Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wedding Sparkler Buckets From ViP Sparklers

Vintage Wedding Sparklers Buckets

  Our newest product Wedding Sparkler Buckets have rapidly become one of the most in-demand items in our inventory!  We are thrilled to see how Bride and Grooms are taking advantage of this spectacular item to match their Wedding Sparklers order.
  Our top of the line Vintage Wedding Sparkler Buckets provide a secure and safe place holder for Wedding Sparklers of any size!  Even our 36inch Wedding Sparklers fit securely in our Vintage Steel Buckets.  Venues and the Bride and Groom are always concerned with the safe use of Wedding Sparklers;  in the past, we created numerous blogs regarding the safest arrangement and disposal of Wedding Sparklers.  Our goal was to demonstrate how safely Wedding Sparklers can be displayed and disposed of especially for venues that may not be fully convinced on allowing Wedding Sparklers on their premises.  We have personally dealt with venues, discussed our products, and sent samples to validate why it is a MUST HAVE Wedding item.  Our Vintage Tin Buckets have added to the appeal and completed the "full package" deal when purchasing Wedding Sparklers.  These wedding sparkler buckets offer the easiest way to display, use, and even help with the cleanup process! 
  With the use of our 15inch Steel Buckets, Wedding Sparklers can easily become a decorated center piece before becoming the star of the show!  Bride and Grooms have grown increasingly creative when incorporating our Vintage Tin Buckets in their Wedding Decor list.  Some couples have completely painted the Steel Buckets to add a new element to their Wedding theme while others tie a bow around the neck to keep the original vintage look.  To really decorate your Wedding venue with love, simply decorate your Steel Bucket with a heart silhouette and include the Bride and Groom's name inside the throbbing heart.  By doing these simple tricks can really make your wedding sparklers a sparkling display at your wedding.
  Finding a place for our Vintage Wedding Sparkler Buckets is an easy task.  With its tall size, it can be treated as a stand alone item.  Aisles can be framed with our Vintage Tin Buckets or used as the shadow of the Wedding Sparkler send off sign.  Our Wedding Sparkler Buckets are a great centerpiece with the cooperation of Wedding Sparkler tags or ribbons.  ViP Sparklers is ecstatic to now be able to offer our brides a stop spot for all of your wedding sparklers needs!

Using Wedding Sparkler Buckets

  The most common filling used for Wedding Sparkler Vintage Tin Buckets is sand.  With its soft surface, Wedding Sparklers can easily be buried with no damage to the Sparkler itself.  If you live near a beach, spark some fun in your sand with sea shells and sand pebbles.  Please keep in mind that these buckets serve as both an initial and final Wedding Sparkler container.  In other words, used (very hot) Wedding Sparklers will eventually be placed in these buckets.  If you pick a material besides sand or some sort of gravel, make sure not to use flammable alternatives.  One fantastic alternative is fish gravel (given the bright coOur Vintage Tin Buckets are the gift that keeps on giving! Be as creative as can be with this decorative Wedding Favor.  Give your Wedding Sparklers a beautified place to relax before their Send-Off time arrives!  Use these Steel Buckets for any Wedding Sparkler size including the MOST POPULAR 36inch Wedding Sparklers!
   When ordering from ViP Sparklers, we offer two forms of shipping;  we encourage our customers to include their event date so that our Customer Care Specialists can determine whether the order will need to be expedited to guarantee early arrival.  Our Customer Care Specialists are also aware that some guests wish to receive their Sparklers a week or so in advance in order to  decorate them.  We fully process your order same day and aim to ship same day or next business day (depending on the time the order was made).  We hope to be a part of your memorable day and are available to offer our expert advice!  If you ever have any questions with our wedding sparkler or vintage sparkler buckets do not hesitate to call our email us at sales@vipsparklers.com

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