Thursday, January 7, 2016

San Jose Wedding Sparklers

San Jose Wedding Sparklers

  San Jose is living proof of the technological progress in a city surrounded by walls of mountains.  Known as the capital of Silicon Valley,  it houses the direction of the 21st century while balancing the growth of art and Outerspace observation.  With much to offer from atop mountains and Lick Observatory, San Jose blooms with the thought of wedding celebrations.  The amount of amazing wedding venue back drops are abundant allowing for some really gorgeous displays of wedding sparklers! 
  As many visit San Jose in search of pieces of outerspace thanks to Lick Observatory, others enjoy the luxuries of a large city bottled in a cozy town.  Rich history becomes opportunistic and transforms into admirable views for its residents to enjoy.  A perfect example is the Circle of Palms;  though its significance follows the origin of the capital of California, it is a staple of elegance in the midst of fabricated buildings.  San Jose proves its resilience with maintaining the history as current as the progress it is witnessing.  With such an appreciation for remaining humble, San Jose sets the stage for love birds to conquer the skies.  Let ViP Sparklers light the way as future Mr. and Mrs. come together in front of their closest friends and family.  Using the beautiful weather that San Jose has to offer, a great venue named Bella Montagna challenges a view only matched by Mount Hamilton.  Envision overlooking a shy sunset once it realizes the beautiful sparklers cradled by your special guests!  Use our 20 inch wedding sparklers to create a city of your own and entice the residents of San Jose to witness your celebration from the comfort of their homes.  We are one of the only companies that can offer San Jose true wedding sparklers in a quick and cheap manner. 

Wedding Sparklers In San Jose

  Revert back to the garden with the Enchanting Gardens of Almaden.  With its floating lights and green sheath comforting the excited touch of your guests shoes, ViP Sparklers promises to enhance the already heavenly traits of the Enchanting Gardens of Almaden.  Our 36 inch sparklers won't dare to break the wonderful spell this garden has to offer, but instead will add the extra magic for all guests to enjoy!  Though ViP Sparklers isn't a venue, our clients are include both individuals and companies.  As a result, we have come to understand the great importance of synergy.  With our wedding sparklers and its steel wire core, our sparklers chime the tune of humble sparks when slowly shrinking in size yet growing memories in your guests who will be moved any time they relive your celebration.
  From an echanted garden, San Jose offers Dolce Hayes Mansion as a gift for everyone.  With a view of the Santa Cruz Mountains, this award winning venue takes full advantage of the rich art and natural beauty San Jose extends to its guests.  ViP Sparklers also wishes to bestow its services to all of its guests.  With a gorgeous mansion as a backdrop, our heart-shaped Wedding Sparklers will sparkle the silhouette of love.  Surround yourself with the result of your hard work and commitment;  surround yourself with San Jose's sweet-tempered surroundings as ViP Sparklers dapples rays of passion on such an amorous event.

ViP Sparklers in San Jose

  Let emotions run wild and free like San Jose's unwillingness to remain frozen in time.  As Silicon Valley continues to make ripples in innovation, the Plaza de Cesar Chavez manifests the wonders of skyward waterfalls.  ViP Sparklers wants to become a part of San Jose to make it a special, wholesome package for weddings and celebrations.  As part of our package, we offer free FedEx Grond shipping with an estimated arrival time of 1-4 days for orders $50.00 or more.  Just in case your "I do's" are a few days away and you wish to incorporate wedding sparklers, ViP Sparklers provides FedEx Express Shipping to anywhere in the United States;  ViP Sparklers can deliver to homes, venues, and businesses.  Part of our philosophy is providing great products, and we feel our customer service is a product of our company.  We will try our best to accommodate the vision you have in mind and use our 10+ years of experience to offer the best advice!

  San Jose is rich in culture and landmarks;  with its strong appreciation for significant moments, it is the perfect place to marry destiny into your lives.  ViP Sparklers congratulates your passion and hopes to celebrate it with you!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at


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