, and events!

At ViP Sparklers we sell our most popular item year around to nightclubs, lounges, bars, restaurants, and small events which is our champagne bottle sparklers!
Since our company has been around for over ten years we've been able to perfect our bottle sparklers so all venues and avenues of people will feel safe using them.  This also guarantees the lowest price on the market matched with our unparralled customer service.  

Cheap Big Birthday Cake Sparklers!
Our ViP Champagne bottle sparklers are 100% smokeless and ash-less which makes them safe to use at all indoor venues. We are now happy to announce that we sell our bottle sparklers in smaller quantities so everyone can enjoy them.  Our goal at ViP Sparklers is to make every customer feel like VIP! We now offer these sparklers in low amounts of 6 champagne bottle sparklers, 12 champagne bottle sparklers, 25 champagne bottle sparklers, and even 80 bottle sparklers.  These sparklers are perfect for all birthdays and occassions!  Our bottle sparklers come with red tips at the bottom which allow them to be used as birthday cake sparklers! 

For all of our club, lounges, and bars we offer exclusive deals if you become a regular client of ours.  We currently supply over five hundred venues across the nation due to our customer service.  If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call or email us regarding any questions. Our goal is to help create an atmosphere that will help create special memories that will make your customers come back.  Our cheap champagne bottle sparklers are guaranteed to achieve this! 

"Have and will continue working with ViP Sparklers on all orders of champagne bottle sparklers, amazing staff!"
-Jon Stevens-Marquee, Las Vegas

ViP Sparklers helped create an unforgettable night at my own house to create a nightclub atmosphere with these sparklers!" 
-Jessica Kaskie- Manhattan, New York

                             Champagne Bottle Sparklers Safety Clips

Bottle Sparklers Safety Clips
We are happy to announce we are the only company in the country to have our own champagne bottle sparkler safety clips!  These bottle sparkler clips are just as essential as the champagne bottle sparklers themselves.  Our patented bottle sparkler clips we offer to our clients set us apart from any competitor.   These champagne bottle sparkler safety clips will attach to any size liquor bottle, you will not have to worry about any size bottle being too big.  The best part about our safety bottle clips is they are reusable.  We've created a specially designed plastic that will continue to hold the sparkler securely over and over again.  Our main goal at ViP Sparklers when creating these safety clips was to add safety and ease to use with your bartenders and customers.  No longer will your staff have to use unsafe and time consuming rubber bands, but will now be able easily clip on and off in seconds!  Using our bottle sparkler safety clips will put ease when serving them with your customers in the safest way possible.  At ViP Sparklers we strive to help out our venues and event planners any way possible!  As always with any questions or concerns feel free to shoot us over an email at 

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