Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Affordable 36 Inch Sparklers

 Wedding  Sparklers- 36 inch

                                                               Benefits of  Wedding Sparklers

36" Wedding Sparklers Cheap
36" Wedding Sparklers Path!
  When dealing with wedding sparklers the most popular option and widely known is the 36 inch sparkler or more commonly known as a the #36 inch wedding sparklers.  These are the sparklers you see in majority of the wedding sparklers images and leave you breathtaking!  At ViP Sparklers we want to take the time to explain all of the positive benefits of choosing our 36 inch wedding sparklers over other sizes and even bamboo sparklers.  ViP Sparklers is happy to announce that we have made the #36 inch sparklers affordable for all brides and grooms! 

36 inch wedding sparklers over other products?  

The most prominent reason that #36 inch sparklers are chosen over any other wedding sparklers is because of the burn length.  At ViP Sparklers our 36" wedding sparklers will give you approximately four to four and half minutes of burn time! Our wedding sparklers are made out of steel wired which will create a drooping effect like other sparklers on the market.  We don't want you holding a sparkler that is slowly falling down! 

Why is the burn time important?

With the burn length being this long it allows all of your guests at the wedding to line up and light up all of there sparklers without worrying about some sparklers going out while you make your grand exit!  We never want you the bride to half to walk through sparklers that are running out!  With our wedding sparklers you will have enough time to not even worry about rushing and you can truly enjoy the moment in all of it's awe.  With ViP Sparklers you will not have to worry about anything but enjoying the moment, and that's what we want for you!

Why not 36" bamboo sparklers?

We highly discourage our brides and grooms purchasing any type of bamboo sparklers for many reasons.  Bamboo sparklers are very cheap and with these sparklers you really get what you pay for.  With these type of wedding sparklers you will find them to give off an excessive amount of smoke while being lit.  One of the coolest aspects of doing wedding sparklers is they create amazing photography and atmosphere.  If you choose bamboo sparklers you will be surrounded by what will look like a forest fire.  What also tends to happen with these type of sparklers is they create a huge drooping effect which makes them extremely difficult to hold.


Dedication you deserve!

At ViP Sparklers we have a full staff that allows us to give you the dedicated time and attention you deserve.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to always shoot us an email at or even call our main offices at 407-545-1398.  We want to find the exact sparkler that you are looking for and add an extra spark to your night! 

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