Friday, January 30, 2015

San Diego Wedding Sparklers

 Wedding Sparklers In San Diego

  San Diego is the official birthplace of California. With the Pacific Ocean and Mexico as its neighbors, it is a city endowed with diversity in culture. Family love is definitely incorporated in most of its major attractions with an understanding of the value of family and bonding.  It makes it easy to see why so many brides choose this ideal location for weddings.
  San Diego fills the air with laughter and an ocean breeze. It is the home of long arms (Coronado Bridge) and urban hills welcoming anyone to rejoice in its beauty. Downtown San Diego floats on San Diego Bay with daring skyscrapers wishing to eclipse the moon. Such a blend of architecture and some of America’s best summers anchor dreams with the guidance of a venue, love, and a special item we feel carries a sum of what San Diego has to offer: wedding sparklers! We know love is the true wedding planner in such a special day. Allow a gorgeous venue such as Bahia Resort Hotel to fulfill its potential with the use of wedding sparklers from ViP Sparklers.  The natural beauty of the serene waters complements the bright reflection of falling stars; stars falling close enough to enjoy the celebration of fate.  Photographers will thank you for allowing them to capture a perfect moment!
  The moment wedding sparklers become an option, a sparkle will light the faces of your guests.  ViP Sparklers wants your wedding to be the center of the galaxy.  If poised waters and tender sand are the second option on your dream wedding venue, then perhaps a garden filled with life could satisfy the wild yet gentle beauty you are looking for.  In such a case, Handlery Hotel offers a spectacular view under a perfect artist's pallet of a sky.  No artist though could paint a better picture than ViP Wedding Sparklers and its swift brush of hues.  Show the universe the honor it should feel in being part of your unforgettable day by giving it a moment to rest with ViP Sparklers' 36 inch wedding sparklers lighting the night.  With a burning time of 3.5-4 minutes, bring day into your dream-filled night for the spot-on definition of a daydream!
  Our practically smokeless and ashless wedding sparklers provide the allure that leaves speechless guests and memories.  Perhaps ViP Sparklers should extend its name to your venue by having your wedding at Paradise Point - San Diego's Wedding Island.  With an unforgettable trip across Mission Bay, ViP Sparklers has a very unique item for a grandiose locale as this one: sky lanterns.  Surrounded by water, give the ocean-front breeze the privilege of navigating its own version of sailboats.  Imagine the look on your guests' faces when a pillar of light seems to be holding the night in its place!  Utterly amazing!  Guests aren't the only ones to benefit from what ViP Sparklers has to offer;  take full advantage of the champagne bottle sparklers and attendants will masterfully deliver glasses of wine with a sparkle.

ViP Sparklers San Diego

  ViP Sparklers wishes you the best on your special day;  we would love to be guests in your wedding and award the glow your celebration deserves.  We take pride in offering the best quality wedding sparklers on the market and guarantee spectacular results.  ViP Sparklers understands time is of essence!  An order of $50.00 or over will grant you free FedEx Ground shipping with an estimated arrival range of 1-4 days (depending on location).  Unfortunately, some of our clients came across our products very close to their "I do" moment and initially thought wedding sparklers would have to be removed from their wish list.  ViP Sparklers is one of the only companies to offer FedEx Express shipping.  We have successfully shined in hundreds of weddings and taken part in the decision making process.  With over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry,  ViP Sparklers understands that variety and flexibility fit perfectly when leaping in someone else's dreamy event.  For example, if you ordered too many wedding sparklers, we are more than open to offering a full refund for any unused sparklers.

  San Diego has proven to offer breathtaking venues for a celebration of a lifetime.  With its synergy of art and family, San Diego wishes to continue to be the birthplace of California by being the birthplace of love.  ViP Sparklers suppports and upholds your standards with the utmost admiration.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at

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