Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fun United States Wedding Facts

Fun United States Wedding Facts

  With ViP Sparklers being in the wedding industry for over ten years helping brides find true wedding sparklers we not only study wedding trends, but find them fascinating and would love to share them!  We understand wedding trends and waves change all the time, but one thing we have noticed is wedding sparklers continue to be the best way to end your wedding night!  Recently our research team has come up with some exciting new wedding trends and facts we just had to share! Reports typically come out at the start of the new years representing the new wedding trends.  This is just the first one ViP Sparklers will share, but expect plenty more exciting wedding trends and news in the future! 

Most Popular United States Wedding Destination

  When it comes to weddings we know Vegas is king of quick weddings and the city of sin!  But did you know Las Vegas happens to have the second most weddings every year in the world, just behind Istanbul, Turkey.  The number of weddings in the United States has been steadily increasing every year with last years wed total at 2.3 million "I-Do's".  When you run that math that means over six thousand people get married every single day in the United States! But don't feel pressured to head on down to Las Vegas for your wedding.  Other newly popular trending wedding destinations are as follows; Key West, Miami, Savannah, Outer banks, NewYork City, Tucson, and San Francisco.  All of these cities have recorded a jump of nearly 10% over the past couple years with increased weddings taken place. It's always good to remember that ViP Sparklers can ship anywhere to the United States for your wedding destination.  With offices and warehouses throughout the United States we can offer the quickest turn around for delivery to your wedding!  Don't forget we can even ship your wedding sparklers directly to your venue for one less thing to fret about! Another fun United States Wedding Fact, is that nearly 80% of all wedding still take place in churches or synagogues. As destination weddings within the United States are growing rapidly, you still see fundamental wedding cores still happening. 

Average US Wedding Party Size Increases Again

  As the number of wedding increase in the United States so do the people attending the wedding! Small weddings used to be a thing of the past in U.S. wedding history.  This is by far the biggest change ViP Sparklers has seen in wedding trends over the past decade.  The newest quote for average size for United States Wedding is 178 people now.  That is almost a wedding increase of 15% over the years!  This certainly shows a direct correlation of why the price of weddings have risen nearly 5% over the years.  But with added wedding guests you can at least expect more presents!  But it's always good to know the present to now expect!  Recent studies show the average gift per person/couple is between 70-100 dollars.  

Who Pays For The Wedding Today?

  Weddings have always been known to be paid for by the father of the bride since ends time.  Well by the looks of the recent numbers, the end has come.  Nearly 30% of today youth tying the knot now pay for it all by themselves.  What is more shocking is that 75% of weddings is a combination of all parties getting married with help from both families for different costs.  With the new average of wedding costs now hovering just above 27,000 it makes sense that everyone is now helping covering costs.  When planning your wedding it is always important to take your time and exhaust all wedding options.  With proper planning and the help of advisors you can absolutely cut corners left and right when planning your wedding!  Their are even new websites that can help with wedding costs such as,  Fund My Wedding website.  Which allows everyone to help contribute funds to make their wedding a reality.  Wedding trends change all the time so make sure to keep a lookout for all future and changing trends! 

  ViP Sparklers wants to help make planning your wedding less stressful and more seamless.  If you ever plan on using true wedding sparklers at your wedding please feel free to email us and we will help plan the perfect wedding exit for you!  We hope you enjoyed some of the newest Wedding Sparklers Facts in the United States! 


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