Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding Sparklers & Amazing Photography Effects

Creative Wedding Sparklers
Sparkler Effect

Take your wedding sparklers beyond ordinary

  Wedding sparklers are becoming more and more popular throughout the United States over the past decade.  We all know the most popular setting is the beloved send-off when the bride and groom exit off to their honeymoon, but today we wanted to share another exciting way to use our ViP Wedding Sparklers.  As you see to your right this amazing wedding picture was taken by one of our happy newlyweds.  To produce great images like this does not take a significant amount of work.  The first thing you will want to do is notify your photographer that you would like to take some images creating special effects with our wedding sparklers.  Most wedding photographers already have a significant amount of time spent with using wedding sparklers and how to produce spectacular images.  Even if they don't, you can simply explain to them how to create some of these image like these displayed.  Sparklers naturally create a shutter effect which will allow you to create an image like you see to the right.  We want to make sure all our brides and grooms know that you can find various of ways to incorporate our sparklers.  We've had hundreds of brides who have only used a small amount of sparklers to create images as these, all that have found that these photo's have been the best picture. You don't even have to specifically use our wedding sparklers for the big day photo!  We've had a tremendous amount of couples use these sparklers for engagement pictures and romantic moments (as seen below).  We love when our customers send in pictures like these!  Please send us all pictures at so we can share them and spread the word at ViP Sparklers.  Enjoy these images and create your own with our sparklers! 

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